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EPSA Philosophical Issues in the Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Contingency and Inherency in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Werner Callebaut

2. Dualities and Intertheoretic Relations
Elena Castellani

3. Are ‘Identical Quantum Particles’ Weakly Discernible Objects?
Dennis Dieks

4. Wave–Particle Duality in Quantum Optics
Brigitte Falkenburg

5. Remarks on a Structural Account of Scientific Explanation
Laura Felline

6. Mathematical Knowledge and the Interplay of Practices
José Ferreirós

7. Einstein, Kant, and the A Priori
Michael Friedman

8. Causal Models and the Asymmetry of State Preparation
Mathias Frisch

9. Bell-Type Inequalities from Separate Common Causes
Gerd Graßhoff, Adrian Wüthrich

10. Entanglement, Upper Probabilities and Decoherence in Quantum Mechanics
Stephan Hartmann, Patrick Suppes

11. Gauge Symmetry and the Theta-Vacuum
Richard Healey

12. The Chemical Bond: Structure, Energy and Explanation
Robin Findlay Hendry

13. Randomness, Financial Markets and the Brownian Motion: A Reflection on the Role of Mathematics in Their Interaction with Financial Theory After 1973
Ghislaine Idabouk

14. Causation Across Levels, Constitution, and Constraint
Max Kistler

15. Epistemic Consequences of Two Different Strategies for Decomposing Biological Networks
Ulrich Krohs

16. Matter(s) in Relativity Theory
Dennis Lehmkuhl

17. Individual Particles, Properties and Quantum Statistics
Matteo Morganti

18. Evolution and Directionality: Lessons from Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem
Samir Okasha

19. Substantive General Covariance: Another Decade of Dispute
Oliver Pooley

20. Relativity, Locality and Tense
Steven Savitt

21. A Weylian Approach Towards Theories of Matter: Dynamic Agents and Geometrisation
Norman Sieroka

22. Mirroring and Understanding Action
Corrado Sinigaglia

23. Absolute Objects and General Relativity: Dynamical Considerations
Adán Sus

24. Empirical Foundation of Space and Time
László E. Szabó

25. Making Contact with Observations
Ioannis Votsis

26. The Formulation and Justification of Mathematical Definitions Illustrated By Deterministic Chaos
Charlotte Werndl

27. Do We Need Some Large, Simple Randomized Trials in Medicine?
John Worrall

28. Incontinence, Honouring Sunk Costs and Rationality
António Zilhão

29. Causal Fundamentalism in Physics
Henrik Zinkernagel

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Philosophy of Biology, Epistemology, Logic

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