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Cultural Studies and Environmentalism

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Table of contents

1. The Need for Confluence: Why a “River” Runs Through It
Deborah J. Tippins, Michael P. Mueller

2. Nurturing Morally Defensible Environmentalism
Michael P. Mueller, Deborah J. Tippins

3. EcoJustice Education for Science Educators
Rebecca A. Martusewicz, John Lupinacci, Gary Schnakenberg

4. Toward Awakening Consciousness: A Response to EcoJustice Education and Science Education
Michael L. Bentley

5. Invoking the Sacred: Reflections on the Implications of EcoJustice for Science Education
Maria S. Rivera Maulucci

6. Local Matters, EcoJustice, and Community
Wolff-Michael Roth

7. Engaging the Environment: Relationships of Demography, EcoJustice, and Science Teacher Education in Response to Wolff-Michael Roth
Kurt Love, Teddie Phillipson Mower, Peter Veronesi

8. Moral–Ethical Character and Science Education: EcoJustice Ethics Through Socioscientific Issues (SSI)
Michael P. Mueller, Dana L. Zeidler

9. What’s Wrong with Genetic Engineering? Ethics, Socioscientific Issues, and Education
Bradley D. Rowe

10. Action-Based Science Instruction: Service-Learning, Stewardship, and Civic Involvement
Jennifer Ponder, Amy Cox-Peterson

11. Developing a Sustainable Agricultural Curriculum in Malawi: Reconciling a Colonial Legacy with Indigenous Knowledge and Practices
George E. Glasson

12. When Elephants Fight, It Is the Grass That Suffers
Norman Thomson

13. Working for Change: Reflections on the Issue of Sustainability and Social Change
Ajay Sharma

14. Questions for Copenhagen: EcoJustice Perspectives and Summary
Deborah J. Tippins, Michael P. Mueller

15. Place-Based (Science) Education: Something Is Happening Here
Michiel Eijck

16. Educating-Within-Place: Care, Citizen Science, and EcoJustice
Doug Karrow, Xavier Fazio

17. Invoking the Ontological Realm of Place: A Dialogic Response
Jennifer D. Adams, Sheliza Ibrahim, Miyoun Lim

18. A Case Study of David, a Native Hawaiian Science Teacher: Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Implications for Teacher Education
Pauline W. U. Chinn, David D. Maika‘i Hana‘ike

19. Deconstructing Chinn and Hana’ike: Pedagogy Through an Indigenous Lens
Suzanne L. Stewart

20. Critical Pedagogy of Place: A Framework for Understanding Relationships Between People in (Contested) Shared Places
Sonya N. Martin

21. River Advocacy: Valuing Complex Systems as the Groundwork for River Relationships
Tina Williams Pagan

22. Bringing the Invisible to Light: Art as Places for Advocacy
Jamie Calkin

23. River Advocacy as a Case of/for Novelizing Discourse in Science Education
Michiel Eijck

24. Implications of Sense of Place and Place-Based Education for Ecological Integrity and Cultural Sustainability in Diverse Places
Steven Semken, Elizabeth Brandt

25. Responding to Place
David B. Zandvliet

26. Envisioning Polysemicity: Generating Insights into the Complexity of Place-Based Research Within Contested Spaces
Christina A. Siry

27. Place-Based Education as a Call from/for Action
Michiel Eijck

28. One Hundred Ways to Use a Coconut
Jennifer D. Adams

29. Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Border Theory and Justice
Lyn Carter, Nicolas Walker

30. Considering the Consequences of Hybridity: Protecting Traditional Ecological Knowledge from Predation
Deborah J. Tippins, June George, Stacey Britton

31. On Critical Thinking, Indigenous Knowledge and Raisins Floating in Soda Water
Christopher Darius Stonebanks

32. Rethinking Models of Collaboration in Critical Pedagogy: A Response to Stonebanks
Cory Buxton, Eugene F. Provenzo

33. “What Is Ours and What Is Not Ours?”: Inclusive Imaginings of Contextualised Mathematics Teacher Education
Bal Chandra Luitel, Peter Charles Taylor

34. Responding to Glocalisation and Foundationalism in Science and Math
Dawn Sutherland, Denise Henning

35. Australian Torres Strait Islander Students Negotiate Learning Secondary School Science in Standard Australian English: A Tentative Case for Also Teaching and Assessing in Creole
Philemon Chigeza, Hilary Whitehouse

36. Are We Creating the Achievement Gap? Examining How Deficit Mentalities Influence Indigenous Science Curriculum Choices
Jennifer Lance Atkinson

37. Indigenous Stories: Knowledge Is Sometimes Where You Least Expect to Find It
Lauren Waukau-Villagomez, Curry S. Malott

38. Ways to a Waterhole
Jennifer D. Adams

39. Ecodemocracy and School Science: How Projects of Confluence Guide the Development of the Ecosociocultural
Michael P. Mueller, Deborah J. Tippins

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, International and Comparative Education

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Cultural Studies of Science Education
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28 pages
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