Bretelle-Establet, Florence

Looking at it from Asia: the Processes that Shaped the Sources of History of Science

Bretelle-Establet, Florence - Looking at it from Asia: the Processes that Shaped the Sources of History of  Science, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Formation and Administration of the Collections of Literary and Scholarly Tablets in First Millennium Babylonia
Philippe Clancier

2. The Textual Form of Knowledge: Occult Miscellanies in Ancient and Medieval Chinese Manuscripts, Fourth Century B.C. to Tenth Century A.D.
Donald Harper

3. Sanskrit Scientific Libraries and Their Uses: Examples and Problems of the Early Modern Period
Christopher Minkowski

4. The French Jesuit Manuscripts on Indian Astronomy: The Narratology and Mystery Surrounding a Late Seventeenth – Early Eighteenth Century Project
Dhruv Raina

5. Scientific Texts in Contest, 1600–1800
Chu Pingyi

6. A Chinese Canon in Mathematics and Its Two Layers of Commentaries: Reading a Collection of Texts as Shaped by Actors
Karine Chemla

7. On Sanskrit Commentaries Dealing with Mathematics (Fifth–Twelfth Century)
Agathe Keller

8. Mesopotamian Metrological Lists And Tables:Forgotten Sources
Christine Proust

9. What Shaped Our Corpuses of Astral and Mathematical Cuneiform Texts?
David Brown

10. Knowledge and Practice of Mathematics in Late Ming Daily life Encyclopedias
Andrea Bréard

11. Is the Lower Yangzi River Region the Only Seat of Medical Knowledge in Late Imperial China? A Glance at the Far South Region and at Its Medical Documents
Florence Bretelle-Establet

12. Imperial Science Written in Manchu in Early Qing China: Does It Matter?
Catherine Jami

13. Sinification as Limitation: Minh Mạng’s Prohibition on Use of Nôm and the Resulting Marginalization of Nôm Medical Texts
C. Michele Thompson

Keywords: Science, general, History of Science, History, Cultural Heritage, Library Science

Publication year
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science
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46 pages
Natural Sciences
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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