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Innovations and Advances in Computer Sciences and Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Possibilities of Computer Simulation in Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering
Lucie Nohacova, Karel Nohac

2. Mining Time Pattern Association Rules in Temporal Database
Nguyen Dinh Thuan

3. Domain-Based Intelligent Tutoring System
Dawod Kseibat, Ali Mansour, Osei Adjei

4. I Know What You Did This Summer - Users´ Behavior on Internet
Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, Fawzi Abdulkhaliq Alghamdi, Amina Tariq, Talal Naveed Puri

5. Relative Ranking – A Biased Rating
Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usman, Fawzi Abdulkhaliq Alghamdi, Amina Tariq, Talal Naveed Puri

6. Resource Redundancy – A Staffing Factor using SFIA
C. Nuangjamnong, S. P. Maj, D. Veal

7. Integrating Text Mining and Genetic Algorithm for Subject Selection
Y.C. Phung, S. Phon-Amnuaisuk, R. Komiya

8. “Design, Development & Implementation of E-Learning Tools”
Bagale G. S., Naik Sawankumar, Deshmukh A. J., Patil R. Y.

9. Search for equilibrium state flight
Jaroslav Tupy, Ivan Zelinka

10. Evaluating acceptance of OSS-ERP based on user perceptions
Salvador Bueno, M. Dolores Gallego

11. Enhanced Progressive Vector Data Transmission For Mobile Geographic Information Systems (MGIS)
Ahmed Abdel Hamid, Mahmoud Ahmed, Yehia Helmy

12. Mining Inter-transaction Data Dependencies for Database Intrusion Detection*
Yi Hu, Brajendra Panda

13. Energy-Security Adaptation Scheme of Block Cipher Mode of Operations
Amit K. Beeputh, M. Razvi Doomun, Padaruth Dookee

14. Treating measurement uncertainty in complete conformity control system
Zs. T. KosztyÁN, T. Csizmadia, Cs. HegedŰS, Z. KovÁCs

15. Software Process Improvement Models Implementation in Malaysia
Shukor Sanim M. Fauzi, Nuraminah R., M. Hairul Nizam M. Nasir

16. Neural Network and Social Network to enhance the customer loyalty process
Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro, Markus Helfert

17. Using B-trees to Implement Water: a Portable,High Performance, High-Level Language
A. Jaffer, M. Plusch, R. Nilsson

18. Voice Based Self Help System: User Experience Vs Accuracy
Sunil Kumar Kopparapu

19. Using GIS to produce Vulnerability Maps of Non-Gauged Watersheds area
Amal Ahmed Abd-Ellatif Yousef

20. Arabic Character Recognition Using Gabor Filters
Hamdi A. Al-Jamimi, Sabri A. Mahmoud

21. Entropy, Autocorrelation and Fourier analysis of HIV-1 Genome
Sushil Chandra, Ahsan Zaigam Rizvi

22. Contextual Data Rule Generation For Autonomous Vehicle Control
Kevin McCarty, Milos Manic, Sergiu-Dan Stan

23. A New Perspective in Scientific Software Development
Atif Farid Mohammad

24. Supply Chain Requirements Engineering: A Simulated Reality Check
Atif Farid Mohammad, Dustin E.R. Freeman

25. A Path from a Legacy System to GUI System
Atif Farid Mohammad

26. Features Based Approach to Identify the P2P File Sharing
Jian-Bo Chen

27. Evaluating the Performance of 3D Face Reconstruction Algorithms
Andreas Lanitis, Georgios Stylianou

28. Multi Dimensional and Flexible Model for Databases
Morteza Sargolzaei Javan, Farahnaz Mohanna, Sepide Aghajani

29. Secondary Emotions Deduction from Context
Kuderna-Iulian Benţa, Marcel Cremene, Nicoleta Ramona Gibă, Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio, Anca Rarău

30. Empowering Traditional Mentoring Matching Mechanism Selection Using Agent-Based System
Ahmad Sofian Shminan, Iskandar Sarkawi, Mohd Kamal Othman, Mardhiah Hayati Rahim

31. A Method of Evaluating Authentication Mechanisms
Liang Xia, Yongjian Yang, Yong Wang

32. ASTRA: An Awareness Connectivity Platform for Designing Pervasive Awareness Applications
Ioannis Calemis, Achilles Kameas, Christos Goumopoulos, Erik Berg

33. Extending OWL-S to nested services: an application to optimum wireless network planning
Alessandra Esposito, Luciano Tarricone, Laura Vallone

34. A Formal Technique for Reducing Software Testing Time Complexity
Mirza Mahmood Baig, Ansar Ahmad Khan

35. A Multi-Agent Role-Based System for Business Intelligence
Tamer F. Mabrouk, Mohamed M. El-Sherbiny, Shawkat K. Guirguis, Ayman Y. Shawky

36. LERUS: A User Interface Specification Language
Fernando Alonso, José L. Fuertes, Ángel L. González, Loïc Martínez

37. Mitral Valve Models Reconstructor: a Python based GUI software in a HPC environment for patient-specific FEM structural analysis
A. Arnoldi, A. Invernizzi, R. Ponzini, E. Votta, E.G. Caiani, A. Redaelli

38. An Intelligible Representation Method For Software Reusable Components
S.S.V.N. Sharma, P. Shirisha

39. Creating Personally Identifiable Honeytokens
Jonathan White

40. The role of user experience on FOSS acceptance
M. Dolores Gallego, Salvador Bueno

41. Using Spectral Fractal Dimension in Image Classification
J. Berke

42. A Novel Method to Compute English Verbs’ Metaphor Making Potential in SUMO
Zili Chen, Jonathan J Webster, Ian C Chow

43. A Numerical Construction Algorithm of Nash and Stackelberg Solution for Two-person Non-zero Sum Linear Positional Differential Games*
Anatolii F. Kleimenov, Sergei I. Osipov, Dmitry R. Kuvshinov

44. Computer Simulation of Differential Digital Holography
Krešimir Nenadić, Marina Pešut, Franjo Jović, Ninoslav Slavek

45. Evaluation of Case Based Reasoning for Clinical Decision Support Systems applied to Acute Meningitis Diagnose
Cecilia Maurente, Ernesto Ocampo Edye, Silvia Herrera Delgado, Daniel Rodriguez García

46. Information Systems via Epistemic States
Alexei Y. Muravitsky

47. Practical Application of Performance Models to Predict the Productivity of Projects
Carla Ilane Moreira Bezerra, Ciro Carneiro Coelho, Carlo Giovano S. Pires, Adriano Bessa Albuquerque

48. An Approach to Evaluate and Improve the Organizational Processes Assets: the First Experience of Use
Adriano Bessa Albuquerque, Ana Regina Rocha

49. A Multiple Criteria Approach to Analysis and Resolution of the Causes of Problems on Software Organizations
Francisca Márcia G.S. Gonçalves, Adriano Bessa Albuquerque, Daniele Oliveira Farias, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro

50. A Secure Software Development Supported by Knowledge Management
Francisco José Barreto Nunes, Adriano Bessa Albuquerque

51. Mobile Application for Healthcare System - Location Based
Sarin Kizhakkepurayil, Oh Jeon-Yeoul, Young Lee

52. A General Framework for Testing Web-Based Applications
Saeid Abrishami, Mohsen Kahani

53. Integrated Reverse Engineering Process Model
Ghulam Rasool, Ilka Philippow

54. Achieving Consistency and Reusability in Presentation Layer Design using Formal Methods and Design Patterns
Faheem Sohail, Farooq Zubairi, Nabeel Sabir, Nazir Ahmad Zafar

55. First Level Text Prediction using Data Mining and Letter Matching in IEEE 802.11 Mobile Devices
B. Issac

56. Visualization of Large Software Projects by using Advanced Techniques
Juan Garcia, Roberto Theron, Francisco Garcia

57. A multi level priority clustering GA based approach for solving heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem (PCGVRP)
M. Mehdi S. Haghighi, M. Hadi Zahedi, Mehdi Ghazizadeh

58. BWN - A Software Platform for Developing Bengali WordNet
Farhana Faruqe, Mumit Khan

59. Robust Learning Algorithm for Networks of Neuro-Fuzzy Units
Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Sergiy Popov, Mykola Titov

60. An Experience of Use of an Approach to Construct Measurement Repositories in Software Organizations
Solange Alcântara Araújo, Adriano Bessa Albuquerque, Arnaldo Dias Belchior, Nabor Chagas Mendonça

61. A Visualization-based Intelligent Decision Support System Conceptual Model
Hawaf Abdalhakim, Mohamed Abdelfattah

62. Analysis of selected component technologies efficiency for parallel and distributed seismic wave field modeling
A. Kowal, A. Piórkowski, T. Danek, A. Pięta

63. Modified Locally Linear Embedding based on Neighborhood Radius
Yaohui Bai

64. A Digital Forensics Primer
Gavin W. Manes*

65. Semantic Enrichment: The First Phase of Relational Database Migration
M. Abdelsalam Maatuk, Akhtar Ali, Nick Rossiter

66. The Impact of the Prototype Selection on a Multicriteria Decision Aid Classification Algorithm
Amaury Brasil, Plácido R. Pinheiro, André L.V. Coelho

67. Information Handling in Security Solution Decisions
Md. Abdul Based

68. Identifying Connected Classes for Software Reuse and Maintenance
Young Lee, Jeong Yang, Kai H. Chang

69. Usability Design Recommendations: A First Advance
Marianella Aveledo, Agustín Rosa, Ana M. Moreno

70. The Status Quo of 3G Application in China
Naipeng Ding, Cui Wang, Guangming Jia

71. A new approach for critical resources allocation
Facundo E. Cancelo, Pablo Cababie, Daniela López Luise, Gabriel Barrera

72. Numerical-Analytic Model of Multi-Class, Multi-Server Queue with Nonpreemptive Priorities
Mindaugas Snipas, Eimutis Valakevicius

73. Project Prioritization as a Key Element in IT Strategic Demand Management
Igor Aguilar Alonso, José Carrillo Verdún, Edmundo Tovar Caro

74. Greylisting method analysis in real SMTP server environment – Case-study
Tomas Sochor

75. Using Formal Methods in Component Based Software Development
Sajad Shirali-Shahreza, Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza

76. Costs and Benefits in Knowledge Management in Czech Enterprises
P. Maresova, M. Hedvicakova

77. Ontology-based representation of activity spheres in ubiquitous computing spaces
Lambrini Seremeti, Achilles Kameas

78. Image Decomposition on the basis of an Inverse Pyramid with 3-layer Neural Networks
Valeriy Cherkashyn, Roumen Kountchev, Dong-Chen He

79. Testing Grammars For Top-Down Parsers
A.M. Paracha, F. Franek

80. Accessing Web Based Multimedia Contents for the Visually Challenged: Combined Tree Structure and XML Metadata
Victoria Christy Sathya Rajasekar, Young Lee, Barbara Schreur

81. M-Business and Organizational behavior
Olaf Thiele

82. A Policy-based Framework for QoS Management in Service Oriented Environments
Elarbi Badidi, M. Adel Serhani, Larbi Esmahi

83. An Attacks Ontology for computer and networks attack
F. Abdoli, N. Meibody, R. Bazoubandi

84. Information Quality and Accessibility
Owen Foley, Markus Helfert

85. Engineering Autonomous Trust-Management Requirements for Software Agents: Requirements and Concepts
Sven Kaffille, Guido Wirtz

86. Evaluation of Semantic Actions in Predictive Non-Recursive Parsing
José L. Fuertes, Aurora Pérez

87. Pair Hidden Markov Model for Named Entity Matching
Peter Nabende, Jörg Tiedemann, John Nerbonne

88. Escaping Death – Geometrical Recommendations for High Value Targets
Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, Eyosias Yoseph Imana, Daniel Kirk

89. Sentiment Mining Using Ensemble Classification Models
Matthew Whitehead, Larry Yaeger

90. Parallelization of Finite Element Navier-Stokes codes using MUMPS Solver
Mandhapati P. Raju

91. Shapely Functions and Data Structure Preserving Computations
Thomas Nitsche

92. IraqComm and FlexTrans: A Speech Translation System and Flexible Framework
Michael W. Frandsen, Susanne Z. Riehemann, Kristin Precoda

93. Development of Ubiquitous Median Strip Total System in the Road
Byung-wan Jo, Jung-hoon Park, Kwang-won Yoon, Heoun Kim, Ji-Sun Choi

94. An LOD Control Interface for an OpenGL-based Softbody Simulation Framework
Miao Song, Peter Grogono

95. Laboratory performance test of overload vehicles regu-lation system on Ubiquitous road
Byung-wan Jo, Kwang-won Yoon, Seok-won Kang, Jung-hoon Park, Heoun Kim

96. Design of bridge health monitoring system on Wireless Sensor Network
Byung-wan Jo, Heoun Kim, Jung-hoon Park, Kwang-won Yoon, Seok-won Kang, Seong-hee Han

97. Totally Sender- And File-Order Recovery Technique For Reliable Multicasting Solutions Using Heartbeat
Chin Teck Min, Lim Tong Ming

98. Anonymity Leakage Reduction in Network Latency
Longy O. Anyanwu, Jared Keengwe, Gladys Arome

99. Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration for Collective Knowledge and Intelligence Applications
R. William Maule, Shelley P. Gallup

100. Knowledge Engineering Experimentation Management System for Collaboration
R. William Maule, Shelley P. Gallup, Jack J. Jensen

101. Building Information Modeling and Interoperability with Environmental Simulation Systems
Paola C. Ferrari, Neander F. Silva, Ecilamar M. Lima

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Computer Hardware, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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