Fahy, Gregory M.

The Future of Aging

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Table of contents

1. Bridges to Life
Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman

2. Analyzing Predictions: An Anthropological View of Anti-Aging Futures
Courtney Everts Mykytyn

3. Towards Naturalistic Transcendence: The Value of Life and Life Extension to Persons as Conative Processes
Steven Horrobin

4. The Ethical Basis for Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells in the Treatment of Aging
L. Stephen Coles

5. Evolutionary Origins of Aging
Joshua Mitteldorf

6. Precedents for the Biological Control of Aging: Experimental Postponement, Prevention, and Reversal of Aging Processes
Gregory M. Fahy

7. An Approach to Extending Human Lifespan Today
Christopher B. Heward

8. Near Term Prospects for Ameliorating Cardiovascular Aging
Roger Yu, Kaveh Navab, Mohamad Navab

9. Near Term Prospects for Broad Spectrum Amelioration of Cancer
Zheng Cui

10. Small Molecule Modulators of Sirtuin Activity
Francisco J. Alcaín, Robin K. Minor, José M. Villalba, Rafael Cabo

11. Evolutionary Nutrigenomics
Michael R. Rose, Anthony D. Long, Laurence D. Mueller, Cristina L. Rizza, Kennedy C. Matsagas, Lee F. Greer, Bryant Villeponteau

12. Biological Effects of Calorie Restriction: Implications for Modification of Human Aging
Stephen R. Spindler

13. Calibrating Notch/TGF-β Signaling for Youthful, Healthy Tissue Maintenance and Repair
Morgan Carlson, Irina M. Conboy

14. Embryonic Stem Cells: Prospects of Regenerative Medicine for the Treatment of Human Aging
Michael D. West

15. Maintenance and Restoration of Immune System Function
Richard Aspinall, Wayne A. Mitchell

16. Mitochondrial Manipulation as a Treatment for Aging
Rafal Smigrodzki, Francisco R. Portell

17. Life Extension by Tissue and Organ Replacement
Anthony Atala

18. Telomeres and the Arithmetic of Human Longevity
Abraham Aviv, John D. Bogden

19. Repairing Extracellular Aging and Glycation
John D. Furber

20. Methuselah’s DNA: Defining Genes That Can Extend Longevity
Robert J. Shmookler Reis, Joan E. McEwen

21. Reversing Age-Related DNA Damage Through Engineered DNA Repair
Clifford J. Steer, Betsy T. Kren

22. WILT: Necessity, Feasibility, Affordability
Aubrey D. N. J. Grey

23. Comprehensive Nanorobotic Control of Human Morbidity and Aging
Robert A. Freitas

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Biotechnology, Nanochemistry, Philosophy of Medicine, Geriatrics/Gerontology

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