Lichtfouse, Eric

Genetic Engineering, Biofertilisation, Soil Quality and Organic Farming

Lichtfouse, Eric - Genetic Engineering, Biofertilisation, Soil Quality and Organic Farming, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Avidin and Plant Biotechnology to Control Pests
Harry Martin, Elisabeth P. J. Burgess, Michal Masarik, Karl J. Kramer, Miroslava Beklova, Vojtech Adam, Rene Kizek

2. Cover Crops for Sustainable Agrosystems in the Americas
Johannes M. S. Scholberg, Santiago Dogliotti, Carolina Leoni, Corey M. Cherr, Lincoln Zotarelli, Walter A. H. Rossing

3. Cover Crops in Agrosystems: Innovations and Applications
Johannes M. S. Scholberg, Santiago Dogliotti, Lincoln Zotarelli, Corey M. Cherr, Carolina Leoni, Walter A. H. Rossing

4. Improving Bioavailability of Phosphate Rock for Organic Farming
Anthony C. Edwards, Robin L. Walker, Phillip Maskell, Christine A. Watson, Robert M. Rees, Elizabeth A. Stockdale, Oliver G. G. Knox

5. Mixed Cropping and Suppression of Soilborne Diseases
Gerbert A. Hiddink, Aad J. Termorshuizen, Ariena H. C. Bruggen

6. Decreasing Nitrate Leaching in Vegetable Crops with Better N Management
F. Agostini, F. Tei, M. Silgram, M. Farneselli, P. Benincasa, M. F. Aller

7. Manure Spills and Remediation Methods to Improve Water Quality
Shalamar D. Armstrong, Douglas R. Smith, Phillip R. Owens, Brad Joern, Candiss Williams

8. Cropping Systems Management, Soil Microbial Communities, and Soil Biological Fertility
Alison G. Nelson, Dean Spaner

9. Cyanobacterial Reclamation of Salt-Affected Soil
Nirbhay Kumar Singh, Dolly Wattal Dhar

10. Measuring Environmental Sustainability of Intensive Poultry-Rearing System
Simone Bastianoni, Antonio Boggia, Cesare Castellini, Cinzia Stefano, Valentina Niccolucci, Emanuele Novelli, Luisa Paolotti, Antonio Pizzigallo

11. Compost Use in Organic Farming
Eva Erhart, Wilfried Hartl

12. Beneficial Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture
Arshad Javaid

13. Foliar Fertilization for Sustainable Crop Production
Seshadri Kannan

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Plant Sciences, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Soil Science & Conservation

Publication year
Sustainable Agriculture Reviews
Page amount
6 pages
Natural Sciences

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