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International Research Handbook on Values Education and Student Wellbeing

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Table of contents

1. The New Values Education: A Pedagogical Imperative for Student Wellbeing
Terence Lovat

2. Values Education, Instructional Scaffolding and Student Wellbeing
Ron Toomey

3. Student Wellbeing at School: The Actualization of Values in Education
Neville Clement

4. Personal and Professional Values in Teaching
David Carr

5. School Values and Effective Pedagogy: Case Studies of Two Leading Edge Schools in England
Wendy Robinson, Robert James Campbell

6. When Research Meets Practice in Values Education: Lessons from the American Experience
James S. Leming

7. Mathematics Education and Student Values: The Cultivation of Mathematical Wellbeing
Philip Clarkson, Alan Bishop, Wee Tiong Seah

8. Value in Shadows: A Critical Contribution to Values Education in Our Times
Dalene M. Swanson

9. Teacher Values Underlying Professional Ethics
Kirsi Tirri

10. Teachers as Key Players in Values Education: Implications for Teacher Formation
Adrian Gellel

11. Valuing the Self
Kristján Kristjánsson

12. Values and Wellbeing in the Curriculum: Personal and Public Dimensions
Graham Haydon

13. Classroom-Based Practice in Values Education
Laurie Brady

14. Values Education and the National Curriculum in England
Neil Hawkes

15. Teacher Practice and Students’ Sense of Belonging
Karen F. Osterman

16. Values of Problem-Based Learning: Perceptions of Facilitators in an Initial Teacher Training Program at Temasek Polytechnic, a Singapore Institution of Higher Learning
Moira Lee Gek Choo

17. Values, Wellness and the Social Sciences Curriculum
Deborah Henderson

18. Inspiration as a Thought-Provoking Concept for Values Education
Theo Zee

19. Values Education and the Hidden Curriculum
Mark Halstead, Jiamei Xiao

20. Towards an Ethics of Integration in Education
Inna Semetsky

21. New Research Directions in Character and Values Education in the UK
James Arthur, Kenneth Wilson

22. Nurturing Teacher Wellbeing Through Values Education
Nazreen Dasoo

23. Embracing Philosophy and Raising the Standard of Pre-service Teacher Education Programs
Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Elizabeth Curtis, Amanda Mergler

24. Re-visiting the ‘Quiet Revolution’
Frances Farrer

25. Promoting Student Resilience and Wellbeing: Asia-Pacific Resilient Children and Communities Project
Jing Sun, Donald E. Stewart

26. The Power of Character: Needed for, and Developed from, Teaching and Learning
Matthew Davidson, Vladimir Khmelkov, Thomas Lickona

27. Facilitating Values Education Leadership Through Discovery of Personal Beliefs and Values
Shahida Abdul-Samad

28. The Positive Action Program: Improving Academics, Behavior, and Character by Teaching Comprehensive Skills for Successful Learning and Living
Brian R. Flay, Carol G. Allred

29. A Teacher’s Duty: An Examination of the Short-Term Impact of Values Education on Australian Primary School Teachers and Students
Kerry Dally

30. Continuity and Discontinuity in Character Education
Jacques S. Benninga, Susan M. Tracz

31. Values Education and Whole Person Development in Ukraine: The Role of Vasyl Sukhomlinsky and Current Applications
Anna Lenchovska, Olga Sukhomlinska

32. Imaginative Education and the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools: Practical Implementations for Promoting Ethical Understanding
Tim Waddington, James Johnson

33. The Developmental Contours of Character
Bryan W. Sokol, Stuart I. Hammond, Marvin W. Berkowitz

34. The Unhappy Moralist Effect: A Story of Hybrid Moral Dynamics
Fritz Oser

35. Towards Pedagogy of Giving for Wellbeing and Social Engagement
Thomas William Nielsen

36. Values Education as an Ethical Dilemma About Sociability
Robert Crotty

37. Values Education, Mental Reality Constructs and Student Wellbeing
Brian V. Hill

38. Building a Sustaining Classroom Climate for Purposeful Ethical Citizenship
Darcia Narvaez

39. Valuing Social and Emotional Connectedness Among Learners at All Levels
Christine Brew, Brenda Beatty

40. Teach Our Children Well: A Social Work Perspective on Integrating Values Education in Schools
Mel Gray

41. Making Values Education Real: Exploring the Nexus Between Service Learning and Values Education
Judi Robinson, Kevin Kecskes

42. Passion and Purpose: Teacher Professional Development and Student Social and Civic Growth
Sigrun Adalbjarnardottir

43. Education and Diversity: Values Education and Cross-cultural Learning Through Socratic Dialogue and the Visual Arts
Adam Staples, Catherine Devine, Judith Chapman

44. Developing Student Wellbeing Through Education for Sustainability: Learning from School Experience
Libby Tudball

45. Translating Values Education into Values Action: Attempts, Obstacles, and Potential for the Future
Jeremy Leeds

46. Active Citizenship Education and Critical Pedagogy
Keith Crawford

47. The Impact of Social Interdependence on Values Education and Student Wellbeing
David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson

48. Students Leading in Investigating and Enacting Values in School Communities
Roger Holdsworth

49. Values Implicit in Vocational Education and Training: The Challenge for Wider Issues of Personal and Social Engagement
Richard G. Bagnall

50. Integrating the Personal with the Public: Values, Virtues and Learning and the Challenges of Assessment
Ruth Deakin Crick

51. Transmitting Social and National Values Through Education in Singapore: Tensions in a Globalized Era
Jasmine B.-Y. Sim, Li-Ching Ho

52. Values in Motion: From Confident Learners to Responsible Citizens
Tim Small

53. Using a New Body/Mind Place-Based Narrative Pedagogy to Teach Values Education in the Age of Sustainability
Ron Tooth

54. Facilitating a Moral Journey in a University Setting for Managing an Age-Old Conflict in the Abrahamic Holy Land
Zehavit Gross

55. Theorizing Social Wellbeing: Subjective Mental States, Preference Satisfaction or Mitsein?
Stephen Webb

Keywords: Education, Educational Philosophy, Curriculum Studies, Religion and Education, Teaching and Teacher Education

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