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1. On the Experimental Control of a Separately Excited DC Motor
Rubén Salas-Cabrera, Jonathan C. Mayo-Maldonado, Erika Y. Rendón-Fraga, E. Nacú Salas-Cabrera, Aaron González-Rodríguez

2. MASH Digital Delta–Sigma Modulator with Multi-Moduli
Tao Xu, Marissa Condon

3. Sensorless PM-Drive Aspects
Christian Grabner, Johannes Gragger, Hansjoerg Kapeller, Anton Haumer, Christian Kral

4. Design of Silicon Resonant Micro Accelerometer Based on Electrostatic Rigidity
Zhang Feng-Tian, He Xiao-Ping, Shi Zhi-Gui, Zhou Wu

5. Longer MEMS Switch Lifetime Using Novel Dual-Pulse Voltage Driver
Lai Chean Hung, Wallace S. H. Wong

6. Optimal Control of Full Envelope Helicopter
Semuel Franko

7. Determination of Consistent Induction Motor Parameters
Christian Kral, Anton Haumer, Christian Grabner

8. Broken Rotor Bars in Squirrel Cage Induction Machines – Modeling and Simulation
Christian Kral, Anton Haumer, Christian Grabner

9. Different Designs of Large Chipper Drives
Hansjörg Kapeller, Anton Haumer, Christian Kral, Christian Grabner

10. Macro Cell Placement: Based on a Force Directed Flow
Meththa Samaranayake, Helen Ji

11. Surface Roughness Scattering in MOS Structures
Raheel Shah, Merlyne DeSouza

12. A Novel Transform Domain Based Hybrid Recurrent Neural Equaliser for Digital Communication Channel
Susmita Das

13. Embedding Interconnection Networks in Crossed Cubes
Emad Abuelrub

14. Software Fault Tolerance: An Aspect Oriented Approach
Kashif Hameed, Rob Williams, Jim Smith

15. An Adaptive Multibiometric System for Uncertain Audio Condition
Dzati Athiar Ramli, Salina Abdul Samad, Aini Hussain

16. Analysis of Performance Impact due to Hardware Virtualization Using a Purely Hardware-Assisted VMM
Saidalavi Kalady, PG Dileep, Krishanu Sikdar, BS Sreejith, Vinaya Surya, P Ezudheen

17. Metrics-Driven Software Quality Prediction Without Prior Fault Data
Cagatay Catal, Ugur Sevim, Banu Diri

18. Models of Computation for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
Adnan Shaout, Ali H. El-Mousa, Khalid Mattar

19. A Quotient-Graph for the Analysis of Reflective Petri Nets
Lorenzo Capra

20. Using Xilinx System Generator for Real Time Hardware Co-simulation of Video Processing System
Taoufik Saidani, Mohamed Atri, Dhaha Dia, Rached Tourki

21. Perception-Based Road Traffic Congestion Classification Using Neural Networks and Decision Tree
Pitiphoom Posawang, Satidchoke Phosaard, Weerapong Polnigongit, Wasan Pattara-Atikom

22. RDFa Ontology-Based Architecture for String-Based Web Attacks: Testing and Evaluation
Shadi Aljawarneh, Faisal Alkhateeb

23. Classification of Road Traffic Congestion Levels from Vehicle’s Moving Patterns: A Comparison Between Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithm
Thammasak Thianniwet, Satidchoke Phosaard, Wasan Pattara-Atikom

24. Fuzzy Parameters and Cutting Forces Optimization via Genetic Algorithm Approach
Stefania Gallova

25. Encoding Data to Use with a Sparse Distributed Memory
Mateus Mendes, Manuel M. Crisóstomo, A. Paulo Coimbra

26. A Proposal for Integrating Formal Logic and Artificial Neural Systems: A Practical Exploration
Gareth Howells, Konstantinos Sirlantzis

27. A Clustering Application in Portfolio Management
Jin Zhang, Dietmar Maringer

28. Building an Expert System for HIV and Aids Information
Audrey Masizana-Katongo, Tebo Leburu-Dingalo, Dimane Mpoeleng

29. A Multi-Objective Approach to Generate an Optimal Management Plan in an IMS-QSE
Ahmed Badreddine, Taieb Ben Romdhane, Nahla Ben Amor

30. Topological Spatial Relations for Circular Spatially Extended Points: An Overview
Maribel Yasmina Santos, Adriano Moreira

31. Spatial Neighbors for Topological Spatial Relations: The Case of a Circular Spatially Extended Point
Maribel Yasmina Santos, Adriano Moreira

32. Multi-Agent Exploration Inside Structural Collapses
Panteha Saeedi, Soren Aksel Sorensen

33. Diagnostic Problem Solving by Means of Neuro-Fuzzy Learning, Genetic Algorithm and Chaos Theory Principles Applying
Stefania Gallova

34. The New Measure of Robust Principal Component Analysis
Dyah E. Herwindiati, Sani M. Isa

35. The Affects of Demographics Differentiations on Authorship Identification
Haytham Mohtasseb, Amr Ahmed

36. Anonymous ID Assignment and Opt-Out
Samuel S. Shepard, Renren Dong, Ray Kresman, Larry Dunning

37. Clustering Biological Data Using Enhanced k-Means Algorithm
K. A. Abdul Nazeer, M. P. Sebastian

38. The Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Processes Driven by Lévy Process and Application to Finance
Ömer Önalan

39. Discrete Orthogonality of Zernike Functions and Its Application to Corneal Measurements
A. Soumelidis, Z. Fazekas, M. Pap, F. Schipp

40. A New Scheme for Land Cover Classification in Aerial Images: Combining Extended Dependency Tree-HMM and Unsupervised Segmentation
Mohamed El Yazid Boudaren, Abdel Belaïd

41. Applying View Models in SOA: A Case Study
Anca D. Ionita, Monica Florea

42. Optimal Sample Number for Autonomous and Central Wireless Sensor Actuator Network
Amir M. Jafari, Walter Lang

43. WI-FI Point-to-Point Links: Performance Aspects of IEEE 802.11a, b, g Laboratory Links
J. A. R. Pacheco Carvalho, H. Veiga, P. A. J. Gomes, C. F. Ribeiro Pacheco, N. Marques, A. D. Reis

44. A Subnet Handover Scheme Based Communication System of Subway
Bing Chen, Xuefeng Yan

45. PROMESPAR: A High Performance Computing Implementation of the Regional Atmospheric Model PROMES
Juan E. Garrido, Enrique Arias, Diego Cazorla, Fernando Cuartero, Iván Fernández, Clemente Gallardo

46. Transparent Integration of a Low-Latency Linux Driver for Dolphin SCI and DX
Rainer Finocchiaro, Lukas Razik, Stefan Lankes, Thomas Bemmerl

47. Effect of Dyslipidemia on a Simple Morphological Feature Extracted from Photoplethysmography Flow Mediated Dilation
M. Zaheditochai, E. Zahedi, M. A. Mohd Ali

48. Study of the General Solution for the Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation
Marco Pedro Ramirez Tachiquin, Andrei Gutierrez Solares, Victor Daniel Sanchez Nava, Octavio Rodriguez Torres

49. Biological Application of Widefield Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscope to Study Cell/Surface Interactions and the Effect of TGF-β3, HCL and BSA/HCL on Cell Detachment Assay of Bone Cells Monolayer
Farshid Sefat, Mansour Youseffi, Morgan Denyer

50. Application of a Novel Widefield Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscope in Cell Imaging and Wound Closure Properties of TGF-β3, BSA/HCl and HCl in Cultured Human Bone Cell Monolayer
Farshid Sefat, Mansour Youseffi, Morgan Denyer

51. Speech Rehabilitation Methods for Laryngectomised Patients
Hamid Reza Sharifzadeh, Ian Vince McLoughlin, Farzaneh Ahmadi

52. Study of the Tip Surface Morphology of Glass Micropipettes and Its Effects on Giga-Seal Formation
Majid Malboubi, Yuchun Gu, Kyle Jiang

53. Effect of Canned Cycles on Drilled Hole Quality
Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Noor Hakim Rafai, Charoon Phaopahon

54. Micro Machine Parts Fabricated from Aqueous Based Stainless Steel Slurry
Mohamed Imbaby, Isaac Chang, Kyle Jiang

55. Voxel-Based Component Description for Functional Graded Parts
Juergen Gausemeier, Jan Broekelmann, Dominic Dettmer

56. A Multi-Parametric Analysis of Drift Flux Models to Pipeline Applications
Joseph Ifeanyichukwu Achebo

57. Influence of Preventive Maintenance Frequency on Manufacturing Systems Performances
Antonio C. Caputo, Paolo Salini

58. On the Numerical Prediction of Stability in Thin Wall Machining
Oluwamayokun B. Adetoro, Ranjan Vepa, Wei-Ming Sim, P. H. Wen

59. Risk Analysis of ERP Projects in the Manufacturing SMES: Case Study
Päivi Iskanius

60. Sleeping in Sitting Posture Analysis of Economy Class Aircraft Passenger
CheeFai Tan, Wei Chen, Floris Kimman, Matthias Rauterberg

61. A Scheduling Method for Cranes in a Container Yard with Inter-Crane Interference
Mak Kai Ling, Sun Di

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Computer Hardware, Software Engineering

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