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Phenological Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Overview
Marie R. Keatley, Irene L. Hudson

2. Global Framework for Data Collection – Data Bases, Data Availability, Future Networks, Online Databases
Elisabeth Koch

3. Seasonality as a Core Business of Phenology
François Jeanneret, This Rutishauser

4. Societal adaptation Options to Changes in Phenology
Arnold J.H. Vliet

5. The Influence of Sampling Method, Sample Size, and Frequency of Observations on Plant Phenological Patterns and Interpretation in Tropical Forest Trees
L. Patricia C. Morellato, Maria Gabriela G. Camargo, Fernanda F. D’Eça Neves, Bruno G. Luize, Adelar Mantovani, Irene L. Hudson

6. Regression and Causality
Tim Sparks, Piotr Tryjanowski

7. Combining Messy Phenological Time Series
Jörg Schaber, Franz Badeck, Daniel Doktor, Werner von Bloh

8. Phenology for Topoclimatological Surveys and Large-Scale Mapping
François Jeanneret, This Rutishauser

9. Spatio-Temporal Statistical Methods for Modelling Land Surface Phenology
Kirsten M. Beurs, Geoffrey M. Henebry

10. Climatic Influences on the Flowering Phenology of Four Eucalypts: A GAMLSS Approach
Irene L. Hudson, Susan W. Kim, Marie R. Keatley

11. Bayesian Methods in Phenology
Christoph Schleip, Annette Menzel, Volker Dose

12. Smoothing Methods
Adrian M.I. Roberts

13. Accounting for Correlated Error Structure Within Phenological Data: a Case Study of Trend Analysis of Snowdrop Flowering
Natalie Kelly

14. Modelling the Flowering of Four Eucalypt Species Using New Mixture Transition Distribution Models
Irene L. Hudson, Susan W. Kim, Marie R. Keatley

15. Life History Mediated Responses to Weather, Phenology and Large-Scale Population Patterns
Esa Ranta, Jan Lindström, Veijo Kaitala, Elizabeth Crone, Per Lundberg, Tatu Hokkanen, Eero Kubin

16. Applications of Circular Statistics in Plant Phenology: a Case Studies Approach
L. Patricia C. Morellato, L.F. Alberti, Irene L. Hudson

17. Wavelet Analysis of Flowering and Climatic Niche Identification
Irene L. Hudson, In Kang, Marie R. Keatley

18. Singular Spectrum Analysis: Climatic Niche Identification
Irene L. Hudson, Marie R. Keatley

19. Herbarium Collections and Photographic Images: Alternative Data Sources for Phenological Research
Fran MacGillivray, Irene L. Hudson, Andrew J. Lowe

20. Meta-Analysis and Its Application in Phenological Research: a Review and New Statistical Approaches
Irene L. Hudson

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Environment, general, Climate Change

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Natural Sciences

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