Macchetto, F. Duccio

The Impact of HST on European Astronomy

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Table of contents

1. Hot Massive Stars: The Impact of HST
Paul A. Crowther

2. HST Spectroscopy of the Hottest White Dwarfs
Thomas Rauch, Klaus Werner

3. Key Abundance Tracers in the UV: FromtheLightestto the Heaviest
Francesca Primas

4. UV Spectroscopy of Metal-Poor Massive Stars intheSmall Magellanic Cloud
Daniel J. Lennon

5. Star Formation Histories of Resolved Galaxies
Monica Tosi

6. HST’s View of the Youngest Massive Stars intheMagellanic Clouds
M. Heydari-Malayeri, M. R. Rosa, V. Charmandaris, L. Deharveng, F. Martins, F. Meynadier, D. Schaerer, H. Zinnecker

7. Planetary Nebulae and Their Central Stars inthe Magellanic Clouds
Eva Villaver, Letizia Stanghellini, Richard A. Shaw

8. A Look at Neutron Stars with HST: FromPositions to Physics
Patrizia Caraveo

9. The HST Contribution to Neutron Star Astronomy
Roberto P. Mignani

10. Exotic Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters
Francesco R. Ferraro

11. The Stellar Mass Function in Globular Clusters
Guido Marchi

12. Early Phases of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution
Inga Kamp

13. Unveiling the Role of Jets in Star Formation
Deirdre Coffey, Francesca Bacciotti, Thomas P. Ray, Jochen Eislöffel

14. A Hubble View of Star Forming Regions intheMagellanic Clouds
Dimitrios A. Gouliermis, Thomas Henning, Wolfgang Brandner, Michael R. Rosa, Andrew E. Dolphin, Markus Schmalzl, Eva Hennekemper, Hans Zinnecker, Nino Panagia, You-Hua Chu, Bernhard Brandl, Sascha P. Quanz, Massimo Robberto, Guido Marchi, Robert A. Gruendl, Martino Romaniello

15. A Preliminary Budget for the Ionizing Photons in HII Regions of M51
Leonel Gutiérrez, John Beckman

16. New HST Views at Old Stellar Systems
Alvio Renzini

17. Young Massive Star Clusters in the Era oftheHubble Space Telescope
Richard Grijs

18. The Central Regions of Early-Type Galaxies
Andrés Jordán

19. Nuclear Star Clusters Across the Hubble Sequence
Torsten Böker

20. Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of M31: TheView from HST
Annette M. N. Ferguson

21. Variable Stars in “Nearby” Galaxies with HST
Gisella Clementini

22. Extremely Metal-Poor Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies
Alessandra Aloisi

23. Resolved Stellar Populations in Nearby Galaxy Halos
Marina Rejkuba

24. The Kinematics of Core and Cusp Galaxies: Comparing HST Imaging and Integral-Field Observations
J. Falcón-Barroso, R. Bacon, M. Cappellari, R. L. Davies, P. T. Zeeuw, E. Emsellem, D. Krajnović, H. Kuntschner, R. M. McDermid, R. F. Peletier, M. Sarzi, G. Ven

25. Resolving Extragalactic Star Clusters withHST/ACS
Søren S. Larsen

26. Tracing Galaxy Evolution in Clusters andGroups at z≈1
Simona Mei

27. The Dawn of Galaxies
Piero Madau

28. A Simple Physical Model for Young Galaxies inthe Early Universe
G. Zotti, J. Mao, A. Lapi, G. L. Granato, L. Danese

29. Diffuse Ionized Gas Halos Seen with HST
Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, Jörn Rossa, Michael Dahlem, Roeland Marel

30. The Host Galaxy Properties of Powerful Radio Sources Across Cosmic Time
Robert A. E. Fosbury

31. A New View of the Origin oftheRadio-Quiet/Radio-Loud AGNDichotomy?
Alessandro Capetti, Barbara Balmaverde

32. The Bright and the Dark Side of Malin 1
Renzo Sancisi, Filippo Fraternali

33. Cluster Lensing with Hubble
Jean-Paul Kneib

34. HST Observations of Gravitationally Lensed QSOs
Jean-François Claeskens, Dominique Sluse, Jean Surdej

35. Study of Quasar Host Galaxies Combining HST/ACS Images and VLT Spectra
Yannick Letawe, Géraldine Letawe, Pierre Magain

36. Local Lyman α Emitters and Their Relevance toHigh Redshift Ones
Daniel Kunth, Hakim Atek, Göran Östlin, Matthew Hayes, Miguel Mas-Hesse, Claus Leitherer, Artashes Petrosian, Daniel Schaerer

37. The HST View of Low Luminosity AGN
Marco Chiaberge

38. The Black Hole Masses in Galactic Nuclei
D. J. Axon

39. The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Treasury Survey
David Carter

40. Discovery of a Population of Evolved andMassive Galaxies at High Redshift
Bahram Mobasher, Tommy Wiklind

41. Searching for High Redshift Galaxies Using Population Synthesis Models
Tommy Wiklind, Bahram Mobasher

42. The ACS Grism Mode and ACS Grism Observations of Deep Fields and High z Ly-α Galaxies
Nor Pirzkal, Sangeeta Malhotra, James Rhoads, Chun Xu

43. The Role of HST in the Study of Near- andMid-infrared-selected Galaxies
Karina I. Caputi

44. Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Evolution inCOSMOS
Nick Scoville

45. Mass Estimations of Supermassive Black Holes in Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Elena Dalla Bontà, Laura Ferrarese, Enrico Maria Corsini, Jordi Miralda-Escudé, Lodovico Coccato, Alessandro Pizzella

46. Near-UV Study of Active Galactic Nuclei withAdvanced Camera for Surveys
V. M. MuñozMarín, R. M. GonzálezDelgado, H. R. Schmitt, R. CidFernandes, E. Pérez

47. A Quantitative Analysis of the Morphology ofStar Formation in a Sample ofGOODS-HST/ACS Galaxies
Ruymán Azzollini, J. E. Beckman, Leonel Gutiérrez Albores

48. Visiting Hubble in Orbit
Claude Nicollier

49. HST and JWST: Present and Future
Michael Hauser

50. Enabling Science with the Hubble Legacy Archive
Helmut Jenkner, W. Warren Miller, Bradley C. Whitmore

51. Advanced Calibration Using Physical Instrument Models: HST, VLT and Beyond
Michael R. Rosa, Paul Bristow, Florian Kerber

52. The Hubble Constant and HST
G. A. Tammann, A. Sandage

53. Recent Progress on the Cepheid Distance Scale with HST

Lucas Macri

54. Seeing Dark Energy
Adam G. Riess

55. Closing Remarks
Duccio Macchetto

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
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24 pages
Natural Sciences

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