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Geophysical Hazards

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Table of contents

1. The IYPE Hazards Theme: Minimising Risk, Maximising Awareness

1. The Hazards Theme of the International Year of Planet Earth
Tom Beer

2. Social Science Perspectives on Hazards and Vulnerability Science
Susan L. Cutter

3. Focusing on the Environment and Human Security Nexus
Juan Carlos Villagrán de León, Janos J. Bogardi

4. Communicating Geological Hazards: Educating, Training and Assisting Geoscientists in Communication Skills
David Liverman

2. The Response of the International Scientific Community

5. Introduction of a New International Research Program: Integrated Research on Disaster Risk - The Challenge of Natural and Human-Induced Environmental Hazards
Gordon A. McBean

6. Building a University Network for Disaster Risk Reduction in sub-Saharan Africa
Genene Mulugeta

7. Co-operation Plan on Hazards & Disasters Risk Reduction in Asia and the Pacific
Harsh Gupta

3. Geophysical Risk and Sustainability: Climate and Climate Change

8. Closing the Gap Between Science and Practice to Reduce Human Losses in Hydro-Meteorological Disasters
Kuniyoshi Takeuchi

9. The Role of Geosciences in the Mitigation of Natural Disasters: Five Case Studies
S.A.G. Leroy, S. Warny, H. Lahijani, E.L. Piovano, D. Fanetti, A.R. Berger

4. Geophysical Risk and Sustainability: Theory and Practice

10. Seismic Hazard in India - Practical Aspects and Initiatives During IYPE
R.K. Chadha

11. Computational Geodynamics as a Component of Comprehensive Seismic Hazards Analysis
Alik Ismail-Zadeh

12. Hazards in the Coastal Zones Related to Groundwater–Seawater Interaction Processes
Y. A. Kontar, Yu. R. Ozorovich, A. T. Salokhiddinnov

5. GeoHazards and Risks – Observation and Assessment

13. Mega Tsunami of the World Oceans: Chevron Dune Formation, Micro-Ejecta, and Rapid Climate Change as the Evidence of Recent Oceanic Bolide Impacts
Viacheslav Gusiakov, Dallas H. Abbott, Edward A. Bryant, W. Bruce Masse, Dee Breger

14. Understanding Slow Deformation Before Dynamic Failure
G. Ventura, S. Vinciguerra, S. Moretti, P.H. Meredith, M.J. Heap, P. Baud, S.A. Shapiro, C. Dinske, J. Kummerow

15. Landslides in Mountain Regions: Hazards, Resources and Information
Raisa Gracheva, Alexandra Golyeva

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Climate Change, Physical Geography

Publication year
International Year of Planet Earth
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281 pages
Natural Sciences

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