Heppenstall, Alison J.

Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems

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Table of contents

1. Perspectives on Agent-Based Models and Geographical Systems
Michael Batty, Andrew T. Crooks, Linda M. See, Alison J. Heppenstall

2. A Generic Framework for Computational Spatial Modelling
Michael Batty

3. A Review of Microsimulation and Hybrid Agent-Based Approaches
Mark Birkin, Belinda Wu

4. Cellular Automata in Urban Spatial Modelling
Sanna Iltanen

5. Introduction to Agent-Based Modelling
Andrew T. Crooks, Alison J. Heppenstall

6. Agent-Based Models – Because They’re Worth It?
David O’Sullivan, James Millington, George Perry, John Wainwright

7. Agent-Based Modeling and Complexity
Steven M. Manson, Shipeng Sun, Dudley Bonsal

8. Designing and Building an Agent-Based Model
Mohamed Abdou, Lynne Hamill, Nigel Gilbert

9. Modelling Human Behaviour in Agent-Based Models
William G. Kennedy

10. Calibration and Validation of Agent-Based Models of Land Cover Change
The An Ngo, Linda See

11. Networks in Agent-Based Social Simulation
Shah Jamal Alam, Armando Geller

12. The Integration of Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information for Geospatial Simulation
Andrew T. Crooks, Christian J. E. Castle

13. Space in Agent-Based Models
Kiril Stanilov

14. Large Scale Agent-Based Modelling: A Review and Guidelines for Model Scaling
Hazel R. Parry, Mike Bithell

15. Uncertainty and Error
Andrew Evans

16. Agent-Based Extensions to a Spatial Microsimulation Model of Demographic Change
Belinda M. Wu, Mark H. Birkin

17. Designing, Formulating, and Communicating Agent-Based Models
Volker Grimm, Steven F. Railsback

18. Agent Tools, Techniques and Methods for Macro and Microscopic Simulation
Ateen Patel, Andrew Hudson-Smith

19. Using Agent-Based Models to Simulate Crime
Nicolas Malleson

20. Urban Geosimulation
Paul Torrens

21. Applied Pedestrian Modeling
Anders Johansson, Tobias Kretz

22. Business Applications and Research Questions Using Spatial Agent-Based Models
William Rand

23. Using Agent-Based Models for Education Planning: Is the UK Education System Agent Based?
Kirk Harland, Alison J. Heppenstall

24. Simulating Spatial Health Inequalities
Dianna M. Smith

25. Agent-Based Modelling of Residential Mobility, Housing Choice and Regeneration
René Jordan, Mark Birkin, Andrew Evans

26. Do Land Markets Matter? A Modeling Ontology and Experimental Design to Test the Effects of Land Markets for an Agent-Based Model of Ex-Urban Residential Land-Use Change
Dawn C. Parker, Daniel G. Brown, Tatiana Filatova, Rick Riolo, Derek T. Robinson, Shipeng Sun

27. Exploring Coupled Housing and Land Market Interactions Through an Economic Agent-Based Model (CHALMS)
Nicholas R. Magliocca

28. Exploring Urban Dynamics in Latin American Cities Using an Agent-Based Simulation Approach
Joana Barros

29. An Agent-Based/Network Approach to Spatial Epidemics
Joana A. Simoes

30. An Agent-Based Modelling Application of Shifting Cultivation
Frances Drake, Linda See

31. Towards New Metrics for Urban Road Networks: Some Preliminary Evidence from Agent-Based Simulations
Arnaud Banos, Cyrille Genre-Grandpierre

32. A Logistic Based Cellular Automata Model for Continuous Urban Growth Simulation: A Case Study of the Gold Coast City, Australia
Yan Liu, Yongjiu Feng

33. Exploring Demographic and Lot Effects in an ABM/LUCC of Agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon
A. Raymond Cabrera, Peter Deadman, Emilio Moran, Eduardo S. Brondízio, Leah K. Vanwey

34. Beyond Zipf: An Agent-Based Understanding of City Size Distributions
Timothy R. Gulden, Ross A. Hammond

35. The Relationship of Dynamic Entropy Maximising and Agent-Based Approaches in Urban Modelling
Joel Dearden, Alan Wilson

36. Multi-agent System Modelling for Urban Systems: The Series of SIMPOP Models
Denise Pumain

37. Reflections and Conclusions: Geographical Models to Address Grand Challenges
Alison J. Heppenstall, Andrew T. Crooks, Michael Batty, Linda M. See

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Simulation and Modeling, Quantitative Geography

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