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Table of contents

1. Global Network Measurements of Atmospheric Trace Gas Isotopes
Bruce H. Vaughn, Candice U. Evans, James W. C. White, Christopher J. Still, Kenneth A. Masarie, Jocelyn Turnbull

2. Global Hydrological Isotope Data and Data Networks
Pradeep K. Aggarwal, Luis J. Araguás-Araguás, Manfred Groening, Kshitij M. Kulkarni, Turker Kurttas, Brent D. Newman, Tomas Vitvar

3. Remote Sensing of Nitrogen and Carbon Isotope Compositions in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Lixin Wang, Gregory S. Okin, Stephen A. Macko

4. Novel Approaches for Monitoring of Water Vapor Isotope Ratios: Plants, Lasers and Satellites
Brent R. Helliker, David Noone

5. Applications of Stable Isotopes for Regional to National-Scale Water Quality and Environmental Monitoring Programs
Carol Kendall, Megan B. Young, Steven R. Silva

6. Environment in Time and Space: Opportunities from Tree-Ring Isotope Networks
Steven W. Leavitt, Kerstin Treydte, Liu Yu

7. Statistical and Geostatistical Mapping of Precipitation Water Isotope Ratios
Gabriel J. Bowen

8. Approaches to Plant Hydrogen and Oxygen Isoscapes Generation
Jason B. West, Helen W. Kreuzer, James R. Ehleringer

9. Continental-Scale Distributions of Vegetation Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios
Christopher J. Still, Rebecca L. Powell

10. Comprehensive Dynamical Models of Global and Regional Water Isotope Distributions
David Noone, Christophe Sturm

11. Using Nitrogen Isotope Ratios to Assess Terrestrial Ecosystems at Regional and Global Scales
Linda H. Pardo, Knute J. Nadelhoffer

12. Using Isoscapes to Model Probability Surfaces for Determining Geographic Origins
Michael B. Wunder

13. Using Isoscapes to Track Animal Migration
Keith A. Hobson, Rachel Barnett-Johnson, Thure Cerling

14. Using Isoscapes to Trace the Movements and Foraging Behavior of Top Predators in Oceanic Ecosystems
Brittany S. Graham, Paul L. Koch, Seth D. Newsome, Kelton W. McMahon, David Aurioles

15. Toward a δ13C Isoscape for Primates
Margaret J. Schoeninger

16. Stable and Radiogenic Isotopes in Biological Archaeology: Some Applications
Henry P. Schwarcz, Christine D. White, Fred J. Longstaffe

17. A Framework for the Incorporation of Isotopes and Isoscapes in Geospatial Forensic Investigations
James R. Ehleringer, Alexandra H. Thompson, David W. Podlesak, Gabriel J. Bowen, Lesley A. Chesson, Thure E. Cerling, Todd Park, Paul Dostie, Henry Schwarcz

18. Stable Isotopes in Large Scale Hydrological Applications
John J. Gibson, Balázs M. Fekete, Gabriel J. Bowen

19. The Carbon Isotope Composition of Plants and Soils as Biomarkers of Pollution
Diane E. Pataki, James T. Randerson, Wenwen Wang, MaryKay Herzenach, Nancy E. Grulke

20. Isoscapes in a Rapidly Changing and Increasingly Interconnected World
Gabriel J. Bowen, Jason B. West, Todd E. Dawson

Keywords: Environment, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Environment, general, Ecology, Earth Sciences, general, Anthropology

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Natural Sciences

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