Šesták, Jaroslav

Glassy, Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials

Šesták, Jaroslav - Glassy, Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Some Essential Attributes of Glassiness Regarding the Nature of Non-crystalline Solids
Hiroshi Suga

2. Heat Capacity and Entropy Functions in Strong and Fragile Glass-Formers, Relative to Those of Disordering Crystalline Materials
C. Austen Angell

3. Vibration Forms in the Vicinity of Glass Transition, Structural Changes and the Creation of Voids When Assuming the Role of Polarizability
Jaroslav Šesták, Bořivoj Hlaváček, Pavel Hubík, Jiří J. Mareš

4. Some Aspects of Vitrification, Amorphisation and Disordering and the Generated Extent of Nano-Crystallinity
Jaroslav Šesták, Carlos A. Queiroz, Jiří J. Mareš, Miroslav Holeček

5. Basic Role of Thermal Analysis in Polymer Physics
Adam L. Danch

6. Phases of Amorphous, Crystalline, and Intermediate Order in Microphase and Nanophase Systems
Bernhard Wunderlich

7. Thermal Portrayal of Phase Separation in Polymers Producing Nanophase Separated Materials
Ivan Krakovský, Yuko Ikeda

8. Solid Forms of Pharmaceutical Molecules
Bohumil Kratochvíl

9. Chalcogenide Glasses Selected as a Model System for Studying Thermal Properties
Zdeněk Černošek, Eva Černošková, Jana Holubová

10. Viscosity Measurements Applied to Chalcogenide Glass-Forming Systems
Petr Koštál, Jana Shánělová, Jiří Málek

11. Thermal Properties and Related Structural Study of Oxide Glasses
Marek Liška, Mária Chromčíková

12. Oxide Glass Structure, Non-bridging Oxygen and Feasible Magnetic Properties due to the Addition of Fe/Mn Oxides
Jaroslav Šesták, Marek Liška, Pavel Hubík

13. New Approach to Viscosity of Glasses
Isak Avramov

14. Transport Constitutive Relations, Quantum Diffusion and Periodic Reactions
Jiří J. Mareš, Jaroslav Šesták, Pavel Hubík

15. In-Situ Investigation of the Fast Lattice Recovery during Electropulse Treatment of Heavily Cold Drawn Nanocrystalline Ni-Ti Wires
Petr Šittner, Jan Pilch, Benoit Malard, Remi Delville, Caroline Curfs

16. Emanation Thermal Analysis as a Method for Diffusion Structural Diagnostics of Zircon and Brannerite Minerals
Vladimír Balek, Iraida M. Bountseva, Igor Beckman

17. Scanning Transitiometry and Its Application in Petroleum Industry and in Polymer and Food Science
Jean-Pierre E. Grolier

18. Constrained States Occurring in Plants Cryo-Processing and the Role of Biological Glasses
Jiří Zámečník, Jaroslav Šesták

19. Thermophysical Properties of Natural Glasses at the Extremes of the Thermal History Profile
Paul Thomas, Jaroslav Šesták, Klaus Heide, Ekkehard Füglein, Peter Šimon

20. Hotness Manifold, Phenomenological Temperature and Other Related Concepts of Thermal Physics
Jiří J. Mareš

21. Historical Roots and Development of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Jaroslav Šesták, Pavel Hubík, Jiří J. Mareš

Keywords: Materials Science, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Methods, Analytical Chemistry

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Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
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17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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