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Environmental Change in Siberia

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Table of contents

1. Forest Disturbance Assessment Using Satellite Data of Moderate and Low Resolution
M. A. Korets, V. A. Ryzhkova, I. V. Danilova, A. I. Sukhinin, S. A. Bartalev

2. Fire/Climate Interactions in Siberia
H. Balzter, K. Tansey, J. Kaduk, C. George, F. Gerard, M. Cuevas Gonzalez, A. Sukhinin, E. Ponomarev

3. Long-Term Dynamics of Mixed Fir-Aspen Forests in West Sayan (Altai-Sayan Ecoregion)
D. M. Ismailova, D. I. Nazimova

4. Evidence of Evergreen Conifers Invasion into Larch Dominated Forests During Recent Decades
V. I. Kharuk, K. J. Ranson, M. L. Dvinskaya

5. Potential Climate-Induced Vegetation Change in Siberia in the Twenty-First Century
N. M. Tchebakova, E. I. Parfenova, A. J. Soja

6. Wildfire Dynamics in Mid-Siberian Larch Dominated Forests
V. I. Kharuk, K. J. Ranson, M. L. Dvinskaya

7. Dendroclimatological Evidence of Climate Changes Across Siberia
V. V. Shishov, E. A. Vaganov

8. Siberian Pine and Larch Response to Climate Warming in the Southern Siberian Mountain Forest: Tundra Ecotone
V. I. Kharuk, K. J. Ranson, M. L. Dvinskaya, S. T. Im

9. Remote Sensing of Spring Snowmelt in Siberia
A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, R. Kidd

10. Response of River Runoff in the Cryolithic Zone of Eastern Siberia (Lena River Basin) to Future Climate Warming
A. G. Georgiadi, I. P. Milyukova, E. A. Kashutina

11. Investigating Regional Scale Processes Using Remotely Sensed Atmospheric CO2 Column Concentrations from SCIAMACHY
M. P. Barkley, A. J. Hewitt, P. S. Monks

12. Climatic and Geographic Patterns of Spatial Distribution of Precipitation in Siberia
A. Onuchin, T. Burenina

13. Interoperability, Data Discovery and Access: The e-Infrastructures for Earth Sciences Resources
S. Nativi, C. Schmullius, L. Bigagli, R. Gerlach

14. Development of a Web-Based Information-Computational Infrastructure for the Siberia Integrated Regional Study
E. P. Gordov, A. Z. Fazliev, V. N. Lykosov, I. G. Okladnikov, A. G. Titov

15. Conclusions
H. Balzter

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Physical Geography, Biogeosciences, Ecosystems

Publication year
Advances in Global Change Research
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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