Alexandrov, Vesselin

Global Environmental Change: Challenges to Science and Society in Southeastern Europe

Alexandrov, Vesselin - Global Environmental Change: Challenges to Science and Society in Southeastern Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Weather and Climate – Difficult Science Problems
Stoytcho Panchev, Tatiana Spassova

2. Climate Change and the Balkans: Real Concern or “Useless Arithmetic”
C. Gregory Knight

3. Global Environmental Change and Related Impacts
Lučka Kajfež Bogataj

4. Science, Society and Action
Marieta P. Staneva

5. Climate Modelling Beyond the Complexity: Challenges in Model-Building
Dragutin T. Mihailovic

6. Changes in Different Type of Clouds in South-Eastern Europe in Association with Climate Change
Blanka Bartók

7. Research on 21st Century Climate Change in the Republic of Macedonia
Suzana Alcinova Monevska, Pece Ristevski

8. The Impact of Climate Change on the Precipitation Regime in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dženan Zulum, Željko Majstorović

9. Climatological Analysis of the Synoptic Situations Causing Torrential Precipitation Events in Bulgaria over the Period 1961–2007
Lilia Bocheva, Ilian Gospodinov, Petio Simeonov, Tania Marinova

10. A Summary of Sector and Region Specific Economic Impact and Vulnerability Assessments by Case Study in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary
Franz Prettenthaler, Judith Köberl

11. Cecilia – EC FP6 Project on the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts in Central and Eastern Europe
Tomas Halenka

12. Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Options of European Agriculture
Josef Eitzinger, Sabina Thaler, Gerhard Kubu, Vesselin Alexandrov, Angel Utset, Dragutin T. Mihailovic, Branislava Lalic, Miroslav Trnka, Zdenek Zalud, Daniela Semeradova, Domenico Ventrella, Dimos P. Anastasiou, Mahmoud Medany, Samar Altaher, Janusz Olejnik, Jacek Leśny, Natalia Nemeshko, Michael Nikolaev, Catalin Simota, George Cojocaru

13. Projection of Climate Change for South East Europe and Related Impacts
Eglantina Bruci

14. Forests in Serbia as Factor of Soil and Water Protection Against Degradation in the Conditions of Global Climate Changes
Stanimir Kostadinov

15. Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism
Plamen Mishev, Milkana Mochurova

16. The Social Impact of Heavy Rains in Albania
Liri Muçaj, Eglantina Bruci, Vangjel Mustaqi

17. Effects of Chronic Exposure to Urban Air Pollution on Red Blood Cells in Children
Maja Nikolić, Dragana Nikić

18. Moldovia’s Challenge in the Face of Surface Water Resource Changes
Igor G. Sirodoev

19. Long-Term Trends of Lead-210 Concentrations in the Ground-Level Air in Finland and Bulgaria
Jussi Paatero, Blagorodka Veleva, Juha Hatakka

20. Drought Management Centre for South Eastern Europe
Gregor Gregorič, Andreja Sušnik

21. The Role of Local Communities in Revising National Action Programs to Mitigate Drought, and Prevent and Combat Desertification: Lessons from Romania
Doru Leonard Irimie, Viorel Blujdea, Ciprian Pahonţu

22. Strengthening Capacities in Western Balkan Countries to Address Environmental Problems Through Remediation of High Priority Hot Spots
Stewart Williams, Sladan Maslać

23. Pilot Training Programme for Integration of Global Environmental Concerns into the Regional and Spatial Planning Process in Bulgaria
Nataliya Dimitrova-Popova

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Environment, general, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Sustainable Development

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25 pages
Natural Sciences

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