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Advanced Techniques in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Bridging Calculus and Statistics: Null - Hypotheses Underlain by Functional Equations
Alexander Vaninsky

2. Application of Indirect Field Oriented Control with Optimum Flux for Induction Machines Drives
S. Grouni, R. Ibtiouen, M. Kidouche, O. Touhami

3. Urban Cluster Layout Based on Voronoi Diagram
Zheng Xinqi, Wang Shuqing, Fu Meichen, Zhao Lu, Yang Shujia

4. A Reconfigurable Design and Architecture of the Ethernet and HomePNA3.0 MAC
M. KhalilyDermany, M. HosseinGhadiry

5. Automatic Translation of a Process Level Petri-Net to a Ladder Diagram
Yuval Cohen*, Ming-En Wang, Bopaya Bidanda

6. Software Quality Perception
Radoslaw Hofman

7. An Offline Fuzzy Based Approach for Iris Recognition with Enhanced Feature Detection
S.R. Kodituwakku, M.I.M. Fazeen

8. A Logic for Qualified Syllogisms
Daniel G. Schwartz

9. Improved Induction Tree Training for Automatic Lexical Categorization
M.D. López De Luise, M. Soffer, F. Spelanzon

10. Comparisons and Analysis of DCT-based Image Watermarking Algorithms
Ihab Amer, Pierre Hishmat, Wael Badawy, Graham Jullien

11. A Tool for Robustness Evaluation of Image Watermarking Algorithms
Ihab Amer, Tarek Sheha, Wael Badawy, Graham Jullien

12. Implementation of Efficient seamless non-broadcast Routing algorithm for Wireless Mesh Network
Ghassan Kbar, Wathiq Mansoor

13. Investigations into Implementation of an Iterative Feedback Tuning Algorithm into Microcontroller
Grayson Himunzowa

14. Comparative Study of Distance Functions for Nearest Neighbors
Janett Walters-Williams, Yan Li

15. Determination of the geometrical dimensions of the helical gears with addendum modifications based on the specific sliding equalization model
Antal Tiberiu Alexandru, Antal Adalbert

16. Is Manual Data Collection Hampered by the Presence of Inner Classes or Class Size?
Steve Counsell, George Loizou, Rajaa Najjar

17. An Empirical Study of “Removed” Classes in Java Open-Source Systems
Asma Mubarak, Steve Counsell, Robert M. Hierons

18. Aspect Modification of an EAR Application a

Ilona Bluemke, Konrad Billewicz

19. A Model of Organizational Politics Impact on Information Systems Success
Ismail M. Romi, Ibrahim A. Awad, Manal Elkordy

20. An Efficient Randomized Algorithm for Real-Time Process Scheduling in PicOS Operating System
Tarek Helmy*, Anifowose Fatai, El-Sayed Sallam

21. Managing in the Virtual World: How Second Life is Rewriting the Rules of “Real Life” Business
David C. Wyld

22. Unified Multimodal Search Framework for Multimedia Information Retrieval
Umer Rashid, Iftikhar Azim Niaz, Muhammad Afzal Bhatti

23. Informational analysis involving application of complex information system
Clébia Ciupak, Adolfo Alberto Vanti, Antonio José Balloni, Rafael Espin

24. Creation of a 3D Robot Model and its Integration to a Microsoft Robotics Studio Simulation
M. Alejandra Menéndez O., D. Sosa G., M. Arias E., A. Espinosa M., J.E. Lara R.

25. A Proposed Framework for Collaborative Design in a Virtual Environment
Jason S. Breland, Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin

26. System Development by Process Integrated Knowledge Management
Margareth Stoll, Dietmar Laner

27. An Application of Lunar GIS with Visualized and Auditory Japan’s Lunar Explorer “Kaguya” Data
Shin-ichi Sobue, Hiroshi Araki, Seiichi Tazawa, Hirotomo Noda, Izumi Kamiya, Aya Yamamoto, Takeo Fujita, Ichiro Higashiizumi, Hayato Okumura

28. From Constraints to Resolution Rules Part I : conceptual framework
Denis Berthier

29. From Constraints to Resolution Rules Part II : chains, braids, confluence and T&E
Denis Berthier

30. Platform Independent Unit Tests Generator
Šarūnas Packevičius, Andrej Ušaniov, Eduardas Bareiša

31. Fuzzy Document Clustering Approach using WordNet Lexical Categories
Tarek F. Gharib, Mohammed M. Fouad, Mostafa M. Aref

32. The Study on the Penalty Function of the Insurance Company When the Stock Price Follows Exponential Lévy Process
Zhao Wu, Wang Ding-cheng, Zeng Yong

33. Studies on SEE Characteristic and Hardening Techniques of CMOS SRAM with Sub-micro Feature Sizes
He Xing-hua, Zhang Cong, Zhang Yong-liang, Lu Huan-zhang

34. Automating The Work at The Skin and Allergy Private Clinic : A Case Study on Using an Imaging Database to Manage Patients Records
Mohammad AbdulRahman ALGhalayini

35. Automating The Work at KSU Scientific Council : A Case Study on Using an Imaging Database to Manage the Weekly Scientific Council Meetings
Mohammad AbdulRahman ALGhalayini

36. Automating The Work at KSU Rector’s Office : A Case Study on Using an Imaging Database System to Manage and Follow-up Incoming / Outgoing Documents
Mohammad A. ALGhalayini

37. Using Clinical Decision Support Software in Health Insurance Company
R. Konovalov, Deniss Kumlander

38. A new Artificial Vision Method for Bad Atmospheric Conditions
M. Curilă, S. Curilă, O. Novac, Mihaela Novac

39. Aspect-Oriented Approach to Operating System Development Empirical Study
Jaakko Kuusela, Harri Tuominen

40. Study and Analysis of the Internet Protocol Security and Its Impact on Interactive Communications
Arshi Khan, Seema Ansari

41. Investigating Software Requirements Through Developed Questionnaires To Satisfy The Desired Quality Systems (Security Attribute Example)
Sherif M. Tawfik, Marwa M. Abd-Elghany

42. Learning Java with Sun SPOTs
Craig Caulfield, S. Paul Maj, David Veal

43. Semi- and Fully Self-Organised Teams
Deniss Kumlander

44. Stochastic Network Planning Method
Zs. T. Kosztyán, J. Kiss

45. Web-based Service Portal in Healthcare
Petr Silhavy, Radek Silhavy, Zdenka Prokopova

46. Decomposition of Head-Related Transfer Functions into Multiple Damped and Delayed Sinusoidals
Kenneth John Faller, Armando Barreto, Malek Adjouadi

47. Voiced/Unvoiced Decision for Speech Signals Based on Zero-Crossing Rate and Energy
R.G. Bachu, S. Kopparthi, B. Adapa, B.D. Barkana

48. A Survey of Using Model-Based Testing to Improve Quality Attributes in Distributed Systems
Ahmad Saifan, Juergen Dingel

49. Contributions in Mineral Floatation Modeling and Simulation
B. L. Samoila, M. D. Marcu

50. Selecting the Optimal Recovery Path in Backup Systems
V.G. Kazakov, S.A. Fedosin

51. Telemedicine Platform Enhanced visiophony solution to operate a Robot-Companion
Th. Simonnet, A. Couet, P. Ezvan, O. Givernaud, P. Hillereau

52. Some Practical Payments Clearance Algorithms
Deniss Kumlander

53. Using LSI and its variants in Text Classification
Shalini Batra, Seema Bawa

54. On Optimization of Coefficient-Sensitivity and State-Structure for Two Dimensional (2-D) Digital Systems
Guoliang Zeng

55. Encapsulating connections on SoC designs using ASM++ charts
Santiago Pablo, Luis C. Herrero, Fernando Martínez, Alexis B. Rey

56. Performance Effects of Concurrent Virtual Machine Execution in VMware Workstation 6
Richard J. Barnett, Barry Irwin

57. Towards Enterprise Integration Performance Assessment based on Category Theory
Victoria Mikhnovsky, Olga Ormandjieva

58. Some aspects of bucket wheel excavators driving using PWM converter – asynchronous motor
Marcu Marius Daniel, Orban Maria Daniela

59. Health Information Systems Implementation: Review of change management issues
Paulo Teixeira

60. Cache Memory Energy Exploitation in VLIW Architectures
N. Mohamed, N. Botros, M. Alweh

61. A Comparison of LBG and ADPCM Speech Compression Techniques
Rajesh G. Bachu, Jignasa Patel, Buket D. Barkana

62. LCM: A new approach to parse XML documents through loose coupling between XML document design and the corresponding application code
Vaddadi P. Chandu

63. A Framework to Analyze Software Analysis Techniques
Joseph T. Catanio

64. Economic Path Scheduling for Mobile Agent System on Computer Network
E. A. Olajubu

65. A Database-Based and Web-Based Meta-CASE System
Erki Eessaar, Rünno Sgirka

66. On Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Deadlock Detection
Youming Li, Ardian Greca, James Harris

67. Analysis of Ten Reverse Engineering Tools
Jussi Koskinen, Tero Lehmonen

68. The GeneSEZ approach to model-driven software development
Tobias Haubold, Georg Beier, Wolfgang Golubski, Nico Herbig

69. JADE: A Graphical Tool for Fast Development of Imaging Applications
J. A. Chávez-Aragón, L. Flores-Pulido, E. A. Portilla-Flores, O. Starostenko, G. Rodríguez-Gómez

70. A View on Power Efficiency of Multimedia Mobile Applications
Marius Marcu, Dacian Tudor, Sebastian Fuicu

71. Trinary Encoder, Decoder, Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Using Savart Plate and Spatial Light Modulator
Amal K Ghosh, Souradip Singha Roy, Sudipta Mandal, Amitabha Basuray

72. Regional Competitiveness Information System as a Result of Information Generation and Knowledge Engineering
Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Viktorija Stasytyte

73. A Case Study on Using A Knowledge Management Portal For Academic Departments Chairmen
Mohammad A. ALHarthi, Mohammad A. ALGhalayini

74. Configurable Signal Generator Implemented on Tricore Microcontrollers
M. Popa, I. Silea, M. Banea

75. Mathematic Model of Digital Control System with PID Regulator and Regular Step of Quantization with Information Transfer via the Channel of Plural Access
G.V. Abramov, A.E. Emeljanov, A.L. Ivashin

76. Autonomic Printing Infrastructure for the Enterprise
Riddhiman Ghosh, Andre Rodrigues, Keith Moore, Ricardo Pianta, Mohamed Dekhil

77. Investigating the Effects of Trees and Butterfly Barriers on the Performance of Optimistic GVT Algorithm
Abdelrahman Elleithy, Syed S. Rizvi, Khaled M. Elleithy

78. Implementation of Tree and Butterfly Barriers with Optimistic Time Management Algorithms for Discrete Event Simulation
Syed S. Rizvi, Dipali Shah, Aasia Riasat

79. Improving Performance in Constructing specific Web Directory using Focused Crawler: An Experiment on Botany Domain
Madjid Khalilian, Farsad Zamani Boroujeni, Norwati Mustapha

80. “Security Theater” in the Pediatric Wing: The Case for RFID Protection for Infants in Hospitals
David C. Wyld

81. Creating a Bootable CD with Custom Boot Options that contains Multiple Distributions
James D. Feher, Kumud Bhandari, Benjamin York

82. Architecture of COOPTO Remote Voting Solution
Radek Silhavy, Petr Silhavy, Zdenka Prokopova

83. A Framework for Developing Applications Based on SOA in Mobile Environment with Security Services
Johnneth Sene Fonseca, Zair Abdelouahab

84. Towards a New Paradigm of Software Development: an Ambassador Driven Process in Distributed Software Companies
Deniss Kumlander

85. An Equivalence Theorem for the Specification of Asynchronous Communication Systems (SACS) and Asynchronous Message Passing System (AMPS)
A.V.S. Rajan, A.S. Bavan, G. Abeysinghe

86. A Framework for Decision Support Systems Based on Zachman Framework
S. Shervin Ostadzadeh, Jafar Habibi, S. Arash Ostadzadeh

87. In – line determination of heat transfer coefficients in a plate heat exchanger
S. Silva Sotelo, R. J. Romero Domínguez

88. Model Based Control Design Using SLPS “Simulink PSpice Interface”
Saeid Moslehpour, Ercan K. Kulcu, Hisham Alnajjar

89. Design of RISC Processor Using VHDL and Cadence
Saeid Moslehpour, Chandrasekhar Puliroju, Akram Abu-aisheh

90. The Impact of Building Information Modeling on the Architectural Design Process
P. F. Moreira, Neander F. Silva, Ecilamar M. Lima

91. An OpenGL-based Interface to 3D PowerPoint-like Presentations of OpenGL Projects
Serguei A. Mokhov, Miao Song

92. Aspects Regarding the Implementation of Hsiao Code to the Cache Level of a Memory Hierarchy with Fpga Xilinx Circuits
O. Novac, St. Vari-Kakas, F.I. Hathazi, M. Curila, S. Curila

93. Distributed Environment Integrating Tools for Software Testing
Anna Derezińska, Krzysztof Sarba

94. Epistemic Analysis of Interrogative Domains using Cuboids
Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes

95. Dynamical Adaptation in Terrorist Cells/Networks
D. M. Akbar Hussain, Zaki Ahmed

96. Three-dimensional Computer Modeling and Architectural Design Process – A Comparison Study
Miguel C. Ramirez, Neander F. Silva, Ecilamar M. Lima

97. Using Decision Structures for Policy Analysis in Software Product-line Evolution – A Case Study
Nita Sarang, Mukund A Sanglikar

98. Fusion of Multimedia Document Intra-Modality Relevancies using Linear Combination Model
Umer Rashid, Iftikhar Azim Niaz, Muhammad Afzal Bhatti

99. An Interval-based Method for Text Clustering
Hanh Pham

100. A GVT Based Algorithm for Butterfly Barrier in Parallel and Distributed Systems
Syed S. Rizvi, Shalini Potham, Khaled M. Elleithy

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer System Implementation, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

Publication year
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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