Mosher, David C.

Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences

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Table of contents

1. Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences
D. C. Mosher, L. Moscardelli, R. C. Shipp, J. D. Chaytor, C. D. P. Baxter, H. J. Lee, R. Urgeles

I. Submarine Mass Movements: Triggers, Mechanics, and Geotechnical Properties

2. Interplay Between Gas Hydrates and Submarine Slope Failure
J. L. H. Grozic

3. Advanced Dynamic Soil Testing — Introducing the New Marum Dynamic Triaxial Testing Device
S. Kreiter, T. Moerz, M. Strasser, M. Lange, W. Schunn, B. F. Schlue, D. Otto, A. Kopf

4. Clustering of Geotechnical Properties of Marine Sediments Through Self—Organizing Maps: An Example from the Zakynthos Canyon—Valley System, Greece
M. D. Ferentinou, T. Hasiotis, M. G. Sakellariou

5. Identification of Shear Zones and Their Causal Mechanisms Using a Combination of Cone Penetration Tests and Seismic Data in the Eastern Niger Delta
S. Garziglia, N. Sultan, A. Cattaneo, S. Ker, B. Marsset, V. Riboulot, M. Voisset, J. Adamy, S. Unterseh

6. Mass Wasting Dynamics at the Deeper Slope of the Ligurian Margin (Southern France)
A. Förster, V. Spieβ, A. J. Kopf, B. Dennielou

7. Characterization of Micaceous Sand for Investigation of a Subsea Mass Movement
T. Langford, S. Perkins

8. Estimating Drag Forces on Suspended and Laid-on-Seafloor Pipelines Caused by Clay-Rich Submarine Debris Flow Impact
A. Zakeri

9. Experimental Investigation of Subaqueous Clay-Rich Debris Flows, Turbidity Generation and Sediment Deposition
A. Zakeri, G. Si, J. D. G. Marr, K. Høeg

10. The Kinematics of a Debris Avalanche on the Sumatra Margin
A. S. Bradshaw, D. R. Tappin, D. Rugg

11. 3D Numerical Modelling of Submerged and Coastal Landslide Propagation
P. Mazzanti, F. Bozzano, M. V. Avolio, V. Lupiano, S. Di Gregorio

12. Peculiar Morphologies of Subaqueous Landslide Deposits and Their Relationship to Flow Dynamics
P. Mazzanti, F. V. Blasio

13. Large Landslides on Passive Continental Margins: Processes, Hypotheses and Outstanding Questions
D. G. Masson, R. B. Wynn, P. J. Talling

14. Origin of Overpressure and Slope Failure in the Ursa Region, Northern Gulf of Mexico
B. Dugan, J. Stigall

15. History of Pore Pressure Build Up and Slope Instability in Mud-Dominated Sediments of Ursa Basin, Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope
R. Urgeles, J. Locat, D. E. Sawyer, P. B. Flemings, B. Dugan, N. T. T. Binh

16. How Does Fluid Inflow Geometry Control Slope Destabilization?
I. Kock, K. Huhn

17. Geochemical Evidence for Groundwater-Charging of Slope Sediments: The Nice Airport 1979 Landslide and Tsunami Revisited
A. J. Kopf, S. Kasten, J. Blees

18. Modeling Slope Instability as Shear Rupture Propagation in a Saturated Porous Medium
R. C. Viesca, J. R. Rice

II. Submarine Mass Movements: Case Studies and Hazard Assessment

19. Submarine Mass Transport Within Monterey Canyon: Benthic Disturbance Controls on the Distribution of Chemosynthetic Biological Communities
C. K. Paull, B. Schlining, W. Ussler, E. Lundste, J. P. Barry, D. W. Caress, J. E. Johnson, M. McGann

20. Multi-direction Flow in a Mass-Transport Deposit, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
L. B. Ashabranner, E. K. Tripsanas, R. C. Shipp

21. Small-Scale Insights into Seismic-Scale Slumps: A Comparison of Slump Features from the Waitemata Basin, New Zealand, and the Møre Basin, Off-Shore Norway
S. Bull, J. Cartwright

22. The Block Composite Submarine Landslide, Southern New England Slope, U.S.A.: A Morphological Analysis
J. Locat, U. S. ten Brink, J. D. Chaytor

23. Post-Megaslide Slope Stability North of Svalbard, Arctic Ocean
D. Winkelmann, W. H. Geissler, R. Stein, F. Niessen

24. Geomorphology of the Talismán Slide (Western slope of Hatton Bank, NE Atlantic Ocean)
M. Sayago-Gil, D. Long, L. -M. Fernández-Salas, K. Hitchen, N. López-González, V. Díaz-del-Río, P. Durán-Muñoz

25. Investigations on the Peach 4 Debrite, a Late Pleistocene Mass Movement on the Northwest British Continental Margin
M. Owen, S. Day, D. Long, M. Maslin

26. Redistribution of Sediments by Submarine Landslides on the Eastern Nankai Accretionary Prism
K. Kawamura, T. Kanamatsu, M. Kinoshita, S. Saito, T. Shibata, K. Fujino, A. Misawa, K. C. Burmeister

27. Mass Wasting at the Easternmost Cyprus Arc, Off Syria, Eastern Mediterranean
E. Tahchi, R. Urgeles, C. Hübscher, J. Benkhelil

28. Risk Analysis for Hurricane-Wave Induced Submarine Mudslides
M. C. Nodine, R. B. Gilbert, J. Y. Cheon, S. G. Wright, E. G. Ward

29. GIS-Based Assessment of Submarine Mudflow Hazard Offshore of the Mississippi Delta, Gulf of Mexico
C. Hitchcock, R. Givler, M. Angell, J. Hooper

30. Spatial Analysis of Shallow Slope Instability Incorporating an Engineering Geological Ground Model
B. Mackenzie, J. Hooper, D. Rushton

31. Estimating the Empirical Probability of Submarine Landslide Occurrence
E. L. Geist, T. Parsons

32. Constraining Geohazards to the Past: Impact Assessment of Submarine Mass Movements on Seabed Developments
S. Thomas, J. Hooper, M. Clare

33. Evaluating Gas-Generated Pore Pressure with Seismic Reflection Data in a Landslide-Prone Area: An Example from Finneidfjord, Norway
E. C. Morgan, M. Vanneste, O. Longva, I. Lecomte, B. McAdoo, L. Baise

34. Historic and Paleo-Submarine Landslide Deposits Imaged Beneath Port Valdez, Alaska: Implications for Tsunami Generation in a Glacial Fiord
H. F. Ryan, H. J. Lee, P. J. Haeussler, C. R. Alexander, R. E. Kayen

35. Multibeam Bathymetry Investigations of Mass Movements in Lake Le Bourget (NW Alps, France) Using a Portable Platform
G. Ledoux, P. Lajeunesse, E. Chapron, G. St-Onge

36. Morphodynamic and Slope Instability Observations at Wabush Lake, Labrador
D. Turmel, J. Locat, G. Cauchon-Voyer, C. Lavoie, P. Simpkin, G. Parker, P. Lauzière

37. Climate-Induced Turbidity Current Activity in NW-African Canyon Systems
R. Henrich, T. J. J. Hanebuth, Y. Cherubini, S. Krastel, R. Pierau, C. Zühlsdorff

III. Submarine Mass Movements in Margin Construction and Economic Significance

38. Investigating the Timing, Processes and Deposits of One of the World's Largest Submarine Gravity Flows: The ‘Bed 5 Event’ Off Northwest Africa
R. B. Wynn, P. J. Talling, D. G. Masson, C. J. Stevenson, B. T. Cronin, T. P. Le Bas

39. MTCs of the Brazos-Trinity Slope System; Thoughts on the Sequence Stratigraphy of MTCs and Their Possible Roles in Shaping Hydrocarbon Traps
R. T. Beaubouef, V. Abreu

40. Southeast Australia: A Cenozoic Continental Margin Dominated by Mass Transport
R. Boyd, J. Keene, T. Hubble, J. Gardner, K. Glenn, K. Ruming, N. Exon

41. A Database on Submarine Landslides of the Mediterranean Sea
A. Camerlenghi, R. Urgeles, L. Fantoni

42. Submarine Landslides Along the Algerian Margin: A Review of Their Occurrence and Potential Link with Tectonic Structures
A. Cattaneo, N. Babonneau, G. Dan, J. Déverchère, A. Domzig, V. Gaullier, B. Lepillier, B. M. Lépinay, A. Nouguès, P. Strzerzynski, N. Sultan, K. Yelles

43. Mass-Transport Deposits on the Algerian Margin (Algiers Area): Morphology, Lithology and Sedimentary Processes
G. Dan, N. Sultan, A. Cattaneo, J. D. éverchère, K. Yelles

44. Detailed Analysis of a Submarine Landslide (SAR-27) in the Deep Basin Offshore Algiers (Western Mediterranean)
A. Nouguès, N. Sultan, A. Cattaneo, G. Dan, K. Yelles

45. 3D Seismic Interpretation of Mass Transport Deposits: Implications for Basin Analysis and Geohazard Evaluation
J. Frey-Martínez

46. Slope Instability on the French Guiana Transform Margin from Swath-Bathymetry and 3.5 kHz Echograms
V. Gaullier, L. Loncke, L. Droz, C. Basile, A. Maillard, M. Patriat, W. R. Roest, B. Loubrieu, L. Folens, F. Carol

47. Megaslides in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
C. G. Silva, E. Araújo, A. T. Reis, R. Perovano, C. Gorini, B. C. Vendeville, N. Albuquerque

48. Detached and Shelf-Attached Mass Transport Complexes on the Magdalena Deepwater Fan
G. A. Romero-Otero, R. M. Slatt, C. Pirmez

49. Character, Distribution and Timing of Latest Quaternary Mass-Transport Deposits in Texas—Louisiana Intraslope Basins Based on High-Resolution (3.5 kHz) Seismic Facies and Piston Cores
H. C. Olson, J. E. Damuth

50. Upper Cretaceous Mass Transport Systems Above the Wyandot Formation Chalk, Offshore Nova Scotia
B. M. Smith, M. E. Deptuck, K. L. Kendell

51. The Significance of Mass-Transport Deposits for the Evolution of a Proglacial Continental Slope
T. J. Huppertz, D. J. W. Piper, D. C. Mosher, K. Jenner

IV. Submarine Mass Movements and Tsunamis

52. Middle to Late Miocene Slope Failure and the Generation of a Regional Unconformity Beneath the Western Scotian Slope, Eastern Canada
D. C. Campbell, D. C. Mosher

53. Mass Transport Deposits on the Southwestern Newfoundland Slope
M. K. Giles, D. C. Mosher, D. J. W. Piper, G. D. Wach

54. Mass Transport Events and Their Tsunami Hazard
D. R. Tappin

55. Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tsunamis Generated by Submarine Landslides: Generation, Propagation, and Shoreline Impact
P. Lynett

56. Calculations of Tsunamis from Submarine Landslides
G. Gisler, R. P. Weaver, M. Gittings

57. Experiments on Tsunamis Generated by 3D Granular Landslides
F. Mohammed, H. M. Fritz

58. Distal Turbidites and Tsunamigenic Landslides of Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy)
A. Di Roberto, M. Rosi, A. Bertagnini, M. P. Marani, F. Gamberi

59. Tsunamigenic Risks Associated with Mass Transport Complexes in Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela
L. Moscardelli, M. Hornbach, L. Wood

60. Distribution and Tsunamigenic Potential of Submarine Landslides in the Gulf of Mexico
J. D. Chaytor, D. C. Twichell, P. Lynett, E. L. Geist

61. A Study of the Tsunami Effects of Two Landslides in the St. Lawrence Estuary
R. Poncet, C. Campbell, F. Dias, J. Locat, D. Mosher

62. The Pliocene Shelburne Mass-Movement and Consequent Tsunami, Western Scotian Slope
D. C. Mosher, Z. Xu, J. Shimeld

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Physical Geography

Publication year
Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research
Page amount
816 pages
Natural Sciences

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