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Digital Soil Mapping

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Current State of Digital Soil Mapping and What Is Next
S. Grunwald

Part II. Research

2. Environmental Covariates for Digital Soil Mapping in the Western USA
J.L. Boettinger

3. A Generalized Additive Soil Depth Model for a Mountainous Semi-Arid Watershed Based Upon Topographic and Land Cover Attributes
T.K. Tesfa, D.G. Tarboton, D.G. Chandler, J.P. McNamara

4. Applying Geochronology in Predictive Digital Mapping of Soils
Jay Stratton Noller

5. Scale Effects on Terrain Attribute Calculation and Their Use as Environmental Covariates for Digital Soil Mapping
S.M. Roecker, J.A. Thompson

6. Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling: Optimal Sample Size for Digital Soil Mapping of Arid Rangelands in Utah, USA
C. W. Brungard, J. L. Boettinger

7. Using Proximal Soil Sensors for Digital Soil Mapping
R.A. Viscarra Rossel, N.J. McKenzie, M.J. Grundy

8. The Use of Hyperspectral Imagery for Digital Soil Mapping in Mediterranean Areas
P. Lagacherie, C. Gomez, J.S. Bailly, F. Baret, G. Coulouma

9. Automatic Interpretation of Quickbird Imagery for Digital Soil Mapping, North Caspian Region, Russia
M.V. Konyushkova

10. ASTER-Based Vegetation Map to Improve Soil Modeling in Remote Areas
E. Meirik, B. Frazier, D. Brown, P. Roberts, R. Rupp

11. Digital Soil Boundary Detection Using Quantitative Hydrologic Remote Sensing
E.M. Engle, J.B.J. Harrison, J.M.H. Hendrickx, B. Borchers

12. Homosoil, a Methodology for Quantitative Extrapolation of Soil Information Across the Globe
B.P. Mallavan, B. Minasny, A.B. McBratney

13. Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree in Predictive Soil Mapping of Hoi Num Rin Sub-Watershed, Thailand
R. Moonjun, A. Farshad, D.P. Shrestha, C. Vaiphasa

14. Evaluation of the Transferability of a Knowledge-Based Soil-Landscape Model
J. McKay, S. Grunwald, X. Shi, R.F. Long

15. Random Forests Applied as a Soil Spatial Predictive Model in Arid Utah
A.K. Stum, J.L. Boettinger, M.A. White, R.D. Ramsey

16. Two Methods for Using Legacy Data in Digital Soil Mapping
T. Mayr, M. Rivas-Casado, P. Bellamy, R. Palmer, J. Zawadzka, R. Corstanje

Part III. Environmental Application and Assessment

17. Mapping Heavy Metal Content in Soils with Multi-Kernel SVR and LiDAR Derived Data
Cristiano Ballabio, Roberto Comolli

18. Mapping the CN Ratio of the Forest Litters in Europe-Lessons for Global Digital Soil Mapping
F. Carré, N. Jeannée, S. Casalegno, O. Lemarchand, H.I. Reuter, L. Montanarella

19. Spatial Prediction and Uncertainty Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon in Hebei Province, China
Yong-Cun Zhao, Xue-Zheng Shi

20. Estimating Soil Organic Matter Content by Regression Kriging
A. Marchetti, C. Piccini, R. Francaviglia, S. Santucci, I. Chiuchiarelli

21. Digital Soil Mapping of Topsoil Organic Carbon Content of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
M.L. Mendonça-Santos, R.O. Dart, H.G. Santos, M.R. Coelho, R.L.L. Berbara, J.F. Lumbreras

22. Comparing Decision Tree Modeling and Indicator Kriging for Mapping the Extent of Organic Soils in Denmark
M.H. Greve, M.B. Greve, R. Bou Kheir, P.K. Bøcher, R. Larsen, K. McCloy

23. Modeling Wind Erosion Events – Bridging the Gap Between Digital Soil Mapping and Digital Soil Risk Assessment
H.I. Reuter, L. Rodriguez Lado, T. Hengl, L. Montanarella

Part IV. Making Digital Soil Mapping Operational

24. Soilscapes Basis for Digital Soil Mapping in New Zealand
A.E. Hewitt, J.R.F. Barringer, G.J. Forrester, S.J. McNeill

25. Legacy Soil Data Harmonization and Database Development
E. Dobos, T. Bialkó, E. Micheli, J. Kobza

26. Toward Digital Soil Mapping in Canada: Existing Soil Survey Data and Related Expert Knowledge
Xiaoyuan Geng, Walter Fraser, Bert VandenBygaart, Scott Smith, Arnie Waddell, You Jiao, Gary Patterson

27. Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM) for 8.2 Million ha of Forestland, British Columbia, Canada
R.A. MacMillan, D.E. Moon, R.A. Coupé, N. Phillips

28. Building Digital Soil Mapping Capacity in the Natural Resources Conservation Service: Mojave Desert Operational Initiative
A.C. Moore, D.W. Howell, C. Haydu-Houdeshell, C. Blinn, J. Hempel, D. Smith

29. A Qualitative Comparison of Conventional Soil Survey and Digital Soil Mapping Approaches
S.M. Roecker, D.W. Howell, C.A. Haydu-Houdeshell, C. Blinn

30. Applying the Optimum Index Factor to Multiple Data Types in Soil Survey
S. Kienast-Brown, J.L. Boettinger

31. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) TEUI Geospatial Toolkit: An Operational Ecosystem Inventory Application
Haans Fisk, Robert Benton, Corey Unger, Timothy King, Sharie Williamson

32. Predictive Soil Maps Based on Geomorphic Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Soil Databases in the Desert Southwest
S.N. Bacon, E.V. McDonald, G.K. Dalldorf, S.E. Baker, D.E. Sabol, T.B. Minor, S.D. Bassett, S.R. MacCabe, T.F. Bullard

GlobalSoilMap.net – A New Digital Soil Map of the World
Alfred E. Hartemink, Jon Hempel, Philippe Lagacherie, Alex McBratney, Neil McKenzie, Robert A. MacMillan, Budiman Minasny, Luca Montanarella, Maria Lourdes Mendonça Santos, Pedro Sanchez, Markus Walsh, Gan-Lin Zhang

34. Methodologies for Global Soil Mapping
B. Minasny, A.B. McBratney

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Soil Science & Conservation, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

Publication year
Progress in Soil Science
Page amount
461 pages
Natural Sciences

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