Kamerman, Sheila B.

From Child Welfare to Child Well-Being

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Table of contents

Part I. Opening Chapters

1. From “Child Saving” to “Child Development”?
Alfred J. Kahn

2. From Child Welfare to Children Well-Being: The Child Indicators Perspective
Asher Ben-Arieh

Part II. Child Welfare

3. An Historical Perspective on Child Welfare
Brenda G. McGowan

4. Testing Practice Wisdom in Child Welfare
Anat Zeira

5. Understanding Child Maltreatment Systems: A Foundation for Child Welfare Policy
Barbara Fallon, Nico Trocmé, John Fluke, Bruce MacLaurin, Lil Tonmyr, Ying-Ying Yuan

6. Fact-Based Child Advocacy: The Convergence of Analysis, Practice, and Politics in New York City
Gail B. Nayowith

7. Using Early Childhood Wellbeing Indicators to Influence Local Policy and Services
Claudia J. Coulton, Robert L. Fischer

8. Social Policy and the Transition to Adulthood for Foster Youth in the US
Mark E. Courtney

Part III. Theoretical Perspectives

9. The Ecological Perspective on the Human Rights of Children
Edmund Bruyere, James Garbarino

10. Social Problem Construction and Its Impact on Program and Policy Responses
Karen M. Staller

11. The Development of International Comparative Child and Family Policies
Shirley Gatenio Gabel

12. Using Child Indicators to Influence Policy: A Comparative Case Study
Lawrence Aber, Juliette Berg, Erin Godfrey, Catalina Torrente

13. In Children’s Voices
Peter Burton, Shelley Phipps

IV. Economic Support

14. Assuring Child Support: A Re-assessment in Honor of Alfred Kahn
Irwin Garfinkel, Lenna Nepomnyaschy

15. Child Poverty and Antipoverty Policies in the United States: Lessons from Research and Cross-National Policies
Sandra K. Danziger, Sheldon Danziger

16. Income Support for Families and the Living Standards of Children
Peter Saunders

17. An International Perspective on Child Benefit Packages
Jonathan Bradshaw

18. Canadian Policies for Families with Very Young Children in International Perspective
Shelley Phipps

19. Child Poverty in Upper-Income Countries: Lessons from the Luxembourg Income Study
Janet C. Gornick, Markus Jäntti

Part V. Issues in ChildWell-Being

20. Early Childhood Education and Care
Peter Moss

21. Childcare Policies in France: The Influence of Organizational Changes in the Workplace
Jeanne Fagnani

22. Regional Case Studies—Child Well Being in Europe
Dominic Richardson

VI. Conclusion

23. Child, Family, and State: The Relationship Between Family Policy and Social Protection Policy
Sheila B. Kamerman

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Quality of Life Research, Social Policy, Social Work, Child and School Psychology

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Children’s Well-Being: Indicators and Research
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