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Table of contents

1. Challenges for Mechanism Design
Marco Ceccarelli

2. Mechatronics and Mechanisms: From Drive to Process
B. Corves

3. Comparative Study of Two Index Two Methods Applied to Original ADAMS Computer Program
N. Orlandea

4. Structural Synthesis of the Planar Cam-Linkage Mechanisms as Multibody Systems
Ion Vişa

5. Helical Gear Dimensions in the Case of the Minimal Equalized Specific Sliding
A. T. Antal, A. Antal

6. Mathematical Model for Two Degree of Freedom Motion
I. Ardelean

7. Design and Simulation of Kursk Robot for In-Pipe Inspection
G. Carbone, A. Malchikov, M. Ceccarelli, S. Jatsun

8. Conceptual Design of an Omni-directional Mobile Robot
I. Doroftei

9. Structural Design of the Fundamental Plane Kinematic Chains
B. Grecu, G. Adîr, V. Adîr, V. G. Adîr

10. Structural Design of the Plane Mechanisms with Linkages and Gears
B. Grecu, G. Adir, A. Adir, V. Adîr

11. Design of LegVan Wheel-Legged Robot’s Mechanical and Control System
A. Gronowicz, J. Szrek

12. Mathematical and Virtual Modelling of a Spur Gear
G. Haraga

13. Conceptual Synthesis of Speed Increasers for Renewable Energy Systems
C. Jaliu, D. Diaconescu, M. Neagoe, R. Săulescu, M. Vatasescu

14. Mobile Minirobots Structures
O. Tătar, D. Mândru, A. Aluţei

15. Synthesis of Linkages for Tracking Systems with Increased Angular Stroke
I. Vişa, D. Diaconescu, V. Popa, B. Burduhos

16. Upon Applying Closed Contours Method in Plane Mechanisms with Higher Pairs
S. Alaci, F. C. Ciornei, D. Amarandei, D. A. Cerlincă

17. Correlating Requirements Regarding the Command and the Mechanical Structure of the Automotive Steering System
P. Alexandru, C. Alexandru

18. Optimal Design of a Low-Mobility Schönflies Parallel Manipulator
O. Altuzarra, B. Sandru, C. Pinto, O. Salgado

19. Dynamic Transmission Error Prediction of Spur Gear Pairs with Friction Consideration
V. Atanasiu, D. Leohchi, C. Rozmarin

20. Designing Aspects of Differential Transmission with Balls
M. Bara, E. Teutan, S. Stan

21. Meshing Forces Distribution Analysis on Gearing Teeth with Precession Movement
A. Bruja, M. Dima, C. Francu

22. Basic Aspects Concerning Development of the Hybrid Road and Driving Simulator
A. Capustiac, C. Brisan

23. On Link Effects of Ring Workspace of Three-Revolute Manipulators
Hao Gu, Marco Ceccarelli

24. Contributions to the Dynamic Study of a Modular Serial Industrial Robot of TRTRR Type
V. Ispas, Vrg. Ispas, M. Simion, O. A. Detesan

25. Contributions to the Palletization of Auto Batteries Using the Finite Displacements Theory
V. Ispas, I. C. Mic, R. M. Gui, A. C. Horvat

26. Unconventional Mathematical Model for Complex Mechanical Structures
E. Mereuta, G. Ciubucciu-Ionete, M. Rus, S. Veresiu

27. On the Power Losses of Cylindrical and Bevel Gears Used in Wind Turbines and Tracking Systems for Photovoltaic Platforms
Gh. Moldovean, B. R. Butuc, C. A. Bozan

28. New Formulations on Acceleration Energy in the Robot Dynamics
I. Negrean, A. Duca, C. Negrean, K. Kacso

29. Dynamics of a Parallel Platform for Helicopter Flight Simulation Considering Friction
D. L. Pisla, T. P. Itul, A. Pisla, B. Gherman

30. One D.O.F. Parallel Manipulator Based on Bricard Rectangular Mechanism
L. Racila

31. Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Dynamics of a 4DOF Isoglide 4-T3R1 Parallel Robot
N. Rat, M. Neagoe, G. Gogu

32. The Monitorisation of the Motion of Differential Gears
M. Rus, S. Veresiu, E. Mereuta, L. Mihaescu

33. Structure, Kinematics and CAD Model of a Mobile Telethesis
I. Staretu

34. Asymptotic Analysis of Parametrically Excited Spring Pendulum
R. Starosta, J. Awrejcewicz

35. Simple Mechanical Clutch with Multiple Functions
I. Stroe

36. Analysis of the Direct Kinematic Problem in 3-DOF Parallel Manipulators
M. Urizar, V. Petuya, O. Altuzarra, E. Macho, A. Hernandez

37. Kinematical Analysis of Mechanical Systems by Results of Digital Video Recording
A. Vukolov, E. Kharitonov

38. Dynamics of Mobile Vibration-Driven Robots
K. Zimmerman, I. Zeidis, N. Bolotnik, S. Jatsun

39. Experimental Aspects Concerning Self-locking Angle
S. Alaci, F. C. Ciornei, L. Irimescu, D. Amarandei

40. Strategy for Optimizing the Synchronous Belt Drives Design
S. Butnariu

41. Control Design and Simulations of the Linear Actuator LX-80-L
I. A. Cosma, V. Mătieş, C. Rusu

42. The Analysis of a Dwell Mechanism for Alpha -Stirling Engine
N. M. Dehelean, V. Ciupe

43. A Digital Model of a Dwell Mechanism for Alpha-Stirling Engine
N. M. Dehelean, V. Ciupe, E. C. Lovasz

44. AutoCad Simulations and Experiments on the Manufacturing of Gears
V. F. Duma, V. Patrusel

45. Modeling a Galvoscanner with an Optimized Scanning Function
V. F. Duma, A. G. Podoleanu, M. Nicolov

46. Simulation of a Pressure Controlled Hose Type Joint Using F.E.M.
N. Dumitru, M. Negru, S. Dumitru

47. Workspace and Singularity Analysis for a Reconfigurable Parallel Robot
N. Plitea, D. Pisla, A. Vidrean, C. Vaida, B. Gyurka

48. Kinematics and Movement Control of a Six-Legged Mobile Robot
V. Adîr, G. Adîr, V. G. Adîr

49. LabView Based Control and Simulation of a Construction Robot
Th. Borangiu, F. D. Anton, S. Anton

50. Synthesis Method of Planar Mechanisms Approximating Open Paths
J. Buśkiewicz

51. Kinematic Calculus Modelling of a Handling Arm Driving System
I. Daj

52. Synthesis of a Bi-Axial Tracking Spatial Linkage with a Single Actuator
D. Diaconescu, I. Vişa, M. Vatasescu, I. Hermenean, R. Saulescu

53. Dimensional Synthesis of Suspension System of Wheel-Legged Mobile Robot
A. Gronowicz, P. Sperzyński

54. Cam Mechanism with Flat/Tangential Translating Follower and Its Size
E.-C. Lovasz, D. Perju, K.-H. Modler, D. T. Mărgineanu, V. Văcărescu, E. S. Zăbavă

55. A Design of Compliant Mechanism with Integrated Actuators
N. Modler, K.-H. Modler, W. Hufenbach, E. C. Lovasz, D. Perju, D. Mărgineanu

56. Software Platform for Analyzing and Optimizing the Mechanical Systems
C. Alexandru

57. Considerations Regarding the Transdisciplinary Nature of the Homeokinesis Concept, as a Result of Its Integration in the Theory of Complex Mechatronical Systems
S. Berian, V. Mătieş

58. Design of a Clamp Mechanism
A. Pozdîrcă

59. New Orientation Mechanism (Wrist) Used on the Industrial Robots
O. Antonescu, P. Antonescu

60. Modular Orthopedic Devices Based on Shape Memory Alloys
D. Tarnita, D. N. Tarnita, N. Bizdoaca, D. Popa, C. E. Tarnita, Fl. Cismaru

61. Loading Cases and Forces on Azimuthal Solar Tracking Systems with Linear Actuators
R. Velicu, M. Lateş, G. Moldovean

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Simulation and Modeling, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Robotics and Automation

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