Zdruli, Pandi

Land Degradation and Desertification: Assessment, Mitigation and Remediation

Zdruli, Pandi - Land Degradation and Desertification: Assessment, Mitigation and Remediation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. What We Know About the Saga of Land Degradation and How to Deal with It?
Pandi Zdruli, Marcello Pagliai, Selim Kapur, Angel Faz Cano

2. Moving Ahead from Assessments to Actions: Could We Win the Struggle with Soil Degradation in Europe?
Luca Montanarella

3. Moving Ahead from Assessments to Actions by Using Harmonized Risk Assessment Methodologies for Soil Degradation
C.L. Beek, T. Tóth, A. Hagyo, G. Tóth, L. Recatalá Boix, C. Añó Vidal, J.P. Malet, O. Maquire, J.H.H. Akker, S.E.A.T.M. Zee, S. Verzandvoort, C. Simota, P.J. Kuikman, O. Oenema

4. “Zero-Tolerance” on Land Degradation for Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Production
Minh-Long Nguyen, Felipe Zapata, Gerd Dercon

5. A Methodology for Land Degradation Assessment at Multiple Scales Based on the DPSIR Approach: Experiences from Applications to Drylands
Raul Ponce-Hernandez, Parviz Koohafkan

6. Global Warming, Carbon Balance, and Land and Water Management
Ahmet Ruhi Mermut

7. The Use of GIS Data in the Desertification Risk Cartography: Case Study of South Aurès Region in Algeria
H. Benmessaud, M. Kalla, H. Driddi

8. Land Degradation and Overgrazing in the Afar Region, Ethiopia: A Spatial Analysis
B. G. J. S. Sonneveld, S. Pande, K. Georgis, M.A. Keyzer, A. Seid Ali, A. Takele

9. Effects and Implications of Enclosures for Rehabilitating Degraded Semi-arid Rangelands: Critical Lessons from Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya
Stephen M. Mureithi, Ann Verdoodt, Eric Ranst

10. Assessment of Land Desertification Based on the MEDALUS Approach and Elaboration of an Action Plan: The Case Study of the Souss River Basin, Morocco
R. Bouabid, M. Rouchdi, M. Badraoui, A. Diab, S. Louafi

11. Assessment of the Existing Land Conservation Techniques in the Peri Urban Area of Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria
Taiye Oluwafemi Adewuyi

12. The Use of Tasselled Cap Analysis and Household Interviews Towards Assessment and Monitoring of Land Degradation: A Case Study Within the Wit-Kei Catchment in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Luncendo Ngcofe, Gillian McGregor, Luc Chevallier

13. Environmental Degradation of Natural Resources in Butana Area of Sudan
Muna M. Elhag, Sue Walker

14. Land Suitability for Crop Options Evaluation in Areas Affected by Desertification: The Case Study of Feriana in Tunisia
S. Madrau, C. Zucca, A.M. Urgeghe, F. Julitta, F. Previtali

15. Strategic Nutrient Management of Field Pea in South-Western Uganda
P. Musinguzi, J.S. Tenywa, M.A. Bekunda

16. Effectiveness of Soil Conservation Measures in Reducing Soil Erosion and Improving Soil Quality in China Assessed by Using Fallout Radionuclides
Y. Li, M. L. Nguyen

17. Policy Impacts on Land Degradation: Evidence Revealed by Remote Sensing in Western Ordos, China
Weicheng Wu, Eddy Pauw

18. Assessment of Land Degradation and Its Impacts on Land Resources of Sivagangai Block, Tamil Nadu, India
A. Natarajan, M. Janakiraman, S. Manoharan, K.S. Anil Kumar, S. Vadivelu, Dipak Sarkar

19. New Approaches in Reclamation of Degraded Soils with Special Reference to Sodic Soil: An Indian Experience
R. K. Isaac, D.P. Sharma, N. Swaroop

20. Soil and Water Degradation Following Forest Conversion in the Humid Tropics (Indonesia)
Gerhard Gerold

21. Relationships Between Land Degradation and Natural Disasters and Their Impacts on Integrated Watershed Management in Iran
Hamid Reza Solaymani Osbooei, Mahnaz Bafandeh Haghighi

22. Modelling Carbon Sequestration in Drylands of Kazakhstan Using Remote Sensing Data and Field Measurements
P. A. Propastin, M. Kappas

23. The Effectiveness of Two Polymer-Based Stabilisers Offering an Alternative to Conventional Sand Stabilisation Methods
Ashraf A. Ramadan, Shawqui M. Lahalih, Sadiqa Ali, Mane Al-Sudairawi

24. Mountainous Tea Industry Promotion: An Alternative for Stable Land Use in the Lao PDR
Ayumi Yoshida, Chanhda Hemmavanh

25. Rehabilitation of Deserted Quarires in Lebanon to Initial Land Cover or Alternative Land Uses
T.M. Darwish, R. Stehouwer, C. Khater, I. Jomaa, D. Miller, J. Sloan, A. Shaban, M. Hamze

26. The Impact of Land Use Change on Water Yield: The Case Study of Three Selected Urbanised and Newly Urbanised Catchments in Peninsular Malaysia
Mohd Suhaily Yusri Che Ngah, Ian Reid

27. Reclamation of Land Disturbed by Shrimp Farming in Songkla Lake Basin, Southern Thailand
Charlchai Tanavud, Omthip Densrisereekul, Thudchai Sansena

28. The Effect of Bio-solid and Tea Waste Applications on Erosion Ratio Index of Eroded Soils
Nutullah Ozdemir, Tugrul Yakupoglu, Elif Ozturk, Orhan Dengiz

29. Modern and Ancient Knowledge of Conserving Soils in Socotra Island, Yemen
Dana Pietsch, Miranda Morris

30. Content of Heavy Metals in Albanian Soils and Determination of Spatial Structures Using GIS
Skender Belalla, Ilir Salillari, Adrian Doko, Fran Gjoka, Majlinda Cenameri

31. Radioisotopic Measurements (137Cs and 210Pb) to Assess Erosion and Sedimentation Processes: Case Study in Austria
L. Mabit, A. Klik, A. Toloza

32. Development and Opportunities for Evaluation of Anthropogenic Soil Load by Risky Substances in the Czech Republic
Radim Vácha, Jan Skála, Jarmila Čechmánková

33. Land Degradation in Greece
Sid. P. Theocharopoulos

34. Factors Influencing Soil Organic Carbon Stock Variations in Italy During the Last Three Decades
M. Fantappiè, G. L’Abate, E.A.C. Costantini

35. Monitoring Soil Salinisation as a Strategy for Preventing Land Degradation: A Case Study in Sicily, Italy
Giuseppina Crescimanno, Kenneth B. Marcum, Francesco Morga, Carlo Reina

36. Severe Environmental Constraints for Mediterranean Agriculture and New Options for Water and Soil Resources Management
N. Colonna, F. Lupia, M. Iannetta

37. Assessment of Desertification in Semi-Arid Mediterranean Environments: The Case Study of Apulia Region (Southern Italy)
G. Ladisa, M. Todorovic, G. Trisorio Liuzzi

38. Spatial Variability of Light Morainic Soils
Michał Czajka, Stanisław Podsiadłowski, Alfred Stach, Ryszard Walkowiak

39. Studding the Impacts of Technological Measures on the Biological Activity of Pluvial Eroded Soils
Geanina Bireescu, Costica Ailincai, Lucian Raus, Lazar Bireescu

40. Achievements and Perspectives on the Improvement by Afforestation of Degraded Lands in Romania
Cristinel Constandache, Viorel Blujdea, Sanda Nistor

41. Investigating Soils for Agri-Environmental Protection in an Arid Region of Spain
C. Castaneda, S. Mendez, J. Herrero, J. Betran

42. Risk Assessment in Soils Developed on Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks Using Heavy Metal Sequential Extraction Procedure
S. Martínez-Martínez, Angel Faz Cano, Gerhard Gerold, J.A. Acosta, R. Ortiz

43. Assessing the Impact of Fodder Maize Cultivation on Soil Erosion in the UK
Mokhtar Jaafar, Des E. Walling

44. Evolution and Human Land Management During the Holocene in Southern Altiplano Desert, Argentina (26°S)
Pablo Tchilinguirian, Daniel Olivera

45. Metal Pollution by Gold Mining Activities in the Sunchulli Mining District of Apolobamba (Bolivia)
T. Teran, Angel Faz Cano, M.A. Munoz, J.A. Acosta, S. Martinez-Martinez, R. Millan

Areas Degradated by Extraction of Clay and Revegetated with
Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus camaldulensis
: Using Soil Fauna as Indicator of Rehabilitation in an Area of Brazil

Cristiane Figueira Silva, Eliane Maria Ribeiro Silva, William Robertson Duarte Oliveira, Maria Elizabeth Fernandes Correia, Marco Antonio Martins

47. Conservation Tillage in Potato Rotations in Eastern Canada
M.R. Carter, R. D. Peters, J.B. Sanderson

48. An Assessment of Soil Erosion Costs in Mexico
Helena Cotler, Sergio Martínez-Trinidad

49. Predicting Winter Wheat Yield Loss from Soil Compaction in the Central Great Plains of the United States
Joseph G. Benjamin, Maysoon M. Mikha

Keywords: Environment, Nature Conservation, Soil Science & Conservation, Sustainable Development, Environment, general, Climate Change

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