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Management and Sustainable Development of Coastal Zone Environments

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Table of contents

Section 1. Evaluation, Status Prediction, Modelling and Developments of Coastal Zones: Management Issues

1. Observational Needs for Sustainable Coastal Prediction and Management
Raghu Murtugudde

2. Ecological Modelling as a Tool for Coastal Ecosystem Management
Wen Long

3. Current Status of Coastal Zone Management Practices in India
S. Swarna Latha, M. Bala Krishna Prasad

4. Climate Resilient Coastal Zone Development in Bangladesh: Participatory Governance for Common Resources Management
Paramesh Nandy, M. Aminul Islam

5. Present Status, Challenges and Management of the Japanese Coastal Zone Environment
Manish Kumar, Rita Chauhan

6. Integrating Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic Models for Decision Support Systems and Management of Coastal Zones and Estuaries
Prabin Paul, Vladimir Cvetkovic

7. Creation of System “Delta-Sea” as a Basis of Ecosystem Approach to the Management of Large Aral Sea’s Coastal Zone
Yusup Khai Rysbekov

Section 2. Coastal Zone Water Resources (Quantity and Quality): Challenges for Sustainability

8. Critical Evaluation of the Recent Development and Trends in Submarine Groundwater Discharge Research in Asia
Manish Kumar, A L. Ramanathan, B. R. Neupane, Dinh Tu, Seok-hwi Kim

9. Influence of Climate Factors on the Groundwater Resources of Coastal Tamilnadu
S. Chidambaram, K. Trumalesh, A L. Ramanathan, G. Johnsonbabu, P. Paramaguru, U. Karmegam, R. Manivannan, K. Srinivasamoorthy, S. Manikandan

10. Natural Arsenic in Coastal Groundwaters in the Bengal Delta Region in West Bengal, India
Prosun Bhattacharya, Gunnar Jacks, Bibhas Nath, Debashis Chatterjee, Ashis Biswas, Dipti Halder, Santanu Majumder, Subhamoy Bhowmick, A L. Ramanathan

11. Chemical Composition and Origin of the Coastal Zone Thermal Springs in Far East Russia
O. V. Chudaev, V. A. Chudaeva, I. V. Bragin

Section 3. Biodiversity of Coastal Zones and Its Sustainability

12. Organic Matter and Mangrove Productivity
M. Bala Krishna Prasad, Thorsten Dittmar, AL. Ramanathan

13. Influence of Terrestrial Inputs on Mangrove and Coral Reef: Primary Productivity of the Andaman Islands
R. Ramesh, B. Senthilkumar, Jennifer Immaculate Divia, R. Purvaja

14. Dissolved Metal Distribution in Indian Mangrove Ecosystem: Case Studies from East Coast of India
Gurmeet Singh, Rajesh Kumar Ranjan, Rita Chauhan, A L. Ramanathan

Section 4. Threats to Coastal Aquatic Ecosystems: Developmental and Sustainability Issues

15. Shrimp Culture: Trend, Consequences and Sustainability in the South-western Coastal Region of Bangladesh
Dilip Kumar Datta, Kushal Roy, Nazia Hassan

16. Role of Sand Dunes and Mangroves in the Mitigation of Coastal Hazards with Reference to 2004 Tsunami
K. Rajani Priya, K. Santhi Kiran, Ugyen Pema

17. Assessment of Potential Health Risk through Arsenic Flow in Food Chain—A Study in Gangetic Delta of West Bengal
A. C. Samal, S. Kar, Piyal Bhattacharya, S. C. Santra

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Coastal Sciences, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Biogeosciences, Sustainable Development, Hydrogeology

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