Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean

Global Change: Mankind-Marine Environment Interactions

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Table of contents

1. A Few Examples of the Many Approaches to Salmon Resource Creation in Japan
E. Hasegawa, T. Saito, T. Kaga, T. Suzuki

2. Trials on New Methods for Seed Culture in Japanese Abalones
Y. Koike, A. E. Stott, F. Ahmed, T. Takeuchi, C. Strussman, M. Yokota, S. Segawa, S. Watanabe

3. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Anticipating the Presence of Genetically Modified Fish in France
Catherine Mariojouls, Muriel Mambrini, J. S. Joly, F. Sohm, S. Barrey, L. Boy, I. Doussan, Y. Bertheau, J. Davison, A. F. Schmid, L. Coutellec, F. Varenne

4. Shrimp Aquaculture: From Extensive to Intensive Rearing, the Relationship with the Environment and The Key to Sustainability
Jean-Louis Martin

5. Quality Control of Cultured Fish by Feed Supplements
Heisuke Nakagawa

6. Experimental Culture of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis - Nordsted, 1844
Rija Rakotoarisoa, Alain Riva, Nardo Vicente

7. Problems Associated with the Recovery on Landings of Black Sea Bream (Acanthopagrus schlegelii) Intensively Released in Hiroshima Bay, Japan
Tetsuya Umino, Enrique Blanco Gonzalez, Hidetoshi Saito, Heisuke Nakagawa

8. Effect of Wavelength of Intermittent Light on the Growth and Fatty Acid Profile of the Haptophyte Isochrysis galbana

T. Yago, H. Arakawa, T. Morinaga, Y. Yoshie-Stark, M. Yoshioka

9. Profile of Payao (Floating Artificial Reef or Fish Attracting Device) Fisheries of the Philippines
R. P. Babaran, M. Ishizaki

10. Monitoring of the Artificial Reef Fish Assemblages of the Marine Protected Areas Along the Alpes-Maritimes Coast (France, North-Western Mediterranean)
P. Bodilis, E. Dombrowski, C. Seytre, P. Francour

11. Artificial Reefs in French Law
B. Cazalet, B. Salvat

12. Contribution to the Planning of the Research in Artificial Reefs Programs
Hubert Jean Ceccaldi

13. Artificial Reefs in the Cote Bleue Marine Park: Assessment After 25 Years of Experiments and Scientific Monitoring
E. Charbonnel, F. Bachet

14. Artificial Reefs in Marseille: From Complex Natural Habitats to Concepts of Efficient Artificial Reef Design
E. Charbonnel, F. Carnus, S. Ruitton, L. Le Direac’h, J.-G. Harmelin, J. Beurois

15. The Dubai Underwater Observory Projects and Turtle Rehabilitation Unit
Etienne Clamagirand

16. Immersion of Artificial Reef in Ohya Island: Lessons From New Experiences
E. Delort, D. Grosdemange

17. Development of Small and Lightweight Artificial Reef for Fukutokobushi (Haliotis diversicolor diversicolor)

K. Ebata, A. Higashi, A. Shiomitsu, S. Saisho, T. Ikeda

18. Assessment of the Effect of Artificial Reef on Fish Distribution: The Combined Use of Acoustic Data and GIS
Akira Hamano

19. Evaluation of Artificial Reefs Impact on Artisanal Fisheries: Necessity of Complementary Approaches
P. Lenfant, J. Pastor, N. Dalias, P. Astruch

20. Operation Prado Reefs: A Model for Management of the Marseille Coast
Emilia Medioni, Jean-Charles Lardic

21. Swimming Behavior of Juvenile Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) Around Fish Aggragate Devices (F.A.D.S) in the Philippines
Y. Mitsunaga, R. Babaran, C. Endo, K. Anraku

22. Summary of French Artificial Reefs Immersions Since 1968, Sites, Volumes, Types and Costs
Sylvain Pioch, J. P. Doumenge

23. The Artificial Habitat, an Evolutionary Strategic Tool for Integrated Coastal Area Management
S. Pioch, J.-C. Raynal, G. Lasserre

24. Spatial and Temporal Variation of the Fish Assemblage on a Large Artificial Reef Assessed Using Multiple-Point Stationary Observations
Hideyuki Takahashi, Akihiko Matsuda, Tomonari Akamatsu, Norimasa Takagi

25. Artificial Reefs: Perceptions and Impact on the Marine Environment
Gérard Veron

26. Characterization of Three Populations of Phallocryptus Spinosa (Branchiopoda, Crustacea) from North-East of Algeria
Mounia Amarouayache, Farid Derbal

27. Biological Invasion: The Thau Lagoon, a Japanese Biological Island in the Mediterranean Sea
Charles F. Boudouresque, Judith Klein, Sandrine Ruitton, Marc Verlaque

28. Distribution of Giant Viruses in Marine Environments
Hiroyuki Ogata, Adam Monier, Jean-Michel Claverie

29. Catch, Bycatch of Sharks, and Incidental Catch of Sea Turtles in the Reunion-Based Longline Swordfish Fishery (Southwest Indian Ocean) Between 1997 and 2000
François Poisson

30. Biodiversity Requires Adaptations Under a Changing Climate in Northwest Europe: Planning and Coastal Wildlife, the Example of Normandy in France
Isabelle Rauss, Pascal Hacquebart, Catherine Zambettakis, Emmanuel Caillot, Emmanuel De Saint Léger, Franck Bruchon

31. Taking Biodiversity into Account in Territorial Planning Documents: A Methodological Approach Applied to the Marine Field
E. Seigneur, N. Mazouni

32. Temporal Changes of Benthic Macrofauna of the Mellah Lagoon (Northeast Algeria): Effects of Development Works
Brahim Draredja

33. Regional and Governmental Action Plan for Integration of Port Development and Environmental Restoration
Keita Furukawa

34. Towards Integrated Coastal and Ocean Policies in France: a Parallel with Japan
Yves Henocque

35. Pôle de compétitivité Pôle Mer PACA: Maritime Cluster in Provence–French Riviera Region
Patrick Baraona, Guy Herrouin

36. Accumulation of Bromoform, a Chlorination Byproduct, by Japanese Flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus

Toshio Iibuchi, Takeya Hara, Shuji Tsuchida, Seiji Kobayashi, Ichiro Katuyama, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Michiyasu Kiyono

37. Results of the Implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (I.C.Z.M) in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (P.A.C.A) and Outlook for the Mediterranean Context
Pascale Janny, Philippe Lassalle

38. Outline of Ongoing Research Activities of the Marine Ecology Research Institute, Mainly Regarding Thermal Issues in Japan
Michiyasu Kiyono, Katsutoshi Kido

39. Mass Mortality of a Coral Community in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan, Caused by the Discharge of Terrigenous Fine Particles
M. Yoshida, M. Ismail, T. Kimura, N. Motomiya, M. Tsuchiya, H. Yokochi, K. Tahahashi, H. Takahashi, T. Kobayashi

40. Alister – Rapid Environment Assessment AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)
Thierry Copros, Daniel Scourzic

41. Bathyscaphs, a Mediterranean Adventure in Marine Dialogues Between France and Japan
Henri–Germain Delauze, Jean–Claude Cayol, Hubert Jean Ceccaldi

42. Applied High-Temperature Superconductor Bulks and Wires to Rotating Machines for Marine Propulsion
Brice Felder, Motohiro Miki, Yosuke Kimura, Keita Tsuzuki, Ryoma Taguchi, Shiliang Yuan, Yan Xu, Tetsuya Ida, Mitsuru Izumi

43. Oceanographic Real-Time Measurement on Buoyancy Beacon Feedback in the Rhône Delta and Gulf of Fos (France)
Pierre Gaufrès, B. Andres, F. Dufois

44. Analysis of Phosphatase Activity from Aquatic Heterotrophic Bacteria at the Single Cell Level by Flow Cytometry: Example of a Development Achieved in the Regional Flow Cytometry Platform for Microbiology (Precym) Hosted by the Oceanology Center of Marseille
Gérald Grégori, Michel Denis, Solange Duhamel, France Wambeke

45. Shadows by IXSEA: An Example of a Sonar Using the Latest Technologies in Acoustics, Positioning, Informatics, and Web Techniques
Frédéric Jean

46. Relation Between Body Tilt Angle and Tail Beat Acceleration of a Small Fish, Parapristipoma trilineatum (Threeline Grunt), During Mobile and Immobile Periods Measured with a Micro Data Logger
Teruhisa Komatsu, Hideaki Tanoue, Natheer Mohammad, Kyoko Watariguchi, Tarik Osswald, David Hill, Nobuyuki Miyazaki

47. Marine Observation Using a Hybrid Glider
Yann G. Page

48. A New Method to Measure Prokaryote Respiration at the Single Cell Level by Flow Cytometry
Lounis Mebarek, Michel Denis, Gérald Grégori

49. Rapid Enzymatic Method for the Enumeration of Fecal Enterococci in Seawater
Marion Peirache, N. Patel, Y. Martin, J.-L. Bonnefont, S. Mounier

50. Oxygen Distribution Heterogeneity Related to Bioturbation Quantified by Planar Optode Imaging
Laura Pischedda, Jean-Christophe Poggiale, Philippe Cuny, Franck Gilbert

51. Using a New Fluorescent Probe of Silicification to Measure Species-Specific Activities of Diatoms Under Varying Environmental Conditions
Bernard Quéguiner, Karine Leblanc, Véronique Cornet-Barthaux, Leanne Armand, F. Fripiat, D. Cardinal

52. Utilization of a Submersible Ultra-Violet Fluorometer for Monitoring Anthropogenic Inputs in the Mediterranean Coasts
Marc Tedetti, Catherine Guigue, Madeleine Goutx

53. Temporal and Spatial High-Frequency Monitoring of Phytoplankton by Automated Flow Cytometry and Pulse-Shape Analysis
Melilotus Thyssen, Michel Denis

54. Deep Sea Net: An Affordable and Expandable Solution for Deep Sea Sensor Networks
Pierre Valdy

55. Distribution and Long-Term variation of Turbidity in Tokyo Bay
Hisayuki Arakawa, Shizuka Mizuno, Miho Narita, Mitsuhiro Ishii

56. Evaluation of Chemical Contamination in the Western Mediterranean Using Mussel Transplants
Bruno Andral, Jean-François Cadiou, François Galgani, Corinne Tomasino

57. First Biological Data on the Marine Snails Osilinus turbinatus (Gastropoda, Trochidae) of Eastern Coasts of Algeria
Sabrine Boucetta, Farid Derbal, Zitouni Boutiba, M. Hichem Kara

58. Combining Monitoring Networks, Hydrodynamic Modelling and Satellite Data to a Better Understanding of the Trophic Functioning of Coastal Waters in Normandy
Franck Bruchon, L. Nogues, P. Riou, R. Goff, F. Nedelec

59. Impact of Hydrocarbons on Marine Microbial Communities
Christine Cagnon, Magalie Stauffert, Lionel Huang, Cristiana Cravo-Laureau, Marisol S. Goñi Urriza, Sylvain Bordenave, Sandrine Païssé, Pierre Caumette, Robert Duran

60. Chemical Defense of Marine Organisms Against Biofouling Explored with a Bacterial Adhesion Bioassay
Mercedes Camps, Linda Dombrowsky, Yannick Viano, Yves Blache, Jean-François Briand

61. Temporal Evolution of Metals in the Two Most Industrialized and Densely Populated Gulfs of Greece, via Metal Accumulation by Mytilus galloprovincialis

Vassiliki-Angelique Catsiki

62. Clipperton, a Meromictic Lagoon
Loïc Charpy, M. Rodier, G. Sarazin

63. Experimental Characterization of the Oceanic Water Exchanges in a Macro-tidal Lagoon
Cristèle Chevalier, Jean Luc Devenon, Gilles Rougier

64. Modification of the Berre Lagoon Pelagic Ecosystem Since the 1980s
Floriane Delpy, Delphine Thibault-Botha, François Carlotti

65. Length-Weight Relationships and Reproduction of Three Coastal Sparidae (Diplodus cervinus cervinus, Boops boops, and Spondyliosoma cantharus) of the Eastern Coast of Algeria
Farid Derbal, Sarah Madache, Naima Boughamou, Mohamed Hichem Kara

66. Investigating and Assessing of the Quality of Seawater in the Marseille Coastal Zone: An Approach Using Lipid Class Biomarkers
Madeleine Goutx, Marie Duflos, Catherine Guigue, Jonathan Lucien, Marc Tedetti

67. Size Distributions of Low Molecular Weight Dicarboxylic Acids, Ketocarboxylic Acids and α-Dicarbonyls in the Marine Aerosols Collected over Okinawa Island, the Western North Pacific
Manuel Lazaar, Kimitaka Kawamura

68. Dynamics of Two Greenhouse Gases, Methane and Nitrous Oxide, Along the Rhone River Plume (Gulf of Lions, Northwestern Mediterranean Sea)
Danielle Marty, Valérie Michotey, Patricia Bonin

69. Aerobic Metabolism of Vitamin E by Marine Bacteria: Interaction with Free Radical Oxidation (Autoxidation) Processes
Mina Nassiry, Sophie Guasco, Abdelkrim Mouzdahir, Patricia Bonin, Jean-François Rontani

70. The MERMeX Program for the Mediterranean Sea
Richard Sempéré, Xavier Durrieu Madron, Cécile Guieu

71. Hydrocarbon Degradation in Coastal Muddy Areas and Anoxic Ecosystems (DHYVA Project): Role of Bacterial Mechanisms and Bioturbation Effects on the Biodisponibility of Organic Pollutants
Magalie Stauffert, Lionel Huang, Isabelle Vitte, Ronan Jézéquel, Cristiana Cravo-Laureau, Georges Stora, Christophe Pécheyran, Christine Cagnon, Frank Gilbert, Marisol Goñi Urriza, François-Xavier Merlin, David Amouroux, Philippe Cuny, Robert Duran

72. Impact of Red Mud Deposits in the Canyon of Cassidaigne on the Macrobenthos of the Mediterranean Continental Slope
Georges Stora, André Arnoux, Eric Duport, Christian Re, Magali Gérino, Gaston Desrosiers, Frank Gilbert

73. Coastal Seawater Pollutants in the Coral Reef Lagoon of a Small Tropical Island in Development: The Mayotte Example (N Mozambique Channel, SW Indian Ocean)
Bernard A. Thomassin, Fabrice Garcia, Luc Sarrazin, Thèrese Schembri, Emmanuel Wafo, Véronique Lagadec, Véronique Risoul, Julien Wickel

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Climate Change, Physical Geography, Coastal Sciences, Marine & Freshwater Sciences

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