Garikipati, Krishna

IUTAM Symposium on Cellular, Molecular and Tissue Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Experimental and Computational Investigation of Viscoelasticity of Native and Engineered Ligament and Tendon
J. Ma, H. Narayanan, K. Garikipati, K. Grosh, E. M. Arruda

2. A Comparison of a Nonlinear and Quasilinear Viscoelastic Anisotropic Model for Fibrous Tissues
T. D. Nguyen

3. Hysteretic Behavior of Ligaments and Tendons: Microstructural Analysis of Damage, Softening and Non-Recoverable Stra
P. Ciarletta, M. Ben Amar

4. On Measuring Stress Distributions in Epithelia
V. D. Varner, L. A. Taber

5. A Viscoelastic Anisotropic Model for Soft Collageneous Tissues Based on Distributed Fiber–Matrix Units
A. E. Ehret, M. Itskov, G. Weinhold

6. Chemical and Mechanical Micro-Diversity of the Extracellular Matrix
T. Volberg, J. Ulmer, J. Spatz, B. Geiger

7. Tissue-to-Cellular Deformation Coupling in Cell-Microintegrated Elastomeric Scaffolds
J. A. Stella, J. Liao, Y. Hong, W. D. Merryman, W. R. Wagner, M. S. Sacks

8. Orientational Polarizability and Stress Response of Biological Cells
S. A. Safran, R. De, A. Zemel

9. Universal Temporal Response of Fibroblasts Adhering on Cyclically Stretched Substrates
S. Jungbauer, B. Aragües, J. P. Spatz, R. Kemkemer

10. Elastic and Electrostatic Model for DNA in Rotation–Extension Experiments
S. Neukirch, N. Clauvelin, B. Audoly

11. Shape and Energetics of DNA Plectonemes
P. K. Purohit

12. Constitutive Models for the Force-Extension Behavior of Biological Filaments
J. S. Palmer, C. E. Castro, M. Arslan, M. C. Boyce

13. Small Strain Topological Effects of Biopolymer Networks with Rigid Cross-Links
G. Žagar, P. R. Onck, E. Giessen

14. An Observation on Bell’s Model for Molecular Bond Separation Under Force
L. B. Freund

15. A Theoretical Study of the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Focal Adhesion Dynamics
J. E. Olberding, M. D. Thouless, E. M. Arruda, K. Garikipati

16. Tension-Induced Growth of Focal Adhesions at Cell–Substrate Interface
J. Qian, J. Wang, H. Gao

17. Pattern Formation and Force Generation by Cell Ensembles in a Filamentous Matrix
R. Paul, U. S. Schwarz

18. Mechano-Chemical Coupling in Shell Adhesion
R. M. Springman, J. L. Bassani

19. Catch-to-Slip Bond Transition in Biological Bonds by Entropic and Energetic Elasticity
Y. Wei

20. Dilation and Hypertrophy: A Cell-Based Continuum Mechanics Approach Towards Ventricular Growth and Remodeling
J. Ulerich, S. Göktepe, E. Kuhl

21. A Morpho-Elastic Model of Hyphal Tip Growth in Filamentous Organisms
A. Goriely, M. Tabor, A. Tongen

22. Extracellular Control of Limb Regeneration
S. Calve, H.-G. Simon

23. Bone Composite Mechanics Related to Collagen Hydration State
M. L. Oyen, M. Galli

Keywords: Material Science, Biomaterials, Cell Biology, Mathematical Biology in General, Mechanics, Biophysics and Biological Physics

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IUTAM Bookseries
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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