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Mechanosensitivity of the Heart

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Table of contents

1. Titin and Titin-Associated Proteins in Myocardial Stress-Sensing and Mechanical Dysfunction
Wolfgang A. Linke

2. Mechanical Stretch-Induced Reorganization of the Cytoskeleton and the Small GTPase Rac-1 in Cardiac Fibroblasts
Wayne Carver, John W. Fuseler

3. Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Myocardial Stretch: Implications for Heart Disease
Hind Lal, Suresh K. Verma, Honey B. Golden, Donald M. Foster, April M. Holt, David E. Dostal

4. Mechanical Stress Induces Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy Through Agonist-Independent Activation of Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor
Hiroshi Akazawa, Issei Komuro

5. Mechanostransduction in Cardiac and Stem-Cell Derived Cardiac Cells
Jeffrey G. Jacot, Anna J. Raskin, Jeffrey H. Omens, Andrew D. McCulloch, Leslie Tung

6. Stretch-Activated Channels in the Heart: Contribution to Cardiac Performance
Marie-Louise Ward, David G. Allen

7. Effects of Applied Stretch on Native and Recombinant Cardiac Na+ Currents
Umberto Banderali, Robert B. Clark, Catherine E. Morris, Martin Fink, Wayne R. Giles

8. Mechanosensitive Alterations of Action Potentials and Membrane Currents in Healthy and Diseased Cardiomyocytes: Cardiac Tissue and Isolated Cell
Ilya Lozinsky, Andre Kamkin

9. The Role of Mechanosensitive Fibroblasts in the Heart: Evidence from Acutely Isolated Single Cells, Cultured Cells and from Intracellular Microelectrode Recordings on Multicellular Preparations from Healthy and Diseased Cardiac Tissue
Andre Kamkin, Irina Kiseleva, Ilya Lozinsky

10. Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy for Imaging and Mechanosensitive Activation of Selected Areas of Live Cells
Max J. Lab

11. The Contribution of MEF to Electrical Heterogeneity and Arrhythmogenesis
David A. Saint, Douglas Kelly, Lorraine Mackenzie

12. Mechanical Modulation of a Reentrant Arrhythmia: The Atrial Flutter Case
Flavia Ravelli, Michela Masè

13. Early Hypertrophic Signals After Myocardial Stretch. Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and the Sodium/Hydrogen Exchanger
Horacio E. Cingolani, Néstor G. Pérez, Claudia I. Caldiz, Carolina D. Garciarena, Verónica C. Giusti, María V. Correa, María C. Villa-Abrille, Alejandra M. Yeves, Irene L. Ennis, Gladys Chiappe Cingolani, Ernesto A. Aiello

14. Stretch-Induced Inotropy in Atrial and Ventricular Myocardium
Dirk Lewinski, Jens Kockskämper, Mounir Khafaga, Robert Gasser, Burkert Pieske

15. Effects of Wall Stress on the Dynamics of Ventricular Fibrillation: A Computer Simulation Study of Mechanoelectric Feedback
Satoko Hirabayashi, Masashi Inagaki, Toshiaki Hisada, Masaru Sugimachi

16. Electromechanical Modelling of Cardiac Tissue
C. Cherubini, S. Filippi, P. Nardinocchi, L. Teresi

17. Specific Mechanotransduction Signaling Involved in Myogenic Responses of the Cerebral Arteries
Koichi Nakayama, Kazuo Obara, Tomohisa Ishikawa, Shigeru Nishizawa

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Cell Biology, Medical Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Cardiology

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Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues
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37 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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