Gilat, Rivka

Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Methods for Materials and Structures

Gilat, Rivka - Advances in Mathematical Modeling and  Experimental Methods for Materials and Structures, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Aboudi’s Micromechanics Theories Applied to Multiscale Analysis of Composites
Brett A. Bednarcyk, Steven M. Arnold

2. The Effect of Inclusions on Phase Transformations in Dynamically Driven Plates
B. E. Clements, F. L. Addessio, J. N. Plohr

3. Fitting an Anisotropic Yield Surface Using the Generalized Method of Cells
K. Acton, L. Graham-Brady

4. A Multiscale Progressive Damage and Failure Modeling Approach For Laminated Fiber Reinforced Composites
Evan J. Pineda, Anthony M. Waas, Brett A. Bednarcyk, Craig S. Collier, Phillip W. Yarrington

5. A Comparison of Micromechanical Models for the Homogenization of Microheterogeneous Elastic Composites
Anton Matzenmiller, Benjamin Kurnatowski

6. A Multi-scale Formulation for Smart Composites with Field Coupling Effects
Anastasia Muliana

7. Computational Homogenization of Polymeric Nanofiber Scaffolds and Biological Cells
J. N. Reddy, V. U. Unnikrishnan, G. U. Unnikrishnan

8. A Computational Multiscale Investigation of Failure in Viscoelastic Solids
Roberto F. Soares, David H. Allen

9. Variational Asymptotic Method for Unit Cell Homogenization
Wenbin Yu, Tian Tang

10. A Computational Framework for Multiscale Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates
Hashem M. Mourad, Todd O. Williams, Francis L. Addessio

11. In Situ Characterization and Modeling of Strains near Embedded Electronic Components During Processing and Break-in for Multifunctional Polymer Structures
Alan L. Gershon, Lawrence S. Gyger, Hugh A. Bruck, Satyandra K. Gupta

12. Multiscale Hybrid Nano/Microcomposites–Processing, Characterization, and Analysis
Isaac M. Daniel, Jeong-Min Cho

13. Experimental Yield Surface Determination for Metal Matrix Composites
Cliff J. Lissenden

14. Compressive Response of Dentin Micro-Pillars
Daniel Ziskind, Sharly Fleischer, Kaiyin Zhang, Sidney R. Cohen, H. Daniel Wagner

15. Diffusion Linked Solidification Model of Axisymmetric Growth of Gold Nanorods
Tyler R. Ray, Catherine J. Murphy, Sarah C. Baxter

16. Probabilistic Strength of Carbon Nanotube Yarns
Irene J. Beyerlein, Pankaj K. Porwal, Yuntian T. Zhu, X. Frank Xu, S. Leigh Phoenix

17. Flaw Identification in Structures via Computationally Assisted NDT
Daniel Rabinovich, Dan Givoli, Shmuel Vigdergauz

18. Some Analytic Solutions for Plane Strain Deformations of Compressible Isotropic Nonlinearly Elastic Materials
Cornelius O. Horgan, Jeremiah G. Murphy

19. An Equation Both More Consistent and Simpler Than the Bresse-Timoshenko Equation
Isaac Elishakoff

20. A Robust and Consistent First-Order Zigzag Theory for Multilayered Beams
Marco Di Sciuva, Marco Gherlone, Alexander Tessler

21. Anisotropic Elastic Beams With Axially Distributed Loads
Omri Rand, Vladimir Rovenski

22. Consistent Loading in Structural Reduction Procedures for Thin Plate Models
I. Harari, I. Sokolov, S. Krylov

23. Modelling Generalized Plane Problems with Cylindrical Anisotropy
Cheryl L. Hersh, Carl T. Herakovich

Keywords: Material Science, Materials Science, general, Mechanics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Engineering, general, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Civil Engineering

Publication year
Solid Mechanics and Its Applications
Page amount
28 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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