Valavanis, Kimon P.

Selected papers from the 2nd International Symposium on UAVs, Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. June 8–10, 2009

Valavanis, Kimon P. - Selected papers from the 2nd International Symposium on UAVs, Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. June 8–10, 2009, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Editorial
Kimon P. Valavanis

2. Accurate Modeling and Robust Hovering Control for a Quad-rotor VTOL Aircraft
Jinhyun Kim, Min-Sung Kang, Sangdeok Park

3. Modeling and System Identification of the muFly Micro Helicopter
Dario Schafroth, Christian Bermes, Samir Bouabdallah, Roland Siegwart

4. Vision-based Position Control of a Two-rotor VTOL miniUAV
E. Rondon, S. Salazar, J. Escareno, R. Lozano

5. A Survey of Motion Planning Algorithms from the Perspective of Autonomous UAV Guidance
C. Goerzen, Z. Kong, B. Mettler

6. An Efficient Path Planning and Control Algorithm for RUAV’s in Unknown and Cluttered Environments
Kwangjin Yang, Seng Keat Gan, Salah Sukkarieh

7. On the Generation of Trajectories for Multiple UAVs in Environments with Obstacles
Armando Alves Neto, Douglas G. Macharet, Mario F. M. Campos

8. Integration of Path/Maneuver Planning in Complex Environments for Agile Maneuvering UCAVs
Emre Koyuncu, N. Kemal Ure, Gokhan Inalhan

9. A Cost Effective Tracking System for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Michail Kontitsis, Kimon Valavanis

10. Vision-Based Road-Following Using Proportional Navigation
Ryan S. Holt, Randal W. Beard

11. A Vision-Based Automatic Landing Method for Fixed-Wing UAVs
Sungsik Huh, David Hyunchul Shim

12. A Vision-Based Guidance System for UAV Navigation and Safe Landing using Natural Landmarks
A. Cesetti, E. Frontoni, A. Mancini, P. Zingaretti, S. Longhi

13. Autonomous Vision-Based Helicopter Flights Through Obstacle Gates
Franz Andert, Florian-M. Adolf, Lukas Goormann, Jörg S. Dittrich

14. Exploring the Effect of Obscurants on Safe Landing Zone Identification
Keith W. Sevcik, Noah Kuntz, Paul Y. Oh

15. Low-Cost Visual Tracking of a Landing Place and Hovering Flight Control with a Microcontroller
Karl E. Wenzel, Paul Rosset, Andreas Zell

16. Landing and Perching on Vertical Surfaces with Microspines for Small Unmanned Air Vehicles
Alexis Lussier Desbiens, Mark R. Cutkosky

17. Automating Human Thought Processes for a UAV Forced Landing
Pillar Eng, Luis Mejias, Xi Liu, Rodney Walker

18. Autonomous Autorotation of Unmanned Rotorcraft using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Konstantinos Dalamagkidis, Kimon P. Valavanis, Les A. Piegl

19. Multimodal Interface Technologies for UAV Ground Control Stations
I. Maza, F. Caballero, R. Molina, N. Peña, A. Ollero

20. Multi-UAV Simulator Utilizing X-Plane
Richard Garcia, Laura Barnes

21. UAS Flight Simulation with Hardware-in-the-loop Testing and Vision Generation
Jeffery Saunders, Randal Beard

22. Multi-UAV Cooperation and Control for Load Transportation and Deployment
I. Maza, K. Kondak, M. Bernard, A. Ollero

23. Flyphone: Visual Self-Localisation Using a Mobile Phone as Onboard Image Processor on a Quadrocopter
Sara Erhard, Karl E. Wenzel, Andreas Zell

24. A Rotary-wing Unmanned Air Vehicle for Aquatic Weed Surveillance and Management
Ali Haydar Göktoğan, Salah Sukkarieh, Mitch Bryson, Jeremy Randle, Todd Lupton, Calvin Hung

25. Development and Evaluation of a Chase View for UAV Operations in Cluttered Environments
James T. Hing, Keith W. Sevcik, Paul Y. Oh

26. Design Methodology of a Hybrid Propulsion Driven Electric Powered Miniature Tailsitter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Mirac Aksugur, Gokhan Inalhan

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Systems Theory, Control, Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering

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