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Tree Rings and Natural Hazards

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Table of contents

1. Tree Rings and Natural Hazards: An Introduction
Markus Stoffel, Michelle Bollschweiler, David R. Butler, Brian H. Luckman

2. Dendrogeomorphology and Snow Avalanche Research
Brian H. Luckman

3. Tree-Ring Dating of Snow Avalanches in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
David R. Butler, Carol F. Sawyer, Jacob A. Maas

4. Tracking Past Snow Avalanches in the SE Pyrenees
Elena Muntán, Pere Oller, Emilia Gutiérrez

5. Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Past Snow Avalanche Events and Risk Assessment in Northern Gaspé Peninsula (Québec, Canada)
Daniel Germain, Bernard Hétu, Louise Filion

6. Using Dendrochronology to Validate Numerical Simulations of Snow Avalanches in the Patagonian Andes
Alejandro Casteller, Marc Christen, Ricardo Villalba, Veronika Stöckli

7. Dating Landslides with Trees
John J. Clague

8. Dendrogeomorphological Analysis of a Landslide near Lago, Calabria (Italy)
Rosanna Fantucci, Marino Sorriso-Valvo

9. Tree-Ring Analysis and Rockfall Avalanches: The Use of Weighted Samples
David R. Butler

10. Age of Landslides Along the Grande Rivière de la Baleine Estuary, Eastern Coast of Hudson Bay, Quebec (Canada)
Christian Bégin, Louise Filion

11. Rainfall Up, Mountain Down?
Leonardo Paolini, Ricardo Villalba

12. Rockfalls and Their Hazard
Fausto Guzzetti, Paola Reichenbach

13. Assessing Rockfall Activity in a Mountain Forest – Implications for Hazard Assessment
Markus Stoffel, Dominique M. Schneuwly, Michelle Bollschweiler

14. Tree-Ring Based Rockfall Reconstruction and Accuracy Assessment of a 3D Rockfall Model
Simone Wehren-Perret, Markus Stoffel

15. Assessment of the Rockfall Frequency for Hazard Analysis at Solà d’Andorra (Eastern Pyrenees)
José Moya, Jordi Corominas, José Pérez Arcas

16. Reconstruction and Spatial Analysis of Rockfall Frequency and Bounce Heights Derived from Tree Rings
Dominique M. Schneuwly

17. State of the Art in Debris-Flow Research: The Role of Dendrochronology
Matthias Jakob

18. Using Event and Minimum Age Dating for the Assessment of Hazards on a Debris-Flow Cone
Michelle Bollschweiler, Markus Stoffel, Dominique M. Schneuwly

19. Dendrogeomorphic Applications to Debris Flows in Glacier National Park, Montana USA
Forrest Wilkerson, Ginger Schmid

20. Frequency–Magnitude Relationships, Seasonality and Spread of Debris Flows on a Forested Cone
Markus Stoffel

21. High-Precision Dating of Debris-Flow Events Within the Growing Season
Ryszard J. Kaczka, Anne Deslauriers, Hubert Morin

22. Tree Rings as Paleoflood and Paleostage Indicators
Scott St. George

23. The Effects of Hydroelectric Flooding on a Reservoir’s Peripheral Forests and Newly Created Forested Islands
Yves Bégin, Luc Sirois, Céline Meunier

24. Spring Water Levels Reconstructed from Ice-Scarred Trees and Cross-Sectional Area of the Earlywood Vessels in Tree Rings from Eastern Boreal Canada
Jacques C. Tardif, Susanne Kames, Yves Bergeron

25. A 100-Year History of Floods Determined from Tree Rings in a Small Mountain Stream in the Tatra Mountains, Poland
Tomasz Zielonka, Jan Holeksa, Szymon Ciapała

26. Dendrohydrology and Extreme Floods Along the Red River, Canada
Scott St. George

27. Weather and Climate Extremes: Where Can Dendrochronology Help?
Martin Beniston

28. Dendrotempestology and the Isotopic Record of Tropical Cyclones in Tree Rings of the Southeastern United States
Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, Dana L. Miller, Claudia I. Mora

29. Dendrochronological Responses to a Tornado
Paul R. Sheppard, Elizabeth M. May, Michael H. Ort, Kirk C. Anderson, Mark D. Elson

30. Dendroecology of Hurricanes and the Potential for Isotopic Reconstructions in Southeastern Texas
Christopher M. Gentry, Daniel Lewis, James H. Speer

31. Wildfire Hazard and the Role of Tree-Ring Research
Henri D. Grissino-Mayer

32. Mesoscale Disturbance and Ecological Response to Decadal Climatic Variability in the American Southwest
Thomas W. Swetnam, Julio L. Betancourt

33. Wildfire Risk and Ecological Restoration in Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes
Peter M. Brown

34. Wildfire Ecology and Management at Grand Canyon, USA: Tree-Ring Applications in Forest Fire History and Modeling
Peter Z. Fulé

35. Wildfire Risk and Hazard in Northern Patagonia, Argentina
Thomas T. Veblen

36. Tree Rings and Earthquakes
Matthew F. Bekker

37. Application of Tree-Ring Analysis to Paleoseismology
Gordon C. Jacoby

38. Tree-Ring Abnormality Caused by Large Earthquake: An Example From the 1931 M 8.0 Fuyun Earthquake
Aiming Lin, Su-Juan Lin

39. Tree-Ring Dated Landslide Movements and Seismic Events in Southwestern Montana, USA
Paul E. Carrara, J. Michael O’Neill

40. Seismic Damage in Conifers from Olympic and Yellowstone National Parks, United States
Wayne L. Hamilton

41. Studying Past Volcanic Activity with Tree Rings
Olga Solomina

42. Tree-Ring Evidence for the 1913 Eruption of Volcán de Fuego de Colima, Mexico
Franco Biondi, Ignacio Galindo Estrada

43. Dendrochemical Evidence of the 1781 Eruption of Mount Hood, Oregon
Paul R. Sheppard, Russ Weaver, Patrick T. Pringle, Adam J. R. Kent

44. Volcanic Eruptions over the Last 5,000 Years from High Elevation Tree-Ring Widths and Frost Rings
Matthew W. Salzer, Malcolm K. Hughes

45. Unknown Eruption of Shiveluch Volcano (Kamchatka, Russia) Around AD 1756 Identified by Dendrochronology
Olga Solomina

46. Late Eighteenth Century Old Maid Eruption and Lahars at Mount Hood, Oregon (USA) Dated with Tree Rings and Historical Observations
Patrick T. Pringle, Thomas C. Pierson, Kenneth A. Cameron, Paul R. Sheppard

47. Whither Dendrogeomorphology?
Markus Stoffel, Michelle Bollschweiler, David R. Butler, Brian H. Luckman

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Geomorphology, Physical Geography, Forestry, Climate Change

Publication year
Advances in Global Change Research
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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