Dittmar, Thomas

Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Thomas Dittmar, Kurt S. Zänker

2. Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells in Clinical Use – Transplantation and Mobilization
Michael Punzel

3. Ex Vivo Expansion of HSPCs
Yaming Wei, Xin Ye

4. Modulation of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cell Migration
Thomas Dittmar, Susannah H. Kassmer, Benjamin Kasenda, Jeanette Seidel, Bernd Niggemann, Kurt S. Zänker

5. Properties of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Consider for Cancer Cell Therapy
John Stagg, Sandra Pommey

6. Alternative Embryonic Stem Cell Sources
Tomo Šarić, Narges Zare Mehrjardi, Jürgen Hescheler

7. Cell Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease
R. Laguna Goya, R.A. Barker

8. Transplantation of Stem Cells and Their Derivatives in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Eric C. Larsen, Ian D. Duncan

9. Cancer: A Stem Cell-based Disease?
James E. Trosko

10. Stem Cell Niche Versus Cancer Stem Cell Niche – Differences and Similarities
Bruce C. Baguley, Graeme J. Finlay

11. The Chronically Inflamed Microenvironment and Cancer Stem Cells
Hanchen Li, Calin Stoicov, Xueli Fan, Jan Cerny, Jean Marie Houghton

12. Does the Chronically Inflamed Periodontium Harbour Cancer Stem Cells?
Wolf-Dieter Grimm, Wolfgang H. Arnold, Sebastian Becher, Aous Dannan, Georg Gassmann, Stathis Philippou, Thomas Dittmar, Gabor Varga

13. Leukemia Stem Cells
Markus Müschen

14. Cancer Stem Cells in Solid Tumors
Melia G. Nafus, Alexander Yu. Nikitin

15. “One for All” or “All for One”? – The Necessity of Cancer Stem Cell Diversity in Metastasis Formation and Cancer Relapse
Thomas Dittmar, Christa Nagler, Sarah Schwitalla, Kathrin Krause, Jeanette Seidel, Georg Reith, Bernd Niggemann, Kurt S. Zänker

16. Elimination of Cancer Stem Cells
A. Sagrera, J. Pérez-Losada, M. Pérez-Caro, R. Jiménez, I. Sánchez-García, C. Cobaleda

17. Potential Molecular Therapeutic Targets in Cancer Stem/Progenitor Cells: Are ATP-Binding Cassette Membrane Transporters Appropriate Targets to Eliminate Cancer-Initiating Cells?
Murielle Mimeault, Surinder K. Batra

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Oncology, Stem Cells, Immunology, Transplant Surgery

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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