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Protagonists of Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Foreword
Domenico Ribatti

2. Paul Ehrlich’s Doctoral Thesis: A Milestone in the Study of Mast Cells
Domenico Ribatti

3. The Contribution of Gianni Bonadonna to the History of Chemotherapy
Domenico Ribatti

4. Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet and the Clonal Selection Theory of Antibody Formation
Domenico Ribatti

5. The Contribution of Bruce Glick to the Definition of the Role Played by the Bursa of Fabricius in the Development of the B-Cell Lineage
Domenico Ribatti

6. Miller’s Seminal Studies on the Role of Thymus in Immunity
Domenico Ribatti

7. The Fundamental Contribution of Robert A. Good to the Discovery of the Crucial Role of Thymus in Mammalian Immunity
Domenico Ribatti

8. The Fundamental Contribution of Jan C. Waldenström to the Discovery and Study of the So-Called Waldenström Macroglobulinaemia
Domenico Ribatti

9. Foreword
Domenico Ribatti

10. Giulio Bizzozero and the Discovery of Platelets
Domenico Ribatti

11. A milestone in the Study of the Vascular System: Wilhelm Roux’s Doctoral Thesis on the Bifurcation of Blood Vessels
Domenico Ribatti

12. Stephen Paget and the “Seed and Soil” Theory of Metastatic Dissemination
Domenico Ribatti

13. The Contribution of Roberto Montesano to the Study of Interactions Between Epithelial Sheets and the Surrounding Extracellular Matrix
Domenico Ribatti

14. The Seminal Work of Werner Risau in the Study of the Development of the Vascular System
Domenico Ribatti

15. Judah Folkman, A Pioneer in the Study of Angiogenesis
Domenico Ribatti

16. The Contribution of Harold F. Dvorak to the Study of Tumour Angiogenesis and Stroma Generation Mechanisms
Domenico Ribatti

17. Napoleone Ferrara and the Saga of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Domenico Ribatti

18. Pietro M. Gullino and Angiogenesis
Domenico Ribatti

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Oncology, History of Medicine, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Science

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