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Acoustical Imaging

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Table of contents

1. Performance of a Method to Standardize Breast Ultrasound Interpretation Using Image Processing and Case-Based Reasoning
M.P. André, M. Galperin, A. Berry, H. Ojeda-Fournier, M. O’Boyle, L. Olson, C. Comstock, A. Taylor, M. Ledgerwood

2. High Resolution Ultrasonic Method for 3D Fingerprint Recognizable Characteristics in Biometrics Identification
R.Gr. Maev, E.Yu. Bakulin, A. Maeva, F. Severin

3. Ultrasonic Detection of Metastases in Dissected Lymph Nodes of Cancer Patients
E.J. Feleppa, J. Mamou, J. Machi, M. Hata, A. Coron, E. Yanagihara, P. Laugier

4. Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Soft Tissue with Ultrasound Vibrometry
I. Nenadich, M. Bernal, J.F. Greenleaf

5. Vector Doppler Method Based on an Automatic Transverse Angle Tracking Procedure
A. Dallai, E. Boni, L. Francalanci, P. Tortoli

6. Proposal for Blood-Flow Imaging by Contrast Echo Using Counter-Crossed Beams
T. Eura, K. Yoshida, Y. Watanabe, T. Takayasu, K. Nakamura, I. Akiyama

7. Inverse Scattering Theory
J. Wiskin, D. Borup, S. Johnson

8. Inverse Scattering Results
J. Wiskin, D. Borup, K. Callahan, Y. Parisky, J. Smith, M.P. André, S. Johnson

9. Multiple Scattering Contribution to Trabecular Bone Backscatter
J. Wójcik, J. Litniewski, A. Nowicki

10. ULA-OP: A Fully Open Ultrasound Imaging/Doppler System
S. Ricci, L. Bassi, A. Cellai, A. Ramalli, F. Guidi, P. Tortoli

11. The Use of Quality Metrics in Ultrasonic Strain Imaging
A. H. Gee, G.M. Treece, L. Chen, R.W. Prager

12. Applying Echoes Mean Frequency Shift for Attenuation Imaging in Tissue
J. Litniewski, Z. Klimonda, A. Nowicki

13. Visualization of Microvessels in Skin by Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Microscope
Y. Saijo, K. Kobayashi, N. Hozumi, A. Tanaka, S. Sakai

14. Technique for Visualization of Anisotropy of Biomedical Tissue by Shear Wave Acoustic Microscopy
B. R. Tittmann, C. Miyasaka, E.Y. Maeva, R.Gr. Maev

15. High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging of Cartilage-Bone Complex
Y. Hagiwara, Y. Saijo, A. Ando, K. Kobayashi, A. Tanaka, N. Hozumi, K. Hatori, E. Itoi

16. Ultra-High Resolution Thin Film Thickness Delineation Using Reflection Phase-Sensitive Acoustic Microscopy
E. A. Mohamed, A. Kamanyi, M. Buttlar, R. Wannemacher, K. Hillmann, W. Ngwa, W. Grill

17. Signal Processing for Time-Lapse Cell Imaging with Vector-Contrast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
M. Buttlar, E.A. Mohamed, W. Grill

18. Acoustic Microscopy Study of Properties and Microstructure of Synthetic and Natural Fiber Composite Materials
I. Severina, J. Sadler, E.Y. Maeva

19. A Defect Localization Procedure Based on Warped Lamb Waves
L. Marchi, A. Marzani, S. Caporale, N. Speciale

20. Second Harmonic Detection Generated from Fastened Bolt
M. Fukuda, K. Imano

21. In-line Ultrasonic Array System for Monitoring Dynamic of Coating Forming by Cold Spray Process
M. Lubrick, S. Titov, V. Leshchynsky, R.Gr. Maev

22. An Experimental Comparison of Thermographic and Acoustical Methods for Evaluation of Layered Structures
R.Gr. Maev, D. Gavrilov, G. Ghodsi, E.Y. Maeva

23. Acoustic Microscope Inspection of Cylindrical Butt Laser Welds
R.Gr. Maev, F. Severin

24. Intracardiac Forward-Looking Ultrasound Imaging Catheters Using Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
A. Nikoozadeh, I.O. Wygant, D.-S. Lin, Ö. Oralkan, K. Thomenius, A. Dentinger, D. Wildes, G. Akopyan, K. Shivkumar, A. Mahajan, D.N. Stephens, M. O’Donnell, D. Sahn, P.T. Khuri-Yakub

25. Conformal Ultrasound Imaging System
R. S. Singh, M.O. Culjat, M. Lee, D.B. Bennett, S. Natarjan, B.P. Cox, E.R. Brown, W.S. Grundfest, H. Lee

26. Air-Coupled Vibrometry
D. Döring, I. Solodov, G. Busse

27. A Hybrid Kirchhoff Migration Direction-of-Arrival Method for Underwater Imaging of Complex Objects Using Sparse Sensor Arrays
J. -F. Dord, C. Farhat

28. Multi-View Acoustic Sizing and Classification of Individual Fish
P. L. D. Roberts, J.S. Jaffe

29. Acoustic Image Models for Obstacle Avoidance with Forward-Looking Sonar
T. Masek, M. Kölsch

30. Underwater Acoustical Imaging and Sensing Systems for Homing, Docking, Navigation and Collision Avoidance
H. Lee

31. Resolving the Location of Acoustic Point Sources Scattered Due to the Presence of a Skull Phantom
J. Sadler, K. Shapoori, E. Malyarenko, A. DiCarlo, J. Dech, F. Severin, R.Gr. Maev

32. Reflection and Scattering of Acoustical Waves from a Discontinuity in Absorption
J. P. Jones, S. Leeman, E. Nolan, D. Lee

33. Automatic Regions of Interest Segmentation for Computer Aided Classification of Prostate Trus Images
M. Scebran, A. Palladini, S. Maggio, L. Marchi, N. Speciale

34. Determination of B/A of Biological Media by Measuring and Modeling Nonlinear Distortion of Pulsed Acoustic Wave in Two-Layer System of Media
T. Kujawska, J. Wójcik, A. Nowicki

35. A Consideration of Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Nonlinear Acoustic Wave Propagation Using the CIP Method
M. Konno, K. Okubo, T. Tsuchiya, N. Tagawa

36. A Study of Similarity Measures for In Vivo 3D Ultrasound Volume Registration
U. Z. Ijaz, R.W. Prager, A.H. Gee, G.M. Treece

37. Image Quality Improvement Performance Using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique Data
P. Acevedo, A. Durán, E. Rubio

38. Expectation Maximization for Joint Deconvolution and Statistics Estimation
M. Alessandrini, A. Palladini, L. Marchi, N. Speciale

39. Particle Swarm Optimization for In Vivo 3D Ultrasound Volume Registration
U. Z. Ijaz, R.W. Prager, A.H. Gee, G.M. Treece

40. Gauge Theory Formulation of Acoustical Imaging
W. S. Gan

41. High Resolution Pulse Compression Imaging Using Super Resolution FM-Chirp Correlation Method (SCM)
M. Fujiwara, K. Okubo, N. Tagawa

42. Medical Ultrasound Image Deconvolution
H.-C. Shin, R.W. Prager, H. Gomersall, N. Kingsbury, G.M. Treece, A.H. Gee

43. Numerical and Physical Modeling of Tomography Process Based on Third-Order Nonlinear Acoustical Effects
V.A. Burov, A.A. Shmelev, O.D. Rumyantseva

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Imaging / Radiology, Ultrasound

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Acoustical Imaging
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