Negenborn, Rudy R.

Intelligent Infrastructures

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Table of contents

1. Intelligence in Transportation Infrastructures via Model-Based Predictive Control
R. R. Negenborn, H. Hellendoorn

2. Model Factory for Socio-Technical Infrastructure Systems
K. H. Dam, Z. Lukszo

3. Prevention of Emergency Voltage Collapses in Electric Power Networks using Hybrid Predictive Control
S. Leirens, R. R. Negenborn

4. Module-Based Modeling and Stabilization of Electricity Infrastructure
L. Xie, M. D. Ilić

5. Price-based Control of Electrical Power Systems
A. Jokić, M. Lazar, P. P. J. Bosch

6. Survivability and Reciprocal Altruism: Two Strategies for Intelligent Infrastructure with Applications to Power Grids
P. Hines

7. Multi-agent Coordination for Market Environments
R. Duan, G. Deconinck

8. Intelligence in Electricity Networks for Embedding Renewables and Distributed Generation
J. K. Kok, M. J. J. Scheepers, I. G. Kamphuis

9. Social and Cyber Factors Interacting over the Infrastructures: A MAS Framework for Security Analysis
E. Bompard, R. Napoli, F. Xue

10. Distributed Predictive Control for Energy Hub Coordination in Coupled Electricity and Gas Networks
M. Arnold, R. R. Negenborn, G. Andersson, B. Schutter

11. Model-based Control of Intelligent Traffic Networks
B. Schutter, H. Hellendoorn, A. Hegyi, M. Berg, S. K. Zegeye

12. Intelligent Road Network Control
J. L. M. Vrancken, M. dos Santos Soares

13. An Integrated Dynamic Road Network Design Approach with Stochastic Networks
H. Li, M. C. J. Bliemer, P. H. L. Bovy

14. Dealing with Uncertainty in Operational Transport Planning
J. Zutt, A. Gemund, M. Weerdt, C. Witteveen

15. Railway Dynamic Traffic Management in Complex and Densely Used Networks
F. Corman, A. D’Ariano, D. Pacciarelli, M. Pranzo

16. Flood Regulation by Means of Model Predictive Control
T. Barjas Blanco, P. Willems, P-K. Chiang, K. Cauwenberghs, B. Moor, J. Berlamont

17. Predictive Control for National Water Flow Optimization in The Netherlands
P. J. Overloop, R. R. Negenborn, B. De Schutter, N. C. Giesen

18. Decentralized Model Predictive Control for a Cascade of River Power Plants
A. Şahin, M. Morari

19. Enhancing the Reliability and Security of Urban Water Infrastructures through Intelligent Monitoring, Assessment, and Optimization
W. Wu, J. Gao

20. Long-term Sustainable Use of Water in Infrastructure Design
R. Brugge, J. Eijndhoven

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Systems Theory, Control, Simulation and Modeling, Models and Principles, Organization/Planning

Publication year
Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering
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31 pages

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