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Highway and Urban Environment

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Table of contents

1. Planning for Sustainable Mobility with Personal Rapid Transit in Small European Cities
Alexandra Lichtenberg, Patrícia Guimarães, Heleen Podsedkowska

2. Financing Urban Transport Through Value Capture
Lucía Mejía Dorantes, José Manuel Vassallo Magro

3. Environmental Costs Account: A Base for Measuring Sustainability in Transport Plans
Andres Monzón, Alvaro Fernandez, Pablo Jorda

4. A GIS Raster Model for Assessing the Environmental Quality of Spain Focused on SEA and Infrastructure Planning Procedures (LATINO Model)
Luis G. García-Montero, Santiago Mancebo Quintana, Miguel A. Casermeiro, Isaabel Otero Pastor, Abdrés Monzón Cáceres

5. Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Areas
María Eugenia López-Lambas

6. Bases for Building a Sustainability Indicator System for Transport
Alfredo Tolón-Becerra, Isabel Otero-Pastor, Pedro Pérez, Alejandra Ezquerra-Canalejo, Xavier Lastra-Bravo

7. Biodiesel from Waste Olive Oil: Transesterification Kinetics, Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption
Laureano Canoira, Ramón Alcántara, Nikolaos Tsiouvaras, M. Jesús García- Martínez, Juan García Galeán, Alberto Llamas Lois, Evripidis Lois, Dimitrios M. Korres

8. Intake Fraction for Benzene Traffic Emissions in Helsinki
Joana Soares, Miranda Loh, Ari Karppinen, Leena Kangas, Kari Riikonen, Matti Jantunen, Jaakko Kukkonen

9. Modelling of Air Pollutants of Highway Roads in Hungary
Györgyi Baranka

10. Seasonal Trend of Water-Soluble Ions at One TSP and Five PM2.5 Sampling Sites in Beijing, China
Nina Schleicher, Stefan Norra, Fahe Chai, Yizhen Chen, Shulan Wang, Doris Stüben

11. Utilization of Meandering in a Receptor-Oriented Solution of the Line Source Dispersion Equation
Jari Härkönen, Janne Berger, Mari Kauhaniemi, Juha Nikmo, Ari Karppinen

12. Measurements of Heavy Metals in Dry and Wet Deposition in São Paulo City
Ana Paula G. Fontenele, Adalgiza Fornaro, Jairo J. Pedrotti

13. Exposure of Cyclists to Ultra Fine Particles
Luc Int Panis, Nico Bleux, Rudi Torfs, Vinit Mishra, Bas Geus, Romain Meeusen, Grégory Vandenbulcke, Isabelle Thomas

14. Air Pollution Exposure in an Unventilated Tunnel in Leeds, UK
Anil Namdeo, James Tippins

15. Assessment of Aerosol Concentration Sampled at Five Sites in Beijing from 2005 Till 2007
Stefan Norra, Nina Schleicher, Doris Stüben, Fahe Chai, Yzhen Chen, Shulan Wang

16. Emissions Pollutant from Diesel, Biodiesel and Natural Gas Refuse Collection Vehicles in Urban Areas
José M. López, Nuria Flores, Felipe Jiménez, Francisco Aparicio

17. Platinum-Group Element Distribution in Hathersage, a Small Town Near Sheffield, UK: Evidence for a Single Source from Catalytic Converters
Hazel M. Prichard, Jean Sampson, Matt J. Jackson

18. Platinum and Lead in South African Road Dust
Sebastien Rauch, Olalekan S. Fatoki

19. Reduction of Stormwater Runoff Toxicity by Wet Detention Ponds
Tove Wium-Andersen, Asbjørn H. Nielsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen, Jes Vollertsen

20. Microbial Contaminants Removal in a Stormwater Pond
Thomas J. R. Pettersson, Johan Åström

21. Reuse of Solid Waste from the Clearing of Road Basins and Ditches in Civil Engineering: Environmental Characterization, Ways of Treatment and Their Efficiency
Paul-Emile Martin, Laurent Eisenlohr, Guy Bobillon, Pierrick Esnault, C. Gardet

22. Methodology Used for Comparing Two Locations for the New Lisbon Airport Based on the Impacts on Surface Water
Ana Estela Barbosa, João Soromenho Rocha, João Nuno Fernandes

23. Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Surface Waters and Runoff
Olalekan S. Fatoki, Titus Ree, Joyce Nakhavhembe

24. Use of Absorptive Media to Monitor Stormwater Contamination in Small Urban Drains
Stephen Marshall, Vincent Pettigrove, Matthew Potter, Tony Barrett

25. Effects of Atmospheric Salt Deposition on Highway Runoff Characteristics – A Pilot Case Study
Pedro Baila Antunes, Ana Estela Barbosa

26. Size Fractionation of Heavy Metals in Highway Runoff Waters
Beatrice Béchet, Bertrand Durin, Michel Legret, Pierre Cloirec

27. Ecotoxicological Impacts on Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) Exposed to Runoff from a Four Lane Motorway in Norway
Sondre Meland, Bjørn Olav Rosseland, Brit Salbu

28. Potential of Road Surface for a Non-point Source of Pollutants – Result of Nationwide Survey in Japan
Norihide Tamoto, Takeyoshi Matsui, Takashi Sakakibara

29. Trace Metals in Stockholm Sediments
Sebastien Rauch, Malin Kylander, Maryam Khosravi, Arne Jamtrot

30. Environmental Impacts of the A6 Highway in La Silva Stream in the Region of Bierzo. (Leon). Spain
Lucas Vadillo, Virginia Rodriguez, Esther Alberruche, Osvaldo Aduvire, Margarita Lacal, Victorio Monteserin, Ines Iribarren

31. Arsenic Contamination After Wood Impregnation: Speciation, Sorption and Leaching
Emma Johansson, Kristine Ek, Malin Norin, Ann-Margret Strömvall

32. Effect of Heavy Metal on Complex Permittivity Characteristics of Saturated Sand
Muhammad F. M. Zain, Mohd R. Taha, Hashem A. Mattarneh, Rabah M. A. Ismail, Maslina Jamil

33. Blast-Furnace Sludge as Sorbent Material for Multi-metal Contaminated Water
Yuliya Kalmykova, Jesper Knutsson, Ann-Margret Strömvall, Kristina Hargelius

34. Evaluation of Zn, Cu and Pb Sorption-Desorption Phenomena in Kaolinite-Sand Media Filtration Pilot Scale Installation
Paulo J. Ramísio, José M. P. Vieira

35. Diagnosing the Impact of Traffic on Roadside Soils Through Chemometric Analysis on the Concentrations of More Than 60 Metals Measured by ICP/MS
Jose Antonio Carrero, Naiara Goienaga, Oihana Barrutia, Unai Artetxe, Gorka Arana, Antonio Hernández, José María Becerril, Juan Manuel Madariaga

36. Influence of De-Icing Salt on K Supply and Street Trees Ecological Status in Riga, Latvia
Gunta Cekstere, Anita Osvalde, Olgerts Nikodemus

37. Heavy Metals Soil Pollution in Some Urban Location from Romania
Radu Lacatusu, Anca-Rovena Lacatusu

38. Effects of Transport Infrastructure Plans on Climate Change. Application to the Spanish Strategic Transport and Infrastructure Plan 2005–2020 (PEIT)
Elena López, Andrés Monzón, Panayotis Christidis

39. Designing High Traffic Volume Urban Motorway Pavements to Maximize Sustainability
Michael L. J. Maher, Ludomir Uzarowski, Gary Moore

40. Fuel Tax Levels Necessary to Achieve the Agreed Reduction Targets of CO2 Emissions. The Case of Madrid
Daniel Hoz, Luis A. Guzmán, Paul Pfaffenbichler, Simon Shepherd

41. Emission Inventory for the Road Transport Sector in the Urban Area of Naples: Methodology and Results
Paolo Iodice, Massimo Cardone, Adolfo Senatore, Mariano Migliaccio

42. Transport Energy Use and Emission Trends in Spain
Pedro J. Pérez-Martínez, Andres Monzón Cáceres

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Terrestrial Pollution, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Environmental Management

Publication year
Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries
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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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