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Table of contents

Part I. Articles of a General Nature

1. Phanerozoic Marine Biodiversity: A Fresh Look at Data, Methods, Patterns and Processes
Martin Aberhan, Wolfgang Kiessling

2. Coordinated Stasis Reconsidered: A Perspective at Fifteen Years
Carlton E. Brett

3. Whilst This Planet Has Gone Cycling On: What Role for Periodic Astronomical Phenomena in Large-Scale Patterns in the History of Life?
Bruce S. Lieberman, Adrian L. Melott

4. Climate Change Through Time
John Dodson

5. Development of Intertidal Biotas Through Phanerozoic Time
Markes E. Johnson, B. Gudveig Baarli

6. Marine Sclerobiofacies: Encrusting and Endolithic Communities on Shells Through Time and Space
Carlton E. Brett, Trisha Smrecak, Karla Parsons Hubbard, Sally Walker

7. Brachiopods and Their Auloporid Epibionts in the Devonian of Boulonnais (France): Comparison with Other Associations Globally
Bruno Mistiaen, Denise Brice, Mikolaj K. Zapalski, Christian Loones

8. Fossil Fish Taphonomy and the Contribution of Microfossils in Documenting Devonian Vertebrate History
Carole J. Burrow, Susan Turner

9. Messel Pit Fossil Site – The Legacy of the Environment and Life of the Eocene
Stephan Schaal

Part II. Evolution Exemplified by Specific Phyla or Classes

10. Evolutionary Scenario of the Early History of the Animal Kingdom: Evidence from Precambrian (Ediacaran) Weng’an and Early Cambrian Maotianshan Biotas, China
Jun-Yuan Chen

11. The Ordovician Radiation: Macroevolutionary Crossroads of the Phanerozoic
Arnold I. Miller

12. Phylogeny of Palaeozoic Gastropods Inferred from Their Ontogeny
Jiří Frýda

13. Palaeozoic Innovations in the Micro- and Megafossil Plant Record: From the Earliest Plant Spores to the Earliest Seeds
Philippe Steemans, Elodie Petus, Pierre Breuer, Paula Mauller-Mendlowicz, Philippe Gerrienne

14. Tentaculitoids – An Enigmatic Group of Palaeozoic Fossils
Eberhard Schindler

15. Palaeozoic Ammonoids – Diversity and Development of Conch Morphology
Dieter Korn, Christian Klug

16. Quantitative Approach to Diversity and Decline in Late Palaeozoic Trilobites
Rudy Lerosey-Aubril, Raimund Feist

17. Devonian Cladid Crinoid Evolution, Diversity, and First and Last Occurrences: Summary Observations
Gary D. Webster

18. Palaeoecology, Aerodynamics, and the Origin of Avian Flight
Sankar Chatterjee, R. Jack Templin

Part III. Global Extinction Events and Biocrises

19. An Analysis of the Ireviken Event in the Boree Creek Formation, New South Wales, Australia
Peter D. Molloy†, Andrew J. Simpson

20. Isotope Geochemistry and Plankton Response to the Ireviken (Earliest Wenlock) and Cyrtograptus lundgreni Extinction Events, Cape Phillips Formation, Arctic Canada
Paula J. Noble, Alfred C. Lenz, Chris Holmden, Monika Masiak, Matthew K. Zimmerman, Simon R. Poulson, Anna Kozłowska

21. Late Ludfordian Correlations and the Lau Event
Lennart Jeppsson, John A. Talent, Ruth Mawson, Anita Andrew, Carlo Corradini, Andrew J. Simpson, Jane Wigforss-Lange, Hans Peter Schönlaub

22. The Late Middle Devonian (Givetian) Global Taghanic Biocrisis in Its Type Area (Northern Appalachian Basin): Geologically Rapid Faunal Transitions Driven by Global and Local Environmental Changes
James J. Zambito, Carlton E. Brett, Gordon C. Baird

23. The Permian—A Time of Major Evolutions and Revolutions in the History of Life
Monica J. Campi

24. Millennial Physical Events and the End-Permian Mass Mortality in the Western Palaeotethys: Timing and Primary Causes
Enzo Farabegoli, Maria Cristina Perri

25. The Cretaceous–Tertiary Mass Extinction, Chicxulub Impact, and Deccan Volcanism
Gerta Keller

26. Survival, but…! New Tales of ‘Dead Clade Walking’ from Austral and Boreal Post-K–T Assemblages
Jeffrey D. Stilwell, Eckart Håkansson

27. Fungi, a Driving Force in Normalization of the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Following the End-Cretaceous Extinction
Vivi Vajda

Part IV. Palaeobiogeography

28. Changes in the Pattern of Brachiopod Biogeography in Northern Asia Through Early and Middle Devonian Times
John A. Talent, Yevgeniy A. Yolkin†, Valentina N. Yolkina†, Tat’yana P. Kipriyanova, Rimma T. Gratsianova†

29. The Paleobiogeography of Pennsylvanian Crinoids and Blastoids
Johnny Waters, Gary D. Webster

30. Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Ostracods from Western Australia: What They Reveal About Evolution of the Indian Ocean
Michelle Guzel

31. Cretaceous Continental Bridges, Insularity, and Vicariance in the Southern Hemisphere: Which Route Did Dinosaurs Take?
Federico Fanti

32. Palaeobiogeography of Mesozoic Mammals – Revisited
Thomas H. Rich, Patricia Vickers-Rich

Part V. Cenozoic Era

33. Cenozoic Environmental Shifts and Foraminiferal Evolution
Brian McGowran

34. Miocene Asteroid Impacts: Proposed Effects on the Biogeography and Extinction Patterns of Eastern North American Gastropods
Edward J. Petuch

35. The Rise of Australian Marsupials: A Synopsis of Biostratigraphic, Phylogenetic, Palaeoecologic and Palaeobiogeographic Understanding
Karen H. Black, Michael Archer, Suzanne J. Hand, Henk Godthelp

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Biogeosciences, Biodiversity, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Physical Geography

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International Year of Planet Earth
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