Fitzgibbon, W.

Applied and Numerical Partial Differential Equations

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Table of contents

1. Roland Glowinski: The Unconventional and Unexpected Path of a Mathematician
William E. Fitzgibbon, Jacques F. Périaux

2. The Scientific Career of Roland Glowinski
Olivier Pironneau

3. On a Class of Partial Differential Equations with Nonlocal Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
Alain Bensoussan, Janos Turi

4. A Unified Discrete–Continuous Sensitivity Analysis Method for Shape Optimization
Martin Berggren

5. A Novel Approach to Modeling Coronary Stents Using a Slender Curved Rod Model: A Comparison Between Fractured Xience-Like and Palmaz-Like Stents
Josip Tambača, Sunčica Čanić, David Paniagua

6. On the Stochastic Modelling of Interacting Populations. A Multiscale Approach Leading to Hybrid Models
Vincenzo Capasso, Daniela Morale

7. Remarks on the Controllability of Some Parabolic Equations and Systems
Enrique Fernández-Cara

8. Goal Oriented Mesh Adaptivity for Mixed Control-State Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
Michael Hintermüller, Ronald H. W. Hoppe

9. Feedback Solution and Receding Horizon Control Synthesis for a Class of Quantum Control Problems
Kazufumi Ito, Qin Zhang

10. Fluid Dynamics of Mixtures of Incompressible Miscible Liquids
Daniel D. Joseph

11. Demand Forecasting Method Based on Stochastic Processes and Its Validation Using Real-World Data
Yinggao Zheng, Hiroshi Suito, Hideo Kawarada

12. Analytic Bounds for Diagonal Elements of Functions of Matrices
Gérard Meurant

13. Numerical Methods for Ferromagnetic Plates
Michel Flück, Thomas Hofer, Ales Janka, Jacques Rappaz

14. Two-Sided Estimates of the Solution Set for the Reaction–Diffusion Problem with Uncertain Data
Olli Mali, Sergey Repin

15. Guaranteed Error Bounds for Conforming Approximations of a Maxwell Type Problem
Pekka Neittaanmäki, Sergey Repin

16. A Componentwise Splitting Method for Pricing American Options Under the Bates Model
Jari Toivanen

17. Exact Controllability of the Time Discrete Wave Equation: A Multiplier Approach
Xu Zhang, Chuang Zheng, Enrique Zuazua

Keywords: Physics, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Numerical and Computational Physics, Partial Differential Equations, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Computational Science and Engineering, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Natural Sciences

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