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Long-Term Ecological Research

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Table of contents

1. Long-Term Ecosystem Research Between Theory and Application – An Introduction
Felix Müller, Cornelia Baessler, Mark Frenzel, Stefan Klotz, Hendrik Schubert

2. Theoretical Demands for Long-Term Ecological Research and the Management of Long-Term Data Sets
Felix Müller, Albrecht Gnauck, Karl-Otto Wenkel, Hendrik Schubert, Michael Bredemeier

3. Long-Term Ecosystem Dynamics: Theoretical Concepts of Environmental Change
Brian D. Fath, Felix Müller

4. The Scientific Potential of Environmental Monitoring
Claus-G. Schimming, Sabine Augustin, Rolf Karez

5. Twenty-Eight Years of the US-LTER Program: Experience, Results, and Research Questions
James R. Gosz, Robert B. Waide, John J. Magnuson

6. Introducing the Next Generation of Ecosystem Research in Europe: LTER-Europe’s Multi-Functional and Multi-Scale Approach
Michael Mirtl

7. The Role of Ecosystem Modelling for Long-Term Ecological Research
Albrecht Gnauck, Sven E. Jørgensen, Bernhard Luther

8. The Role of Statistics for Long-Term Ecological Research
Albrecht Gnauck, Bai-Lian Larry Li, Jean Duclos Alegue Feugo, Bernhard Luther

9. The Role of Remote Sensing in LTER Projects
Patrick Hostert, Frederick Swayne, Warren B. Cohen, Jonathan Chipman

10. Long-Term Ecological Change in the Northern Wadden Sea
Justus E. E. Beusekom, Christian Buschbaum, Martina Loebl, Peter Martens, Karsten Reise

11. Long-Term Model Simulation of Environmental Conditions to Identify Externally Forced Signals in Biological Time Series
Karina Stockmann, Ulrich Callies, Bryan F.J. Manly, Karen H. Wiltshire

12. Long-Term Investigations in Brackish Ecosystems
Hendrik Schubert, Norbert Wasmund, Kevin G. Sellner

13. Long-Term Ecological Research in Freshwater Ecosystems
Jan Köhler

14. Long-Term Monitoring in Rivers of South Germany Since the 1970s – Macrophytes as Indicators for the Assessment of Water Quality and Its Implications for the Conservation of Rivers
Peter Poschlod, Martijn Kos, Stephanie Roauer, Andreas Seemann, Oliver Wiesmann, Georg H. Zeltner, Alexander Kohler

15. Long-Term Observations of Soil Mesofauna
Hartmut Koehler, Viesturs Melecis

16. Tracing Biogeochemical Processes in Small Catchments Using Non-linear Methods
Gunnar Lischeid, Pavel Krám, Christina Weyer

17. Long-Term Measurements to Quantify the Impact of Arable Management Practices on Deep Seepage and Nitrate Leaching
Uwe Schindler, Lothar Müller, Ralf Dannowski, Dietmar Barkusky, Glyn Francis

18. Long-Term Ecosystem Research in a Beech Forest of Northern Germany
Filipa Tavares, Otto Fränzle, Felix Müller, Claus-G. Schimming

19. A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Functional Landscape Monitoring in the Wider Countryside of Central Europe
Ralf-Uwe Syrbe, Wilfried Hierold, Olaf Bastian, Matthias Röder

20. Temporal Changes and Spatial Determinants of Plant Species Diversity and Genetic Variation
Cornelia Baessler, Stefan Klotz, Walter Durka

21. Integration of Long-Term Environmental Data by the Example of the UNECE Heavy Metals in Mosses Survey in Germany: Application of a WebGIS-Based Metadata System
Gunther Schmidt, Christian Aden, Lukas Kleppin, Roland Pesch, Winfried Schröder

22. Monitoring of Ecosystems: Two Different Approaches – Long-Term Observation Versus Success Control
Vera Luthardt

23. National Parks as Model Regions for Interdisciplinary Long-Term Ecological Research: The Bavarian Forest and Šumavá National Parks Underway to Transboundary Ecosystem Research
Marco Heurich, Burkhard Beudert, Heinrich Rall, Zdenka Křenová

24. Turning Long-Term Monitoring into Policy – Using the National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea as an Example
Britta Diederichs

25. Design and Importance of Multi-tiered Ecological Monitoring Networks
K. Bruce Jones, Heye Bogena, Harry Vereecken, Jake F. Weltzin

26. Conceptualising Long-Term Socio-ecological Research (LTSER): Integrating the Social Dimension
Simron J. Singh, Helmut Haberl, Veronika Gaube, Clemens M. Grünbühel, Petru Lisivieveci, Julia Lutz, Robin Matthews, Michael Mirtl, Angheluta Vadineanu, Martin Wildenberg

27. Integrating Social Sciences into Long-Term Ecological Research
Cornelia Ohl, Scott M. Swinton

28. Ecosystem Manipulation and Restoration on the Basis of Long-Term Conceptions
Oliver Dilly, Seth Nii-Annang, Joachim Schrautzer, Peter Schwartze, Vera Breuer, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Werner Gerwin, Wolfgang Schaaf, Dirk Freese, Maik Veste, Reinhard F. Hüttl

29. Exploratories for Large-Scale and Long-Term Functional Biodiversity Research
Markus Fischer, Elisabeth K.V. Kalko, K. Eduard Linsenmair, Simone Pfeiffer, Daniel Prati, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Wolfgang W. Weisser

30. On the Way to an Integrative Long-Term Ecosystem Research – Milestones, Challenges, and some Conclusions
Felix Müller, Cornelia Baessler, Mark Frenzel, Stefan Klotz, Hendrik Schubert

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Ecology, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Statistical Theory and Methods, Sociology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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