Islam, Md. Shahidul

The Islets of Langerhans

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Table of contents

1. Microscopic Anatomy of the Human Islet of Langerhans
Peter In’t Veld, Miriam Marichal

2. The Comparative Anatomy of Islets
R. Scott Heller

3. Approaches for Imaging Islets: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
Ulf Ahlgren, Martin Gotthardt

4. Islet Cell Development
Anabel Rojas, Adrian Khoo, Juan R. Tejedo, Francisco J. Bedoya, Bernat Soria, Franz Martín

5. High Fat Programming of β-Cell Failure
Marlon E. Cerf

6. Nutrient Regulation of Insulin Secretion and β-Cell Functional Integrity
Philip Newsholme, Celine Gaudel, Neville H. McClenaghan

7. Electrophysiology of Islet Cells
Gisela Drews, Peter Krippeit-Drews, Martina Düfer

8. ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels in Health and Disease
Rebecca Clark, Peter Proks

9. Role of Mitochondria in β-cell Function and Dysfunction
Pierre Maechler, Ning Li, Marina Casimir, Laurène Vetterli, Francesca Frigerio, Thierry Brun

10. Basement Membrane in Pancreatic Islet Function
Martin Kragl, Eckhard Lammert

11. Calcium Signaling in the Islets
M. Shahidul Islam

12. Electrical Bursting, Calcium Oscillations, and Synchronization of Pancreatic Islets
Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman, Leslie S. Satin

13. Cyclic AMP Signaling in Pancreatic Islets
Brian Furman, Wee Kiat Ong, Nigel J. Pyne

14. Exocytosis in Islet β-Cells
Haruo Kasai, Hiroyasu Hatakeyama, Mitsuyo Ohno, Noriko Takahashi

15. The Novel Roles of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1, Angiotensin II, and Vitamin D in Islet Function
Po Sing Leung, Qianni Cheng

16. Proteomics and Islet Research
Meftun Ahmed

17. Wnt Signaling in Pancreatic Islets
Zhengyu Liu, Joel F. Habener

18. Molecular Pathways Underlying the Pathogenesis of Pancreatic α-Cell Dysfunction
Dan Kawamori, Hannah J. Welters, Rohit N. Kulkarni

19. Mechanisms of Pancreatic β-Cell Apoptosis in Diabetes and Its Therapies
James D. Johnson, Dan S. Luciani

20. β-Cell Function in Obese-Hyperglycemic Mice [ob/ob Mice]
Per Lindström

21. Islet Structure and Function in the GK Rat
Bernard Portha, Grégory Lacraz, Audrey Chavey, Florence Figeac, Magali Fradet, Cécile Tourrel-Cuzin, Françoise Homo-Delarche, Marie-Héléne Giroix, Danièle Bailbé, Marie-Noëlle Gangnerau, Jamileh Movassat

22. The β-Cell in Human Type 2 Diabetes
Piero Marchetti, Roberto Lupi, Silvia Del Guerra, Marco Bugliani, Lorella Marselli, Ugo Boggi

23. Clinical Approaches to Preserve β-Cell Function in Diabetes
Bernardo Léo Wajchenberg

24. Immunology of β-Cell Destruction
Daria Torre, Åke Lernmark

25. Toll-Like Receptors and Type 1 Diabetes
Danny Zipris

26. Prevention of β-Cell Destruction in Autoimmune Diabetes: Current Approaches and Future Prospects
Saikiran K. Sedimbi, Carani B. Sanjeevi

27. In Vivo Regeneration of Insulin-Producing β-Cells
Hee-Sook Jun

28. Customized Cell-Based Treatment Options to Combat Autoimmunity and Restore β-Cell Function in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Current Protocols and Future Perspectives
Fred Fändrich, Hendrik Ungefroren

29. The Programmable Cell of Monocytic Origin (PCMO): A Potential Adult Stem/Progenitor Cell Source for the Generation of Islet Cells
Hendrik Ungefroren, Fred Fändrich

30. Islet Isolation for Clinical Transplantation
Tatsuya Kin

31. Human Islet Autotransplantation: The Trail Thus Far and the Highway Ahead
Martin Hermann, Raimund Margreiter, Paul Hengster

32. Modulation of Early Inflammatory Reactions to Promote Engraftment and Function of Transplanted Pancreatic Islets in Autoimmune Diabetes
Lorenzo Piemonti, Luca G. Guidotti, Manuela Battaglia

33. Successes and Disappointments with Clinical Islet Transplantation
Paolo Cravedi, Irene M. Meer, Sara Cattaneo, Piero Ruggenenti, Giuseppe Remuzzi

34. Islet Cell Tumours
Sara Ekeblad

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Diabetes, Cell Biology, Cell Physiology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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