Huyghe, Christian

Sustainable use of Genetic Diversity in Forage and Turf Breeding

Huyghe, Christian - Sustainable use of Genetic Diversity in Forage and Turf Breeding, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Grasslands and Forage Crops in France: Context and Stakes. Consequences for Breeding
Christian Huyghe, Claude Tabel

2. A State of the Art of Germplasm Collections for Forage and Turf Species
Beat Boller, Merja Veteläinen

3. Empirical Niche Modelling of the Spontaneous Diversity of Forage and Turf Species to Improve Collection and Ex Situ Conservation
Jean-Paul Sampoux, Vincent Badeau

4. The Genetic Diversity of Fine-Leaved Fescue (Festuca L.) Species in Lithuania
Rita Armonienė, Vaclovas Stukonis, Vanda Paplauskienė, Gintaras Brazauskas

5. Plant Collection in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan for Forage Improvement in Australia
Geoff Auricht, Steve Hughes, Alan Humphries, Eric Hall

6. Effect of Light Quality and Quantity on Leaf Growth in Lolium perenne L.
Philippe Barre, Badara Gueye, François Gastal

7. Genetic Variation in Lowland Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)
Hem S. Bhandari, Malay C. Saha, Joseph H. Bouton

8. Morphological and Molecular Diversity of Branching in Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
Gerda Cnops, Antje Rohde, Oana Saracutu, Marianne Malengier, Isabel Roldán-Ruiz

9. Genotypic Differences in Symbiotic N2 Fixation of Some Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Genotypes
Dušica Delić, Olivera Stajković, Jasmina Radović, Aleksandra Stanojković, Đorđe Kuzmanović, Nataša Rasulić, Bogić Miličić

10. Physiological and Genetic Diversity in Rhizobium sullae from Morocco
Nadia Elboutahiri, Imane Thami-Alami, El-Houssine Zaid, Sripada M. Udupa

11. Genetic Diversity in Tall Fescue Using AFLP Markers
Sandrine Flajoulot, Jean-Christophe Caillet, Vincent Béguier, Philippe Barre

12. What are the Cellular Components Underlying the Genetic Diversity of Leaf Growth in Lolium perenne L.?
François Gastal, Philippe Barre, Serge Carré

13. Evaluation and Utilization of Morphological Variation in a Medicago truncatula Core Collection
Yuanhong Han, Christy M. Motes, Maria J. Monteros

14. Genetic Diversity in a Collection of Lucerne Populations from the Mediterranean Basin Evaluated by SSR Markers
Bernadette Julier, Yasmina Semiani, Meriem Laouar

15. Drought Survival of Some Perennial Grasses in Moroccan Rainfed Conditions: Agronomic Traits
Rajae Kallida, Naima Shaimi, Chaouki Al Faiz

16. Drought Survival of Some Perennial Grasses in Moroccan Rainfed Conditions: Eco-physiological Traits
Rajae Kallida, Naima Shaimi, Chaouki Al Faiz

17. Forage and Seed Yield Components in Four French Landraces of Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.)
Aleksandar Mikić, Vojislav Mihailović, Branko Ćupina, Đorđe Krstić, Sanja Vasiljević, Dragan Milić

18. Development of Melilotus siculus – A New Salt and Waterlogging-tolerant Annual Fodder Legume Species for Mediterranean-type Climates
Phillip Nichols, Andrew Craig, Amanda Bonython, Mary-Jane Rogers, Ross Ballard, Nigel Charman, Stephen Hughes, Timothy Colmer, Darryl McClements, Ed Barrett-Lennard

19. Domestication of New Mediterranean Annual Pasture Legumes
Phillip Nichols, Angelo Loi, Bradley Nutt, Richard Snowball, Clinton Revell

20. The Population Genetic Structure of Diploid Medicago sativa L. Germplasm
Muhammet Sakiroglu, Jeffrey J. Doyle, E. Charles Brummer

21. Characterization and Preliminary Evaluation of Hedysarum coronarium L. Ecotypes in Mediterranean Environment
Mauro Salis, Antonio M. Carroni, Alessandro Longu, Patrizia Manunza, Maurizio Pitzalis

22. Phenotypic Assessment of Variability in Tillering and Early Development in Ryegrass (Lolium spp.)
Oana Saracutu, Gerda Cnops, Isabel Roldán-Ruiz, Antje Rohde

23. Agronomic Evaluation of Moroccan Ecotypes of Tall Fescue
Naima Shaimi, Rajae Kallida, Chaouki Al Faiz

24. The Czech Core Collection of Trifolium repens L.
Tomáš Vymyslický, Jan Pelikán, Pavlína Gottwaldová, Jan Nedělník

25. Towards an Enhanced Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources in Grass Breeding by Characterization and Evaluation Trials
Evelin Willner, Susanne Hünmörder, Klaus J. Dehmer

26. Ecological and Population Genetic Concepts for Creating New Varieties
Isabelle Litrico, Philippe Barre, Christian Huyghe

27. Selection of Spaced Plants of Perennial Ryegrass in Association with White Clover
Joost Baert, An Ghesquiere

28. Determination of Botanical Composition in Multispecies Forage Mixtures by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
Fabienne Chataigner, Fabien Surault, Christian Huyghe, Bernadette Julier

29. Investigating the Competition for Water and the Depth of Water Extraction in Multispecies Grasslands Using 18O Natural Abundance
Jean-Louis Durand, Thierry Bariac, Youri Rothfuss, Patricia Richard, Philippe Biron, François Gastal

30. Botanical and Genetic Change in Grass-clover Based Systems
An Ghesquiere, Joost Baert, Marianne Malengier, Jan Riek

31. Plasticity Versus Selection in Morphological Evolution of Populations. A Case Study of Lolium perenne L. Mini-swards
Stéphane Grenier, Isabelle Litrico

32. The Contribution of Hybrid Ryegrass (Lolium x hybridum Hausskn) to Dry Matter Yield in Mixtures with Perennial Ryegrass
J. Alan Lovatt, Richard Hayes, Ruth Sanderson, Sheena Duller

33. Characterisation of Variation in Condensed Tannin Levels and Persistence in Lotus spp.
Athole Marshall, Michael Fothergill, Elaine Rees, Ellen Sizer-Coverdale

34. Test and Selection of Festuca/Lolium Specific Markers for Festulolium Genetic Investigations
Nadjette Missi-Bakour, Jean-Louis Durand, Marc Ghesquière

35. Forage Production of Grasslands Composed by One, Two or Three Varieties of Perennial Ryegrass
Fabien Surault, Bernadette Julier, Christian Huyghe

36. Genetic Gain in Agronomic Value of Forage Crops and Turf: A Review
Stephan A.G. Heijden, Niels Roulund

37. Review of the Protocols Used for Assessment of DUS and VCU in Europe – Perspectives
Trevor J. Gilliland, Vincent Gensollen

38. Modelling Adaptive Responses Across Agricultural Environments as a Prerequisite for Identifying Adaptive Traits and Plant Ideotypes
Paolo Annicchiarico, Luciano Pecetti

39. Evaluation of Drought Tolerance Variability in Mediterranean Alfalfa Cultivars in the Field Under Moroccan Conditions
Abdelaziz Bouizgaren, Rajae Kallida, Chaouki Al Faiz

40. Field Resistance of Festuca Rubra Varieties to Red Thread (Laetisaria Fuciformis)
Bohumír Cagaš, Magdalena Ševčíková, Radek Macháč

41. Change in Agronomic Performance of Lolium perenne and Lolium multiflorum Varieties in the Past 40 Years Based on Data from Belgian VCU Trials
Barbara Chaves, Alex Vliegher, Johan Waes, Lucien Carlier, Bram Marynissen

42. Impact of Four Decades of Breeding on Molecular Differentiation Between Forage and Turf Cultivars of Lolium Perenne

Marc Ghesquière, Philippe Barre, Gilles Boutet, Isabelle Cameleyre, Sandrine Flajoulot, Jean-Baptiste Pierre, Charles Poncet, Michel Romestant, Kirsten Vangsgaard, Jean-Paul Sampoux

43. Chemical Composition of the First Cut of Forage Ryegrass (Lolium) Species
Vilma Kemešytė, Nijolė Lemežienė

44. Variability and Correlative Relations of Important Traits for Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.) Half Sib progenies
Lugic Zoran, Radovic Jasmina, Sokolovic Dejan, Jevtic Goran, Milenkovic Jasmina

45. Genetic Diversity Within and Among Alfalfa Varieties for Some Traits
Jasmina Radovic, Dejan Sokolovic, Zoran Lugic, Snežana Anđelković, Ratibor Štrbanović

46. Genetic Improvement in Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) from Turf and Forage Breeding Over the Four Past Decades
Jean-Paul Sampoux, Rémi Métral, Marc Ghesquière, Pierre Baudouin, Bernard Bayle, Vincent Béguier, Pierre Bourdon, Jean-François Chosson, Koos Bruijn, François Deneufbourg, Christophe Galbrun, Wieslaw Pietraszek, Bernard Tharel, Anne Viguié

47. The EUCARPIA Multi-Site Rust Evaluation – Results 2007
Franz Xaver Schubiger, Joost Baert, Bohumir Cagas, Vladimir Cernoch, Jean François Chosson, Elzbieta Czembor, Fred Eickmeyer, Ulf Feuerstein, Stefan Hartmann, Hana Jakesova, Bernhard Krautzer, Hennietha Leenheer, Hans Lellbach, Laurence Poinsard, Ulrich Posselt, Massimo Romani, Luigi Russi, Sabine Schulze, Marie Claire Tardin, François VanHee, Evelin Willner, Lukas Wolters, Beat Boller

48. Dry Matter Production and Nutritive Value of Perennial Ryegrass Cultivars Collection
Dejan Sokolović, Snežana Babić, Jordan Marković, Jasmina Radović, Zoran Lugić, Bogovid Živković, Aleksandar Simić

49. Variability and Correlation Between the Seed Yield, Seed Yield Components and Quality of Alfalfa Seed
Rade Stanisavljevic, Jasmina Milenkovic, Jasmina Radovic, Dragoslav Djokic, Dragan Terzic, Goran Jevtic, Dejan Dodig

50. Influence of Forage Species, Cultivar and Cut on Lipid Metabolism During the Ensiling Process
Gijs Ranst, Veerle Fievez, Joost Baert, Muriel Vandewalle, Jan Riek, Erik Bockstaele

51. Variability of the Rumen Escape Protein and Fatty Acid Composition of Grass and Clover Species and Cultivars
Muriel Vandewalle, Gijs Ranst, Veerle Fievez, Johan Boever, Chris Waes, Jan Riek, Joost Baert

52. Comparison of Different Low-Input Lignocellulosic Crops as Feedstock for Bio-ethanol Production
Steven Hulle, Isabel Roldán-Ruiz, Erik Bockstaele, Hilde Muylle

53. Occurrence of Colletotrichum trifolii (Bain et Essary), the Inducer of Alfalfa Anthracnose in Serbia
Vasić Tanja, Radović Jasmina, Lugić Zoran, Marković Jordan, Jevtić Goran, Gajić Sanja

54. Resistance of Red Clover to Broad Spectrum of Sclerotinia trifoliorum

Tim Vleugels, Joost Baert, Kurt Heungens, Marianne Malengier, Gerda Cnops, Erik Bockstaele

55. Marker-assisted Selection in Forage Crops and Turf: A Review
Isabel Roldán-Ruiz, Roland Kölliker

56. Allelic Diversity for Candidate Genes and Association Studies: Methods and Results
Toshihiko Yamada, Leif Skøt

57. Polyploidization and Gene Expression in Medicago sativa

Stefano Capomaccio, Fabio Veronesi, Daniele Rosellini

58. Characterization of Dehydrin Variants Linked to Freezing Tolerance in Alfalfa at the DNA and Post-transcriptional Levels
Yves Castonguay, Wilfried Rémus-Borel, Jean Cloutier, Serge Laberge, Annick Bertrand, Réal Michaud

59. The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) Reveals Useful Polymorphisms Among European Ecotypes
Kerstin Diekmann, Trevor R. Hodkinson, Kenneth H. Wolfe, Rob Bekerom, Phillip J. Dix, Susanne Barth

60. Exploring the Potential for Translational Genomics Approaches in Forage Legumes: Regions of Highly Conserved Microsynteny Between White Clover and Medicago truncatula Revealed by BAC Sequencing
Melanie Febrer, Michael T. Abberton, Glyn Jenkins, Dan Milbourne

61. Plant Transcription Factors as Novel Molecular Markers for Legumes
Yuanhong Han, Dong-Man Khu, Ivone Torres-Jerez, Michael Udvardi, Maria J. Monteros

62. From a Model to a Crop Species: Constans is Involved in Aerial Morphogenesis of Lucerne
Bernadette Julier, Doris Herrmann, Philippe Barre, Jean-Baptiste Pierre

63. QTL for Water Use Efficiency in Alfalfa
Bernadette Julier, Karine Bernard, Chrystel Gibelin, Thierry Huguet, François Lelièvre

64. QTL Mapping of Aluminum Tolerance in Tetraploid Alfalfa
Dong-Man Khu, Rafael Reyno, E. Charles Brummer, Joseph H. Bouton, Yuanhong Han, Maria J. Monteros

65. DArTFest – A Platform for High-Throughput Genome Profiling Within the Festuca – Lolium Complex
David Kopecký, Jan Bartoš, Adam J. Lukaszewski, James H. Baird, Vladimír Černoch, Roland Kölliker, Simen Rød Sandve, Odd Arne Rognli, Helene Blois, Vanessa Caig, Jaroslav Doležel, Andrzej Kilian

66. Vegetative Plant Height QTLs in Elite Perennial Ryegrass Material
Laurence Pauly, Sandrine Flajoulot, Philippe Barre, Jérôme Garon

67. Genotyping Unknown Genomic Terrain in Complex Plant Genomes
Simen R. Sandve, Heidi Rudi, Guro Dørum, Magnus D. Vigeland, Paul R. Berg, Odd Arne Rognli

68. Fine Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci for Biomass Yield in Perennial Ryegrass
Céline Tomaszewski, J.S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison, Ulrike C. M. Anhalt, Susanne Barth

69. Testing a QTL Index for Marker Selection of Water-Soluble Carbohydrate Content in Perennial Ryegrass
Lesley Turner, Andrew Cairns, Markku Farrell, Mervyn Humphreys

70. Dissecting Festulolium Chromosome 3 to Locate Rooting and Drought Resistance Traits
Lesley Turner, Kit Macleod, Chris Watts, Richard Whalley, Andy Binley, Tolis Papadopoulos, Sally ƠDonovan, Phil Haygarth, Julie King, Mike Humphreys

71. Functional Analysis of Genes Involved in Cell Wall Biosynthesis of the Model Species Brachypodium distachyon to Improve Saccharification
Steven Hulle, Isabel Roldán-Ruiz, Erik Bockstaele, Hilde Muylle

72. Identification of Genes Induced in Lolium multiflorum by Bacterial Wilt Infection
Fabienne Wichmann, Torben Asp, Franco Widmer, Roland Kölliker

73. Identification of QTLs Associated with Morphological and Agronomic Traits in White Clover (Trifolium repens L.)
Yan Zhang, Christy Motes, Mary K. Sledge, Joseph H. Bouton, Yuanhong Han, Maria J. Monteros

Festulolium Hybrids: Results, Limits and Prospects
Marc Ghesquière, Mike Humphreys, Zbigniew Zwierzykowski

75. Creation of Heterotic Groups and Hybrid Varieties
Carla Scotti, E. Charles Brummer

76. Enhancing the Adaptation to Italian Environments of Egyptian Lucerne Germplasm for Exploitation as a Component of Free-hybrids
Paolo Annicchiarico, Luciano Pecetti, Sandro Proietti

77. F1² Performance of Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass on the Basis of the Composition of a Synthetic Variety
Joost Baert, An Ghesquiere

78. Seed Yield of New Festulolium Varieties Bred from F. Arundinacea Var. Glaucescens

Marc Ghesquière, Thierry Bourgoin

79. Production of Self-Fertile Interspecific Hybrids Between Lolium temulentum × Lolium multiflorum

Takako Kiyoshi, Akira Arakawa, Kazuhiro Uchiyama, Tadashi Takamizo

80. Introgression of Novel Traits into White Clover (Trifolium repens L.) from Related Trifolium Species
Athole Marshall, Michael Abberton, Matthew Lowe, Ellen Sizer-Coverdale

81. Studies on the Expression of Exogenous CBF4 Gene in Transgenic Wheatgrass
Mi Fugui, Wang Guihua, Dong Shujun

82. Heterotic Response from a Diallel Analysis between Alfalfa Cultivars of Different Geographic Origin
Dragan Milić, Slobodan Katić, Aleksandar Mikić, Đura Karagić

83. Using Bulk-Hybrids for Breeding Adapted Genotypes of Subterranean Clover
Phillip Nichols, Philip Cocks, Clive Francis

84. Fiber Content and Plant Development in Festulolium

Liv Østrem, Arild Larsen

85. Identification of Heterotic Patterns in Perennial Ryegrass
Ulrich K. Posselt

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Sciences, Agriculture

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