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Quality Issues in Clinical Genetic Services

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Table of contents

1. Improving Quality and Harmonization of Standards in Clinical Genetic Services in Europe: The EuroGentest Network of Excellence
Jean-Jacques Cassiman

2. The CanGèneTest Pan-Canadian Research Consortium on Genetic Laboratory Services
François Rousseau

3. Regulating Genetic Testing: The Relevance of Appropriate Definitions
Jorge Sequeiros

4. Genetic Diseases as Rare Diseases: A European Policy View
Ségolène Aymé, Mariana Jovanovic, Ioana Caron, Ana Rath

5. European Regulatory Issues Related to Quality in Provision of Genetic Service
Herman Nys

6. The European IVD Directive and Genetic Testing
Stuart Hogarth, David Barton, David Melzer

7. Quality Issues in Genetics Services in the United Kingdom
Peter Farndon

8. The Primary Care Perspective of Quality in Clinical Genetics Service – United Kingdom as an Example
Hilary J. Harris

9. Regulation of Genetic Testing/Service in Canada
Martin J. Somerville, Diane J. Allingham-Hawkins

10. Quality Issues in Clinical Genetic Services in Australia
Sylvia A. Metcalfe, Agnes Bankier

11. Clinical Genetic Testing and Services – The US Perspective
W. Andrew Faucett

12. US Oversight and Regulation of Genetic Testing
Bin Chen, D. Joe Boone

13. Regulatory Issues in Clinical and Laboratory Genetics in Developing Countries; Examples from Latin America
Victor B. Penchaszadeh, Marcos José Burle Aguiar

14. Assuring Quality When Establishing Medical Genetic Services in Middle- and Low-Income Nations
Arnold Christianson, Ron L. Zimmern

15. Clinical Validity and Utility of Genetic Testing in Heritable Disorders
Poupak Javaher, Jörg Schmidtke

16. Clinical Validity and Utility of Genetic Testing in Common Multifactorial Diseases
Michael Krawczak

17. The Quality of Genetic Screening: An Integral Approach
Wybo Dondorp, Guido Wert, Martina C. Cornel

18. The Use of Principles in Allocating Scarce Health Care Resources for Genetic Tests
Wolf Rogowski, Per Carlsson, Ulf Kristoffersson

19. Outcome Measures in Clinical Genetics Services
Marion McAllister

20. Direct to Consumer Testing
Helen Wallace

21. Competency Based Core Curriculum for Training Specialists in Clinical Genetics
Helen M. Kingston

22. Ensuring Education and Quality in the Practice of Health Professionals (Non-medical) Working in Genetic Services
Heather Skirton, Domenico A. Coviello

23. Quality Issues in Clinical Genetic Services: Ethical Aspects
Göran Hermerén

24. Democratic Expert Influence Through Bioethical Advisory Committees? The Case of PGD Legislation in Sweden
Maria Hedlund

25. Quality Issues in Clinical Genetic Services; Regulatory Issues and International Conventions
Dolores Ibarreta, Stuart Hogarth

26. IPR Issues and High Quality Genetic Testing
Geertrui Overwalle

27. Quality Issues in the Evaluation and Regulation of Genetic Testing Services: A Public Health Approach
Caroline F. Wright, Ron L. Zimmern

28. Quality Management Systems and Accreditation
Els. Dequeker

29. External Quality Assessment in Molecular Genetic Testing
Rob Elles, Outi Kämäräinen

30. Quality Issues in Molecular Genetic Testing
Clemens R. Mueller, Robert G. Elles

31. Quality in Cytogenetics
Ros Hastings, Rod Howell

32. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) – Quality Issues in Molecular Cytogenetics
Thomas Liehr

33. Quality Issues in Biochemical Genetic Testing
Brian Fowler

34. Emerging Technologies, Need for Quality Assessment
Egbert Bakker

35. Genetic Counselling in Rare Diseases
Helena Kääriäinen

36. Genetic Counselling for Late-Onset Disorders
Gerry Evers-Kiebooms

37. Genetic Counselling for Common Diseases, Cancer Susceptibility as Paradigm
Shirley V. Hodgson

38. Genetic Counselling in Disorders of Low Penetrance
Christine Patch

39. Patient Perspectives on Genetic Testing
Alastair Kent, Alex McKeown, Celine Lewis

Keywords: Biomedicine, Laboratory Medicine, Medicine/Public Health, general, Human Genetics, Medical Education

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