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Cells and Culture

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Table of contents

1. Targeted Gene Knockdown Effects on Recombinant Protein Secretion in CHO Cells
Trissa Borgschulte, Fanny Delegrange, Christoph L. Bausch, David L. Hacker, Daniel W. Allison, Matthew V. Caple, Florian M. Wurm, Kevin J. Kayser

2. RNA Silencing Suppressors Boost the Production of Recombinant Proteins and Viruses
Peter Haan, Alfred Engel, Walter Vries, Jeroen Velden, Gerrit-Jan Holst, Eddy Arnoldussen

3. Towards the Use of CHO Produced Recombinant Extracellular Matrix Proteins as Bioactive Elements in a 3-D Scaffold for Tissue Engineering
Eva-Maria Engelhardt, A. Oberbek, D. Aibibu, G. Backliwal, M. Adam, J. Hilborn, F. M. Wurm

4. Transient Gene Expression in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells at Low Temperature – The Effects of Cold-Induced Proteins and an mRNA Regulatory Element
Sarah Wulhfard, Stéphanie Tissot, David L. Hacker, Florian M. Wurm

5. Single-Cell Approach in Influenza Vaccine Production: Apoptosis and Virus Protein Production
Josef Schulze-Horsel, Mareike Schulze, Yvonne Genzel, Udo Reichl

6. Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells During Multiple Subcultivation
Christian Weber, Stephanie Gokorsch, Peter Czermak

7. Cell Xpress™-Assisted Analysis of Clone Stability in Recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Mark A. Gerber, Kimberly A. Lacy, Jennifer Cresswell, Nan Lin, Kevin J. Kayser, Matthew V. Caple

8. An Evaluation of the Intrinsic IgG Production Capabilities of Different Chinese Hamster Ovary Parental Cell Lines
Genova A. Richardson, Daniel W. Allison, Nan Lin, Matthew V. Caple, Kevin J. Kayser

9. Cell Xpress™ Technology Facilitates High-Producing Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Line Generation Using Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression System
Genova A. Richardson, Nan Lin, Kimberly A. Lacy, Lynn A. Davis, Misa I. Gray, Jennifer Cresswell, Mark A. Gerber, Matthew V. Caple, Kevin J. Kayser

10. CHO-DG44 Cell Line Development by FLP-Targeting – High Level Glycoprotein Expression with Significantly Decreased Time Lines
Thomas Rose, Anne Furthmann, Marie Etzien, Karsten Winkler, Volker Sandig

11. Transgene Copy Number – Impact on Clone Performance
Karsten Winkler, Thomas Rose, Anne Furthmann, Christine Paul, Andrea Franke, Rita Berthold, Volker Sandig

12. Single Use Bioreactors: Expressing Protein in Mammalian Cell Suspension
Kevin A. Auton

13. Gene Modified Hematopoietic Stem Cells for the Treatment of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
M. Grez, S. Stein, U. Siler, R. Seger

14. An Avian Cell Line for Production of Highly Attenuated Viral Vectors
Ingo Jordan, Deborah Horn, Kristin Höwing, Volker Sandig

15. Microelectronic Cellular Vitality Monitoring
M. Schmidhuber, J. Wiest, A.M. Otto, M. Brischwein, H. Grothe, B. Wolf

16. IFN-γ Glycosylation Macroheterogeneity, Energetic Cell Status and Medium Composition During CHO Cell Cultures
N. Kochanowski, F. Blanchard, R. Cacan, F. Chirat, E. Guedon, A. Marc, J.-L. Goergen

17. Modelling of Neural Metabolism Using 13C-NMR Spectroscopy and Metabolic Flux Analysis
Ana P. Teixeira, Sónia Sá Santos, Ana I. Amaral, Nuno Carinhas, Rui Oliveira, Manuel J.T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves

18. Influence of Glucose and Glutamine Concentration on Metabolism of rCHO Cells
Hiroshi Matsuoka, Jun-ya Watanabe, Toshiya Takeda

19. Delivery of Biomolecules with Non-Viral Vectors
Stéphanie Biri, Fabrice Stock, Abdennaji Adib, Patrick Erbacher

20. Circumventing the “Pay Now or Pay Later” Dilemma: Strategies for Achieving Process Development with Speed and Long-Term Potential
Carole Heath, Pranhitha Reddy, Martin Allen, Ginny Price, Victor Fung

21. Recombinant Human Antibody Therapeutics: Supply Strategies for Early and Clinical Development from CHO Cells
Ray Field, Lekan Daramola, Jonathan Dempsey, Diane Hatton

22. Automated Screening of High Producer HEK293F Clones and Analysis of Post-Translational Modifications of Secreted Proteins
Peter Söhlemann, Claudia Kollert, Jessica Thiems, Elisabeth Casademunt, Carola Schröder

23. Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analysis of Antibody Producing NS0 Cells Cultivated at Different Cell Densities in Perfusion Culture
Britta Krampe, Halina Swiderek, Mohamed Al-Rubeai

24. New Disposable Fixed-Bed Bioreactor for Cell Culture and Virus Production Based on a Proprietary Agitation and Aeration System
J.-C. Drugmand, N. Havelange, S. Osumba, F. Bosco, F. Debras, F. Collignon, E. Mathieu, J. Castillo

25. Transcriptomic Analysis of Antibody Producing NS0 Cell Line Under Hypothermic and Hypoxic Conditions
Halina Swiderek, Anna Logan, Mohamed Al-Rubeai

26. Semi-Continuous Cultures as a Tool for Cell Line Characterization During Process Development
S. Victores, A. Castillo, E. Faife, Y. Rabasa, Y. Alvarez, L. Rojas, J. Palacio, A. Figueredo

27. Behaviour of GS-CHO Cell Lines in a Selection Strategy
A. J. Porter, A.J. Dickson, L.M. Barnes, A.J. Racher

28. 3D Cultures: Effect on the Hepatocytes Functionality
Joana Miranda, Manuel J.T. Carrondo, Paula M. Alves

29. Differential Protein Expression Induced by c-Myc Over-Expression: Proteomic Analysis of a CHO Cell Line with Increased Proliferation Capacity
Darrin Kuystermans, Mohamed Al-Rubeai

30. Development of Pilot-Scale Orbital Shake Bioreactors: Ideal for Cost-Effective and Efficient Transient Gene Expression
Matthieu Stettler, Xiaowei Zhang, Tibor Anderlei, Maria Jesus, Pascal Lefebvre, David L. Hacker, Florian M. Wurm

31. Helical Tracks in Shaken Cylindrical Bioreactors Improve Oxygen Transfer and Increase Maximum Cell Density Obtainable for Suspension Cultures of Mammalian Cells
Xiaowei Zhang, Matthieu Stettler, Oscar Reif, Andreas Kocourek, Maria Jesus, David L. Hacker, Florian M. Wurm

32. Dynamic Optimisation of CHO-IFNγ Cell Culture Fed-Batch Time-Profile
Carolyn M. Lam, Danny C.F. Wong, Miranda G.S. Yap, Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Athanasios Mantalaris

33. Long-Term 3D-Culture of HEP G2 Cell Line on Macroporous Ceramic Carriers
Oscar Platas, Vivien Lutz, Richard Getto, Ralf Pörtner

34. An Integrated Production Process for Human Growth Hormone
T. Nottorf, H. Büntemeyer, S. Siwiora-Brenke, D. Lütkemeyer, A. Loa, T. Noll, J. Lehmann

35. Efficient Production of Human Monoclonal Antibodies by an Improved Fructose-Based Human Cell Culture
Yuichi Inoue, Aiko Inoue, Hiroharu Kawahara

36. Coupling Between Cell Kinetics and CFD to Establish Physio-Hydrodynamic Correlations in Various Stirred Culture Systems
N. Barbouche, E. Olmos, E. Guedon, A. Marc

37. Confocal Microscopy Observation of CHO Cells Cultivated in Presence of Fluorescent – Labelled Rapeseed Peptides
A. Kastner, C. Frochot, D. Dumas, R. Vanderesse, A. Marc

38. Growth and Production Characteristics of Four Mammalian Cell Lines on a Cost-Effective Serum-Free Medium
M. Drews, R. Hunt

39. A Serum-Free, Transient Transfection System for Enhancing Production of Recombinant Antibodies in Mammalian Cells
Gaurav Backliwal, Sarah Wulhfard, Fanny Delegrange, Lucia Baldi, Maria Jesus, Florian M. Wurm, Markus Hildinger

40. CFD Study of the Fluid and Particle Dynamics in a Spin-Filter Perfusion Bioreactor
Alvio Figueredo, Ernesto Chico, Leda R. Castilho, Ricardo A. Medronho

41. High-Yielding CHO Cell Pools for Rapid Production of Recombinant Antibodies
Diane Hatton, Wyn Forrest-Owen, Greg Dean, Suzanne Gibson, Tori Crook, Amanda Lunney, Steve Ruddock, Alison Davis, Lekan Daramola, Ray Field

42. Increasing Upstream Process Development Efficiency by Implementing Platform Glutamine Synthetase Cell Culture Processes
Robert Heckathorn, Derek Adams, Jeffrey Hunter, Eric Frieden

43. Implementation of High Throughput Systems for Media and Process Development
Soverin Karmiol, Mykle Gaynor, Robert Kenerson, John Daley, Rich Hassett, Gregory Slyke, Steven Peppers

44. Comparison of Cell Culture Methods for Obtaining of rHU-EPO to Large Scale
E. Ojito, A. Castro, M. Chea, R. Lugo, E. Suárez, A. Medina, M. Arias, E. Chico

45. Optimization and Comparison of Different DNA Methyl Transferase and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Enhancing Transient Protein Expression
Gaurav Backliwal, Markus Hildinger, Ivan Küttel, David L. Hacker, Florian M. Wurm

46. Proteomic Characterisation of a Glucose-Limited CHO Perfusion Process–Analysis of Metabolic Changes and Increase in Productivity
Marc Wingens, Jochem Gätgens, Raimund Hoffrogge, Thomas Noll

47. Evaluation of Alternative Signal Sequences
J. Rance, R. Young

48. Process Development for the GMP Production of N-Acetylgalactosamine-6-Sulfate Sulfatase (GALNS) Expressed by CHO Cells
Cornelia Fux, Christèle Bellon, Christoph Heinzen

49. Improvement of a CHO Fed-Batch Process by Fortifying with Plant Peptones
Yun Jiang, Erik Svensson, Véronique Chotteau

O-Glycans on Recombinant MUC1 Produced in CHO K1 Cells Become Less Sialylated with Increased Protein Productivity, as Determined by LC-ESI MS
Malin Bäckström, Hasse Karlsson, Jochem Gätgens, Thomas Noll, Gunnar C. Hansson

51. A Multiple Minibioreactor Platform for Parallel and Automated Mammalian Cell Culture
A. Fontova, A. Soley, E. Sarró, J. Gálvez, R. Bragos, J.J. Cairó, F. Gòdia

52. Cultivation of Adherent-Dependent Animal Cells on Microcarriers in a New Disposable Reactor
N. Havelange, C. Braet, F. Collignon, F. Debras, J.-C. Drugmand, E. Mathieu, S. Vanhamel, J. Castillo

53. CHO Cells Cultivation and Antibodies Production in a New Disposable Bioreactor Based on Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump
F. Collignon, V. Gelbgras, N. Havelange, J.-C. Drugmand, F. Debras, E. Mathieu, V. Halloin, J. Castillo

54. Stability and Productivity of CHO Pools with Respect to Culture Age, Cryopreservation and 20 L Bioreactor Cultivation
Anders Nelving, Ingrid Svensson, Mats Lundgren

55. In Vitro Disassembly and Reassembly of Triple-Layered Rotavirus-Like Particles
Maria Candida M. Mellado, Jimmy A. Mena, Manuel J.T. Carrondo, Octavio T. Ramírez, Laura A. Palomares, Paula M. Alves

56. Influence of Culture Conditions on Insect Cell Growth and Protein Production – Comparison of Wave Bioreactor and Shake Flasks
Mareike Rausch, Jörg Knäblein, Ralf Pörtner, Petra Helfrich

57. Process Intensification Based on Nano-Structured Carbon Carrier Materials and Disposable Devices
Markus Kürschner, Sohéil Asgari

58. Accelerating Fed-Batch Process Development Using Rationally Designed Feed Media
Scott D. Storms, Jenny Y. Bang, Tom Fletcher

59. Development of a Robust Small-Scale Production Format that Is Predictive of Bioreactor Performance
Gene W. Lee, D. Troy Richards, Katie Kopycinski, Steve Brennan, Alyssa Handler, Martin Sinacore

60. Biomass Monitoring and CHO Cell Culture Optimization Using Capacitance Spectroscopy
Rodrigo C.V. Pinto, Paulo A.N. Marinho, Aline B. Oliveira, Geoffrey Esteban, Príamo A. Melo, Ricardo A. Medronho, Leda R. Castilho

61. Characterizing Physiology and Metabolism of High-Density CHO Cell Perfusion Cultures Using 2D-NMR Spectroscopy
Chetan Goudar, Richard Biener, C. Boisart, Rüdiger Heidemann, Chun Zhang, Albert Graaf, James Piret, Konstantin Konstantinov

62. BI HEX™ – Platform for Fast Track Generation of High Producer Cell Lines Leading to High-Titer Processes for Production of Therapeutic Proteins from Mammalian Cells
Torsten W. Schulz, Stefan Schlatter, Hitto Kaufmann, Barbara Enenkel, Helmut Hoffmann, Stefanos Grammatikos

63. Management of Handling, Long-Term Stability and Shipping of Human T-Lymphocytes Bags for Clinical Studies
I. Giuntini, C. Crosta, L. Romagnoli, M. Galgano, A. Orlandi, S. Castiglioni, S. Trasciatti, L. Cavenaghi, M.L. Nolli

64. Mass Transfer in the CELL-tainer® Disposable Bioreactor
Nico M.G. Oosterhuis, Pieter Heiden

65. Efficient Production of Human Monoclonal Antibodies by Combining In Vitro Immunization and Phage Display Methods
Shinei Matsumoto, Makiko Yamashita, Yeon-suk Jung, Kosuke Tomimatsu, Kiichiro Teruya, Yoshinori Katakura, Sanetaka Shirahata

66. Measurement and Control of Viable Cell Density in a Mammalian Cell Bioprocessing Facility: Validation of the Software
D. Sergeant, M. Moser, J. P. Carvell

67. Development, Validation, and Application of a Fully Integrated Automation System for Screening and Selection of High Yielding Production Cell Lines
Tim Gryseels, Lin Zhang, YingPing Zhang, Brian Hossfeld, Heather Jones, Adekunle Onadipe, John Mott

68. Monitoring of Cell Activity: Online Oxygen Uptake Rates in Pulsed Aerated Cell Culture
A. Bock, Y. Genzel, U. Reichl

69. Metabolite Analysis in Mammalian Cells: How to Generate Reliable Data Sets?
Joachim B. Ritter, Yvonne Genzel, Udo Reichl

70. Cell-to-Cell Communication for Cell Density-Controlled Bioprocesses
Wilfried Weber, Martin Fussenegger

71. Metabolome Analysis in Mammalian Cells: Development and Application of a Sampling Technique
C. Wiendahl, J.J. Brandner, B. Klein, C. Küppers, B. Luo, S. Ritchie, S. Mazurek, H. Scheefers, T. Noll, U. Schygulla, M. Oldiges

72. Differential Expression Profiling of Industrially Relevant CHO Cell Phenotypes Using a Proprietary CHO-Specific Microarray and Proteomics Technology Platforms
Mark Melville, Martin S. Sinacore, Dana Di Nino, Kevin McCarthy, Karin Anderson, Kathleen Kopycinski, Gene W. Lee, Steven Max, Patrick Gammell, Padraig Doolan, Paula Meleady, Niall Barron, Mark Leonard, Martin Clynes, Tim Charlebois

73. Towards a Systems-Level Understanding of Increased Specific Productivity in Proliferation Arrested Myeloma NS0 Cells
Soo Hean Gary Khoo, Mohamed Al-Rubeai

74. Proteomic Analysis of Influenza a Virus Infected Mammalian Cells by 2D-DIGE
D. Vester, E. Rapp, Y. Genzel, D. Gade, U. Reichl

75. Involvement of SRC- and MAP Kinase-Signalings in the Effect of Sericin on Cellular Proliferation and Survival
Kana Yanagihara, Takuya Saito, Satoshi Takeshita, Masao Miki, Akiko Ogawa, Masahiro Sasaki, Hideyuki Yamada, Satoshi Terada

76. The Unfolded Protein Response and Recombinant Protein Production from In Vitro Cultured Mammalian Cells
Rosalyn Marchant, Jenny Barker, Peter Klappa, Alan Dickson, Mark Smales

77. A Scalable Process for Helper-Dependent Adenoviral Vector Production Using PEI-Derived Transfection Strategy in Suspension Culture
E. Dormond, A. Meneses-Acosta, D. Jacob, Y. Durocher, M. Perrier, A. Kamen

78. Functional Analysis of ER Stress Pathway Genes for Apoptosis of NS/0 Cell Line Using RNAi Methods
Jianguo Yang, Jing Shi, Raghavan Venkat, Kripa Ram

79. Identification of New Protein Substrate Candidates of Transglutaminase in Rat Liver Extracts: Use of 5-(Biotinamido) Pentylamine as a Probe
Akira Ichikawa, Jin Ishizaki, Manabu Morita, Kentaro Tanaka, Koji Ikura

80. Metabolic Flux Distributions of Adherently Growing MDCK Cells in Different Media
A. Wahl, Y. Sidorenko, Y. Genzel, U. Reichl

81. Expression of Dermal Extracellular Matrix Proteins in a Newly Developed Full-Thickness Skin Model
Karsten R. Mewes, Nadja N. Zöller, August Bernd, Alexandra Prießner, Bart DeWever, Rüdiger Graf, Klaus R. Schröder

82. Development of Preparations with Antiviral and Immunostimutory Effects from Extracts of Green Parts of Coniferous Plants
E. Nechaeva, N. Varaksin, T. Ryabicheva, T. Ilicheva, T. Sen’kina, R. Martynyuk, A. Vilesov

83. Serum-Free Transfection of CHO Cells with Chemically Defined Transfection Systems to Generate Transient and Stable Cell Lines
Reisinger Hannes, Vorauer-Uhl Karola, Steinfellner Willibald, Wagner Andreas, Katinger Hermann, Kunert Renate

84. “Glycomics”: Development and Characterization of Glycan-Based Biotechnological Products
Matthias Kaup, Véronique Blanchard, Detlef Grunow, Stefan Risch, Silke Langhammer, Werner Reutter, Rudolf Tauber, Markus Berger

85. Development of a Cell-Culture-Based Platform for Viral Vaccine Production
G. Forno, C. Paillet, R. Kratje, M. Etcheverrigaray

86. Screening of Natural Compounds Affecting Type I Interferon Signalling
M. Bollati-Fogolín, M. Oggero, S. Mirazo, R. Frank, R. Kratje, W. Müller

87. Therapeutic Proteins from Transgenic Cows’ Milk
J.A. Bercovich, C.A. Melo, M.E. Criscuolo

88. Development of Edible Plant Vaccines
Heike Mikschofsky, Patricia König, Günther Keil, Horst Schirrmeier, Inge Broer

89. Human Cell Lines for Production of Biopharmaceuticals
Gudrun Schiedner, Nikos Gaitatzis, Sabine Hertel, Corinna Bialek, Helmut Kewes, Christoph Volpers, Gero Waschütza

90. Concentration and Purification of Densonucleosis Virus by Tangential Membrane Filtration and by Ion Exchange Membranes
Peter Czermak, David L. Grzenia, Anne Wolf, Jonathan O. Carlson, Rachel Specht, Binbing Han, S. Ranil Wickramasinghe

91. Effect of ManNAc and its Derivatives on Glycosylation to Proteins Produced by Mammalian Cell Culture
Kaori Doi, Megumi Hayashi, Ichiro Ebata, Shinya Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro Ohta, Satoshi Terada

92. Purification of a Chimeric Simian – Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Like Nanoparticle from HEK293 Cell Culture
Luísa Pedro, Guilherme N. M. Ferreira

93. Effects of Plant Peptones Supplemented Medium on CHO Cells
Barbau Jérémie, Michiels Jean-François, Boel Sébastien, Spiros N. Agathos, Schneider Yves-Jacques

94. Synthetic Low Density Lipoprotein a Novel Biomimetic Lipid Supplement for Serum Free Tissue Culture
G. W. Halbert, G. Duncan, S. Hayavi

95. Scale-Down Approach for Animal-Free Polio Vaccine Production
Wilfried A.M. Bakker, Yvonne E. Thomassen, Leo A. Pol

96. “Novel Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering – Nano-Structured Surfaces Promote Selective Cell Attachment and Cell Differentiation”
Sohéil Asgari, Markus Kürschner

97. Unconventional Experimental Concepts Enabling High Speed High Performance Media/Process Development
Martin Jordan, Damien Voisard, Nadia Bencherif, Antoine Berthoud, Laetitia Tercier, Beate Kleuser, Gianni Baer

98. A Study on Bioscaffolds of Polysialic Acid and β-Glucan for Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering Applications
Yvonne Stark, Stephanie Bruns, Bastian Rode, Silke Berski, Gerald Dräger, Frank Stahl, Cornelia Kasper, Andreas Kirschning, Thomas Scheper

99. A Preliminary Study on Spider Silk as Biomaterial for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Stephanie Bruns, Yvonne Stark, Dana Marten, Christina Allmeling, Cornelia Kasper, Frank Stahl, Thomas Scheper

100. Investigation of the Effect of Mechanical Strain on the Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Solvig Diederichs, Daniel Riechers, Friederike Sempf, Susanne Kall, Cornelia Kasper, Martijn Griensven, Thomas Scheper

101. Biofunctional Polymer-Mineral Composites as Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Stefanie Röker, Solvig Diederichs, Victor Korzhikov, Thomas Scheper, Tatiana Tennikova, Cornelia Kasper

102. New Water-Soluble Polymers for Construction of Biofunctionalized Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: Synthesis and Adsorption Study
V. Korzhikov, E. Vlakh, S. Diederichs, S. Roeker, T. Tennikova, C. Kasper

103. Selection of High-Producing Cells Via Cell Sorting Using an Affinity Matrix
Larissa Behr, Pierre Moretti, Fabienne Anton, Cornelia Kasper, Thomas Scheper

104. The Effects of Medium Supplement on High-Level Production of Recombinant Human Factor IX in CHO Cell
InHwan Lim, Jung-Seob Kim, Guehwa Lee, Murim Choi, Yeup Yoon

105. Case Study Large Scale Cell Culture Facility
Dirk Steinhäuser

106. Glycosylation of Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin
J. Schwarzer, E. Rapp, U. Reichl

107. Production of Retroviral Pseudotype Vectors in Fixed Bed Reactors for Use in Gene Therapy
Dirk Nehring, Ralf Pörtner, Peter Czermak

108. Swellscreen – Rapid Baculovirus Titration Method in Microplate Format
Eva Lindskog, Thomas Falkman, Elke Lüllau

109. Comparing Vero and MDCK Cells for Influenza A Virus Production in Microcarrier Systems
Y. Genzel, C. Dietzsch, U. Reichl

110. Expansion of Human Articular Chondrocytes on Microcarriers Enhances the Production of Cartilage Specific Matrix Components
Christiane Goepfert, Vivien Lutz, Svenja Lünse, Sabrina Kittel, Katharina Wiegandt, Michael Kammal, Klaus Püschel, Ralf Pörtner

111. Automated Cell Culture Handling – Characteristics and Procedures
Stephanie Mathes, Roland Durner, Uwe Müller, Ursula Graf-Hausner

112. Bioreactor Satellite Culture Experiments in the Start-Up of a Cell Culture Technical Support Lab
Jean-Philippe Goisnard, Leopold Bertea, Thibaud Stoll, Patrick Salou

113. Advantages of Hydrodynamic Cell Separation in Industrial Cell Culture Processes
Bernd Schröder, Elsayed Ahmed Elsayed, Johanna Olownia, Roland Wagner

114. Optimization and Characterization of the Process for Large Volume Cell Banking in Bags
S. Lünse, Rüdiger Heidemann, Chun Zhang

115. Development of Screening Method for IgA-Promoting Factors Derived from Food Extracts Using a Human Myeloma Cell Line
Kouhei Mizuno, Yusuke Tanii, Yuichi Inoue, Aiko Inoue, Hiroharu Kawahara

116. Cryopreservative Solution Using Sericin
Kenji Ikeda, Yoko Oumi, Akiko Ogawa, Masahiro Sasaki, Hideyuki Yamada, Satoshi Terada

117. Fructan as a Novel Effective Factor for Mammalian Cell Culture
Hideharu Higashiya, Kyoichi Kobayashi, Satoshi Terada

118. Online Determination of Oxygen Uptake and Carbon Dioxide Production Rates in Mammalian Cell Culture Using Mass Spectrometry
J. Haas, T. Tröbs, C. Clemens, M. Wunder, M. Rüger, T. W. Schulz

119. Optimisation of mAb Concentration in Microcarrier Based Perfusion Compared to Batch/Fed-Batch Cultivation
Christian Kaisermayer, Gerald Blüml

120. Characterization of the Novel Human AGE1hn Cell Line for Production of Recombinant Proteins
S. Northoff, H. Büntemeyer, V. Sandig, S. Zietze, T. Noll

121. Rapid Selection of Optimal Formulations for Divergent Clones Through Screening Chinese Hamster Ovary Media Library
Avril A. Lawshé, Min Zhang, Ashley Smith, Wade Nudson, James S. Ross, Matthew V. Caple

122. Development of a Vaccine Candidate Against Heartwater
I. Marcelino, M.F.Q. Sousa, C. Peixoto, A.I. Amaral, N. Vachiery, T. Lefrançois, D. Martinez, M. J. T. Carrondo, P. M. Alves

123. Animal Component Free T-Cell Culture
W.G. Whitford, B.B. Barnett, J.H. Manwaring

124. Characterization of Cholesterol-Independent GS-NS/0 Recombinant Antibody Cell Lines
Jianguo Yang, Jing Shi, Raghavan Venkat,, Kripa Ram

125. Development of a Fed-Batch Process for the Production of a Recombinant Protein X in CHO-GS System – Case Study from the Cell to Reactor Process Ready for Pilot Scale Cultivation
Véronique Chotteau, Yun Jiang, Jeannette Westin, Kerstin Dahlenborg, Anna Sjöblom-Hallén, Erik Svensson,, Michael Öberg

126. Scaffolds for Articular Joint Tissue Engineering
A. Pla, E. Sarró, M. Caminal, D. Peris, L. Vidal, J.J. Cairó, F. Gòdia

127. Effect of Tunisian Aromatic Plant Extracts on Melanogenesis
Kyoko Matsuyama, Mitsuko Kawano, Mohamed Elyes Kchouk, Hiroshi Shinmoto, Hiroko Isoda

128. Effects of Capsaicin on Energy Metabolism by Human Intestinal Epithelial Cell Line Caco-2
Junkyu Han, Hiroko Isoda

129. Human A1AT Production – Propagating a Newly Developed Human Cell Line in a Novel Disposable Perfusion Bioreactor
Silke Langhammer, Ralf Pörtner, Volker Sandig, Genadii Suchich, Sascha Tonevitzky, Markus Berger, Veronique Blanchard, Matthias Kaup, Vanessa Frenz, Rudolf Tauber, René Brecht, Susann Koch, Uwe Marx

130. Characterization of Diffusion and Flow Relations in the Novel Membrane Based Perfusion Bioreactor
Silke Langhammer, Anke Wellmann, Richard Ammer, Thomas Linz, Rudolf Tauber, Ralf Pörtner, Uwe Marx

131. Protective Effect of Di-O-Caffeoylquinic Acid on Human-Derived Neurotypic SH-SY5Y Cells Against Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid-Beta-Induced Toxicity
Hiroko Isoda, Junkyu Han, Hideyuki Shigemori

132. Flow Through Ceramic Foams – A Future Cell Culture Challenge
V. Goralczyk, A. Bischof, A. Berthold, L. Blessing, H. Schubert, R. King

133. Measles Virus Production in MRC-5 Cells Grown on Microcarriers in a Stirred Bioreactor
Khaled Trabelsi, Semy Majoul, Fatma Charfi, Héla Kallel

134. A New System for the Enrichment of Cell Subclones Secreting High Levels of IgG Using Magnetic Cell Sorting (MACS® Technology)
Alexandra S. H. Hoch, Kerstin Zörner, Stefanie Kattenbach, Mayke Busch, Erik Schneider, Iris Bürger, Ulf Bethke

135. Soy Hydrolysate Optimization for Cell Culture Applications
Jeanette N. Hartshorn, Sandra McNorton, Chas Hernandez, Ed van der Ent, Matthew V. Caple

136. The Effect of Bioreactor pH and Temperature on Protein Glycosylation in Perfusion Cultures of Mammalian Cells
Eva Sajan, Ricaredo Matanguihan, Rüdiger Heidemann, Susan Abu-Absi, Wilfred Asuncion, Glenn Yamasaki, Xue Wu, Jianmin Chen, John E. Murphy, Chun Zhang

137. Evaluation of Cell Growth Characteristics on Chitosan-Alginate Membranes to Assess Their Potential Application on Highly Exuding Skin Lesions and In Vivo Evaluation in Wounded Cat
Ana Paula Rodrigues, Selma C. Genari, Neusa M. Paulo, Maria Conceição, Marcelo S. Brito e Silva, Ângela Maria Moraes

138. Vaccine Production Utilizing the Potential of Microcarriers in Disposable Bioreactor
J. E. Schouwenberg, T. Velden-de Groot, G. Blueml

139. Characterization of an Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Blocking the Capacity of the HIV-1 Specific nMAb 2F5
Johannes Gach, Willibald Steinfellner, Martina Löschel, Rainer Hahn, Heribert Quendler, Hermann Katinger, Renate Kunert

140. Cultivation of PER.C6® Cells in the Novel CELL-Tainer™ High-Performance Disposable Bioreactor
G. M. Zijlstra, N. Oosterhuis

141. Scale-Up of a PER.C6® Fed-Batch Process in 50 and 250 L Hyclone Single Use Bioreactors Compared to 50 and 250 L Stainless Steel Bioreactors
G. M. Zijlstra

142. Capacitance Sensor as a Robust Tool for Cell Culture Monitoring in Process Development and Manufacturing
Damien Voisard, Geoffrey Esteban, Gianni Baer

143. Effect of Different Cell Culture Medium Surfactants on Cell Growth and Viability
Kristina Martinelle, Annika Mattsson, Brita Rippner-Blomqvist, Elisabeth Lindner

144. Conventional Stirred Bioreactor Control System for Monitoring and Controlling pH and DO in a Wave Bioreactor
Peter Aizawa, Charlotte Benemar, Cecilia Wingenblixt, Kristina Martinelle, Elisabeth Lindner

145. On-Line Monitoring of Vero Cells Cultures During the Growth and Rabies Virus Process Using Biomass Spectrometer
Samia Rourou, Stéphanie Gaumon, Héla Kallel

146. Inducing of Human IgE Antibodies by In Vitro Immunization
Shuichi Hashizume, Hiroharu Kawahara

147. Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) Estimation in High Density Mammalian Cell Perfusion Cultures
C. Cruz, K. Joeris, C. Goudar, C. Zhang, K. Konstantinov

148. Use of Yeast Derived Nutrients for Cell Culture in Serum-Free Media
I. Chevalot, C. Dziukala, E. Olmos, I. Marc, D. Druaux-Borreill, E. Oriol, A. Marc

149. A Novel Approach to the Production of Plant-Derived Hydrolysates Yields Medium Supplements with Enhanced Performance in Cell Culture Systems
James F. Babcock, Debra A. Merrill, Shawn R. Smith

150. Monitoring the Cell Size Distribution of Mammalian Cell Cultures Using On-Line Capacitance Measurements
Sven Ansorge, Olivier Henry, Marc Aucoin, Robert Voyer, John P. Carvell, Amine Kamen

151. Biosimilarity of Recombinant Human EPO Products from CHO Cell Lines: A Carbohydrate Structural View
Nicolas Grammel, Frank Dittrich, Sebastian Kandzia, Eckart Grabenhorst, Harald S. Conradt

152. Quantitative N-Glycan Mapping of Glycoprotein Therapeutics by HPAEC-PAD: Glycosylation Characteristics of Different Recombinant Human EPO Products
Sebastian Kandzia, Nicolas Grammel, Eckart Grabenhorst, Harald S. Conradt

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general

Publication year
ESACT Proceedings
Page amount
54 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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