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Red Algae in the Genomic Age

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Table of contents

1. The Chloroplast Division Machinery: Origin and Evolution
Shin-Ya Miyagishima, Hiromitsu Nakanishi

2. Evolutionary History and Taxonomy of Red Algae
Hwan Su Yoon, Giuseppe C. Zuccarello, Debashish Bhattacharya

3. Invasive and Alien Rhodophyta in the Mediterranean and along the Israeli Shores
Razy Hoffman, Zvy Dubinsky

4. The Extreme Environments of Porphyra, a Fast Growing and Edible Red Marine Macroalga
Alvaro Israel

5. Investigations on Reproductive Affinities in Red Algae
Mitsunobu Kamiya, John A. West

6. Taxonomic Revisions of Freshwater Rhodophyta in Recent Years
Shigeru Kumano

Porphyra: Complex Life Histories in a Harsh Environment: P. umbilicalis, an Intertidal Red Alga for Genomic Analysis
Elisabeth Gantt, G. Mine Berg, Debashish Bhattacharya, Nicolas A. Blouin, Juliet A. Brodie, Cheong Xin Chan, Jonas Collén, Francis X. Cunningham, Jeferson Gross, Arthur R. Grossman, Steven Karpowicz, Yukihiro Kitade, Anita S. Klein, Ira A. Levine, Senjie Lin, Shan Lu, Michael Lynch, Subhash C. Minocha, Kirsten Müller, Christopher D. Neefus, Mariana Cabral Oliveira, Linda Rymarquis, Alison Smith, John W. Stiller, Wen-Kai Wu, Charles Yarish, Yun Zhuang, Susan H. Brawley

8. Utilizing Red Algae to Understand a Neurodegenerative Disease
Matthew S. Gentry, Seema Mattoo, Jack E. Dixon

9. Coordination of Nuclear and Plastid Gene Expression in Red Algae and Green Plants
Mitsumasa Hanaoka, Kan Tanaka

10. Plastid Evolution and the Nuclear Genomic “Footprint” of Red and Green Algal Endosymbionts
Julia F. Hopkins, John M. Archibald

11. Red Microalgae: From Basic Know-How to Biotechnology
Miri Lapidot, Roshan Prakash Shrestha, Yacob Weinstein, Shoshana Arad (Malis)

12. Red Algal Genomics: A Synopsis
Juan M. Lopez-Bautista

13. Bangiophytes: From one Class to Six; Where Do We Go from Here?
Kirsten M. Müller, Michael D. J. Lynch, Robert G. Sheath

14. Genomic Contributions to Understanding the Evolution of Red Algal Plastids and Pigment Biosynthesis
Brett A. Neilan, Shauna Murray, Min Chen

15. How Have Genome Studies Improved Our Understanding of Organelle Evolution and Metabolism in Red Algae?
John A. Raven

16. Computational Gene Prediction in Eukaryotic Genomes
Mario Stanke

17. Developments in Biotechnology of Red Algae
C. R. K. Reddy, Vishal Gupta, Bhavanath Jha

18. Overview on Cyanidian Biology
Joseph Seckbach

19. The Cyanidiales: Ecology, Biodiversity, and Biogeography
Richard W. Castenholz, Timothy R. McDermott

20. Mechanisms of Acido-Tolerance and Characteristics of Photosystems in an Acidophilic and Thermophilic Red Alga, Cyanidium Caldarium

Isao Enami, Hideyuki Adachi, Jian-Ren Shen

21. Redox-Modification of Chloroplast Enzymes in Galdieria Sulphuraria: Trial-and-Error in Evolution or Perfect Adaptation to Extreme Conditions?
Nicolas König, Renate Scheibe

22. The Thermo-Acidophilic Cyanidiophyceae (Cyanidiales)
Valérie Reeb, Debashish Bhattacharya

23. Chilean Cave Cyanidium

Azúa-Bustos Armando, Vicuña Rafael

24. Low Molecular Weight Carbohydrates in Red Algae – an Ecophysiological and Biochemical Perspective
Anja Eggert, Ulf Karsten

25. Red Algal Defenses in the Genomics Age
Florian Weinberger, Philippe Potin

26. Summary, Final Comments and Conclusions
Joseph Seckbach, Alvaro Israel

Keywords: Life Sciences, Life Sciences, general, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Plant Biochemistry

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Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology
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28 pages
Natural Sciences

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