Hay, Deborah L.

The calcitonin gene-related peptide family

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Table of contents

1. Molecular and Functional Evolution of the Adrenomedullin Family in Vertebrates: What Do Fish Studies Tell Us?
Yoshio Takei, Maho Ogoshi, Marty K. S. Wong, Shigenori Nobata

2. Ligand Binding and Activation of the CGRP Receptor
James Barwell, John Simms, Alex Conner, Debbie Hay, Mark Wheatley, David Poyner

3. Understanding Amylin Receptors
Rasmus Just, John Simms, Sebastian G. B. Furness, Arthur Christopoulos, Patrick M. Sexton

4. The CGRP-Receptor Component Protein: A Regulator for CLR Signaling
Ian Dickerson

5. The Calcitonin Peptide Family: What Can We Learn from Receptor Knock Out and Transgenic Mice
Walter Born, Jan A. Fischer

6. Gene Targeted Mouse Models of Adrenomedullin Signaling
Mahita Kadmiel, Kathleen M. Caron

7. Genetic Regulation of CGRP and Its Actions
Ki-Youb Park, Andrew F. Russo

8. Vascular Actions of CGRP and Adrenomedullin: Mechanisms and Potential Contribution to Inflammation in the Cutaneous Microvasculature
Gabor Pozsgai, Lihuan Liang, Susan D. Brain

9. Insights into the Function of Intermedin/Adrenomedullin 2
Chia Lin Chang, Sheau Yu Teddy Hsu

10. CGRP and Adrenomedullin as Pain-Related Peptides
Weiya Ma, Jean-Guy Chabot, Ara Schorscher-Petcu, Yinguo Hong, Zhiyong Wang, Remi Quirion

11. Amylinergic Control of Ingestive Behaviour
Thomas A. Lutz

12. CGRP Receptor Antagonists for Migraine: Challenges and Promises
Christopher A. Salvatore, Stefanie A. Kane

13. Calcitonin Receptor Expression in Embryonic, Foetal and Adult Tissues: Developmental and Pathophysiological Implications
P.J. Wookey, A. Zulli, C. Lo, D. L. Hare, A. P. Schwarer, I. A. Darby, A. Y. Leung

14. Conclusions and Future Perspectives
Debbie L. Hay

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Endocrinology, Gene Expression, Cancer Research

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