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Table of contents

1. Megacities and Global Change
Frauke Kraas, Günter Mertins

Part I. Physical Space, Land and Resources

2. Megacities and Climate Change: Early Adapters, Mainstream Adapters and Capacities
Bernd Hansjürgens, Dirk Heinrichs

3. Underground Cities
Eduardo F. J. Mulder, Jacques Besner, Brian Marker

4. Water Quality and Socio-Ecological Vulnerability Regarding Urban Development in Selected Case Studies of Megacity Guangzhou, China
Rafig Azzam, Ramona Strohschön, Klaus Baier, Lin Lu, Katharina Wiethoff, Anna Lena Bercht, Rainer Wehrhahn

5. Food Security in Dhaka: Between Global Risks and Local Vulnerabilities
Markus Keck, Benjamin Etzold, Hans-Georg Bohle, Wolfgang-Peter Zingel

6. Land Development Strategies in Megacities: Guiding Land Use and Land Rights in the Context of Urban Sprawl and Informality
Babette Wehrmann

7. The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Land Use Changes and Regional Planning in Developing-World Megacities: A Bangalore Case Study
Margaret Pugh O’Mara, Karen C. Seto

Part II. Economic, Social and Infrastructure Transformation

8. Inner-City Development in Megacities Between Degradation and Renewal: The Case of São Paulo
Martin Coy, Tobias Töpfer

9. Agile Firm Organisation and Upgrading in the Greater Pearl River Delta
W.-H. Liu, F. Bickenbach, W. Fu, P. Hartmann, S. Meyer, S. Ohm, S. Hennemann, D. Schiller, Frauke Kraas, I. Liefner, J. Revilla-Diez, R. Soltwedel

10. Global Change, National Development Goals, Urbanisation and International Migration in China: African Migrants in Guangzhou and Foshan
Tabea Bork-Hüffer, Birte Rafflenbeul, Frauke Kraas, Zhigang Li

Phobopolis: Violence, Fear and Sociopolitical Fragmentation of the Space in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marcelo Lopes Souza

12. Dar es Salaam, Megacity of Tomorrow: Informal Urban Expansion and the Provision of Technical Infrastructure
Alexandra Hill, Tanja Hühner, Volker Kreibich, Christian Lindner

13. Bus Rapid Transit: The Answer to Transport Problems in Megacities? The Example of TransMilenio (Bogotá, Colombia)
Jan Marco Müller

Part III. Governance and Management

14. Governance in Megacities: Experiences, Challenges and Implications for International Cooperation
Shipra Narang Suri, Günther Taube

15. Managing the Metropolis: Planning in New York City
Werner Gamerith

16. E-Governance Initiatives in India: Case Studies from Hyderabad and Bangalore
Christoph Dittrich

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Geophysics/Geodesy, Sustainable Development

Publication year
International Year of Planet Earth
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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