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Oceanography from Space

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Table of contents

1. Oceans from Space, a Once-a-Decade Review of Progress: Satellite Oceanography in a Changing World
Jim F. R. Gower

2. Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Ocean: An Overview
Chelle L. Gentemann, Frank J. Wentz, Marty Brewer, Kyle Hilburn, Deborah Smith

3. SMOS and Aquarius/SAC-D Missions: The Era of Spaceborne Salinity Measurements is About to Begin
Gary Lagerloef, Jordi Font

4. Discoveries About Tropical Cyclones Provided by Microwave Remote Sensing
Kristina B. Katsaros

5. Direct Surface Current Field Imaging from Space by Along-Track InSAR and Conventional SAR
Roland Romeiser, Johnny Johannessen, Bertrand Chapron, Fabrice Collard, Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Hartmut Runge, Steffen Suchandt

6. Scatterometer’s Unique Capability in Measuring Ocean Surface Stress
W. Timothy Liu, Xiaosu Xie, Wenqing Tang

7. Interpretation of SAR Signatures of the Sea Surface: A Multi-sensor Approach
Leonid M. Mitnik, Vyacheslav A. Dubina

8. Perspectives on Oil Spill Detection Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
Michele Vespe, Monica Posada, Guido Ferraro, Harm Greidanus

9. Determining Ocean Circulation and Sea Level from Satellite Altimetry: Progress and Challenges
Lee-Lueng Fu

10. Absolute Dynamic Topography from Altimetry: Status and Prospects in the Upcoming GOCE Era
Marie-Helene Rio

11. The Marine Geoid and Satellite Altimetry
Walter H. F. Smith

12. Oceanic Planetary Waves and Eddies: A Privileged View from Satellite Altimetry
Paolo Cipollini, Anna C. S. Sutcliffe, Ian S. Robinson

13. Sea Surface Temperature Measurements from Thermal Infrared Satellite Instruments: Status and Outlook
Craig J. Donlon

14. The Validation of Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals from Spaceborne Infrared Radiometers
Peter J. Minnett

15. Use of TIR from Space in Operational Systems
Helen M. Beggs

16. The Past, Present, and Future of the AVHRR Pathfinder SST Program
Kenneth S. Casey, Tess B. Brandon, Peter Cornillon, Robert Evans

17. Some Reflections on Thirty­Five Years of Ocean Color Remote Sensing
Howard R. Gordon

18. Field Radiometry and Ocean Color Remote Sensing
Giuseppe Zibordi, Kenneth J. Voss

19. Forecasting the Coastal Optical Properties Using Satellite Ocean Color
Robert Arnone, Brandon Casey, Sherwin Ladner, Dong-Shang Ko

20. Ocean-Colour Radiometry: Achievements and Future Perspectives
Shubha Sathyendranath, Trevor Platt

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Oceanography, Applied Earth Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

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Natural Sciences

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