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Table of contents

1. Taphonomy: Bias and Process Through Time
Peter A. Allison, David J. Bottjer

2. Taphonomic Overprints on Phanerozoic Trends in Biodiversity: Lithification and Other Secular Megabiases
Austin J. W. Hendy

3. Taphonomic Bias in Shelly Faunas Through Time: Early Aragonitic Dissolution and Its Implications for the Fossil Record
Lesley Cherns, James R. Wheeley, V. Paul Wright

4. Comparative Taphonomy and Sedimentology of Small-Scale Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Cycles: Synopsis of Phanerozoic Examples
Carlton E. Brett, Peter A. Allison, Austin J. W. Hendy

5. Taphonomy of Animal Organic Skeletons Through Time
Neal S. Gupta, Derek E. G. Briggs

6. Molecular Taphonomy of Plant Organic Skeletons
Margaret E. Collinson

7. The Relationship Between Continental Landscape Evolution and the Plant-Fossil Record: Long Term Hydrologic Controls on Preservation
Robert A. Gastaldo, Timothy M. Demko

8. Hierarchical Control of Terrestrial Vertebrate Taphonomy Over Space and Time: Discussion of Mechanisms and Implications for Vertebrate Paleobiology
Christopher R. Noto

9. Microtaphofacies: Exploring the Potential for Taphonomic Analysis in Carbonates
James H. Nebelsick, Davide Bassi, Michael W. Rasser

10. Taphonomy of Reefs Through Time
Rachel Wood

11. Silicification Through Time
Susan H. Butts, Derek E. G. Briggs

12. Phosphatization Through the Phanerozoic
Stephen Q. Dornbos

13. Three-Dimensional Morphological (CLSM) and Chemical (Raman) Imagery of Cellularly Mineralized Fossils
J. William Schopf, Anatoliy B. Kudryavtsev, Abhishek B. Tripathi, Andrew D. Czaja

14. Taphonomy in Temporally Unique Settings: An Environmental Traverse in Search of the Earliest Life on Earth
Martin D. Brasier, David Wacey, Nicola McLoughlin

15. Evolutionary Trends in Remarkable Fossil Preservation Across the Ediacaran–Cambrian Transition and the Impact of Metazoan Mixing
Martin D. Brasier, Jonathan B. Antcliffe, Richard H. T. Callow

16. Mass Extinctions and Changing Taphonomic Processes
Margaret L. Fraiser, Matthew E. Clapham, David J. Bottjer

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Biodiversity, Geochemistry, Sedimentology, Biogeosciences

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Aims & Scope Topics in Geobiology Book Series
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Natural Sciences

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