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Physiology of Cotton

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Table of contents

1. The Origin and Evolution of Gossypium
Jonathan F. Wendel, Curt L. Brubaker, Tosak Seelanan

2. Germplasm Resources for Physiological Research and Development
James McD. Stwart

3. Morphological Alterations in Response to Management and Environment
Randy Wells, Alexander M. Stewart

4. Physiological and Anatomical Factors Determining Fiber Structure and Utility
C.H. Haigler

5. Germination and Seedling Development
Judith M. Bradow, Philip J. Bauer

6. Growth and Development of Root Systems
B.L. McMichael, D.M. Oosterhuis, J.C. Zak, C.A. Beyrouty

7. Temporal Dynamics of Cotton Leaves and Canopies
G.A. Constable, D.M. Oosterhuis

8. Cotton Source/Sink Relationships
Donald N. Baker, Jeffery T. Baker

9. Relation of growth and development to Mineral Nutrition
G.L. Mullins, C.H. Burmester

10. Cycles and Rhythms in Cotton
William A. Cress, James McD. Stewart

11. Physiology of Seed and Fiber Development
Reiner H. Kloth, Rickie B. Turley

12. Plant Responses to Temperature Extremes
John J. Burke, Donald F. Wanjura

13. Plant Responses to Salinity
John Gorham, Andre Läuchli, Eduardo O. Leidi

14. Plant Responses to Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities
Steven C. Hodges, Greg Constable

15. Air Pollution Stress
Patrick J. Temple, David A. Grantz

16. Respnses of Cotton to CO2 Enrichment
Jack R. Mauney

17. Inter-Plant Competition: Growth Responses to Plant Density and Row Spacing
J.J. Heitholt, G.F. Sassenrath-Cole

18. Cotton Host-Microbe Interactions
A.A. Bell, C.R. Howell, R.D. Stipanovic

19. Ecophysiology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in Cotton
David B. Nehl, Peter A. McGee

20. Mechanisms of Cotton Resistance to Arthropod Herbivory
Víctor O. Sadras, Gary W. Felton

21. Effects of Environment on Fiber Quality
Judith M. Bradow, Gayle H. Davidonis

22. Physiological Responses to Tillage Systems, Cover Crops, and Residue Management
C.O. Gwathmey, J.F. Bradley, A.Y. Chambers, D.D. Howard, D.D. Tyler

23. Crop Water Management to Optimize Growth and Yield
K.D. Hake, D.W. Grimes

24. Interpretation of Plant Mineral Status
Wayne E. Sabbe, Steven C. Hodges

25. Foliar Fertilization of Cotton
Derrick M. Oosterhuis, Billy L. Weir

26. Use of Growth Regulators in Cotton Production
J. Tom Cothern, D.M. Oosterhuis

27. Physiological Rationales in Plant Monitoring and Mapping
Thomas A. Kereby, Fred M. Bourland, Kater D. Hake

28. Physicalogical Simulation of Cotton Growth and Yield
Juan A. Landivar, K. Raja Reddy, Harry F. Hodges

29. Ontogeny of Cotton Seeds: Gametogenesis, Embryogenesis, Germination, and Seedling Growth
Rickie B. Turley, Kent D. Chapman

30. Secondary Products
Robert D. Stipanovic, Howard J. Williams, Alois A. Bell

31. Neutral Nonstructural Carbohydrates
Donald L. Hendrix

32. Biochemistry of the Fiber
Carolyn Zieher

33. Cotton Regeneration
Norma Trolinder

34. Current Status of Cotton Molecular Biology
Lynnette M.A. Dirk, Thea A. Wilkins

35. Genetic Engineering Applications In Crop Improvement
M.E. John, J.McD. Stewart

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Plant Anatomy/Development, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology

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