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Soil and Culture

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Table of contents

1. The Representation of Soil in the Western Art: From Genesis to Pedogenesis
Christian Feller, Lydie Chapuis-Lardy, Fiorenzo Ugolini

2. Deforestation and Erosion Captured in Historical Art of the Pearl River Delta Region, China
Walter E. Parham

3. Transcendental Aspects of Soil in Contemporary Visual Arts
Nico Breemen

4. Merging Horizons—Soil Science and Soil Art
Alexandra Toland, Gerd Wessolek

5. Soil Colors, Pigments and Clays in Paintings
Fiorenzo Ugolini

6. In a Supporting Role: Soil and the Cinema
Edward R. Landa

7. Dig Deeper
Margaret Boozer

8. Creating Fiber Art with Soil and Rust
Lisa L. Kriner

9. Soil, Subsoil, Priming and Architectural Design
Heinrich F. Jennes

10. Art by the Ground
Martine Lafon

11. To Join the Real and the Mental Place: The Written Earth
Suzanne Mériaux

12. “Pochveniks”—“The Poets of The Soil”: The Geological School of 20th Century Poetry in Leningrad, USSR (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Paul Belasky

13. The Soil Scientist’s Hidden Beloved: Archetypal Images and Emotions in the Scientist’s Relationship with Soil
Nikola Patzel

14. Comprehending Soil within the Context of the Land Community
Frederick Kirschenmann

15. Core Samples of the Sublime—On the Aesthetics of Dirt
Alexandra Toland, Gerd Wessolek

16. European Religious Cultivation of the Soil
Nikola Patzel

17. “Rock – Stone” and “Soil – Earth”: Indigenous Views of Soil Formation and Soil Fertility in the West Indies
Christian Feller, Eric Blanchart

18. Mobilizing Farmers’ Knowledge of the Soil
Domoina J. Rakotoson, Lovatiana A. Rakotonirina, Georges Serpantié

19. Ancient Maya Perceptions of Soil, Land, and Earth
E. Christian Wells, Lorena D. Mihok

20. The Soil Memory: Case Study of a Protohistoric Archaeological Site in Senegal
Bruno Chavane, Christian Feller

21. Soils and Geomedicine: Trace Elements
Eiliv Steinnes

22. Do Pedo-Epidemiological Systems Exist?
Pascal Handschumacher, Dominique Schwartz

23. “Earth Eaters”: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on Human Geophagy
Peter W. Abrahams

24. Soil and Warfare
C. E. Wood

25. Yellow Sands and Penguins: The Soil of “The Great Escape”
Peter Doyle, Larry Babits, Jamie Pringle

26. Soils and Soil Pioneers on Stamps
Hans-Peter Blume

27. Soil in Comic Strips and Cartoons
Anne Richer Forges, Frank Verheijen, Dominique Arrouays, Eric Blanchart, Martial Bernoux

28. Soils and Terroir Expression in Wines
Cornelis Leeuwen

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Earth Sciences, general, Interdisciplinary Studies, History of Science, Geography (general)

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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