Ciufolini, Ignazio

General Relativity and John Archibald Wheeler

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to General Relativity and John Archibald Wheeler
Ignazio Ciufolini, Richard Matzner

2. John Wheeler and the Recertification of General Relativity as True Physics
Charles W. Misner

3. John Archibald Wheeler: A Few Highlights of His Contributions to Physics
Kip S. Thorne, Wojciech H. Zurek

4. Wheeler Wormholes and the Modern Astrophysics
Igor D. Novikov, N. S. Kardashev, A. A. Shatskiy

5. Unified Form of the Initial Value Conditions
James W. York

6. The Confrontation Between General Relativity and Experiment
Clifford M. Will

7. Measurements of Space Curvature by Solar Mass
John D. Anderson, Eunice L. Lau

8. Modern Cosmology: Early and Late Universe
Vladimir Nikolaevich Lukash

9. Introduction to Gravitational Waves
Richard Matzner

10. Discovering Relic Gravitational Waves in Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Leonid P. Grishchuk

11. Status of Gravitational Wave Detection
Adalberto Giazotto

12. Search for Gravitational Waves with Resonant Detectors
Guido Pizzella

13. Gravitational Fields with 2-Dimensional Killing Leaves and the Gravitational Interaction of Light
Gaetano Vilasi

14. Rotation and Spin in Physics
Robert F. O’Connell

15. The Gravitomagnetic Influence on Earth-Orbiting Spacecrafts and on the Lunar Orbit
Sergei M. Kopeikin

16. Quasi-inertial Coordinates
Neil Ashby

17. Gravitomagnetism and Its Measurement with Laser Ranging to the LAGEOS Satellites and GRACE Earth Gravity Models
Ignazio Ciufolini, Erricos C. Pavlis, John Ries, Rolf Koenig, Giampiero Sindoni, Antonio Paolozzi, Hans Newmayer

18. The Relativity Mission Gravity Probe B, Testing Einstein’s Universe

19. The LARES Space Experiment: LARES Orbit, Error Analysis and Satellite Structure
Ignazio Ciufolini, Antonio Paolozzi, Erricos Pavlis, John Ries, Rolf Koenig, Richard Matzner, Giampiero Sindoni

20. The History of the So-Called Lense–Thirring Effect, and of Related Effects
Herbert Pfister

21. Atom Interferometers and Optical Clocks: New Quantum Sensors Based on Ultracold Atoms for Gravitational Tests in Earth Laboratories and in Space
Guglielmo M. Tino

22. The York Map and the Role of Non-inertial Frames in the Geometrical View of the Gravitational Field
Luca Lusanna

Keywords: Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Astrophysics and Astroparticles, Cosmology

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Astrophysics and Space Science Library
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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