Dupigny-Giroux, Lesley-Ann

Historical Climate Variability and Impacts in North America

Dupigny-Giroux, Lesley-Ann - Historical Climate Variability and Impacts in North America, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Great Flood of 1771: An Explanation of Natural Causes and Social Effects
Dennis B. Blanton, Michael Chenoweth, Cary J. Mock

2. Historical Changes to the Tennessee Precipitation Regime
Jan Mojzisek, Cary J. Mock

3. “Don’t Want to See No More… Like That!”: Climate Change As a Factor in the Collapse of Lowcountry Rice Culture, 1893–1920
James H. Tuten

4. Climate in the Historical Record of Sixteenth Century Spanish Florida: The Case of Santa Elena Re-examined
Karen L. Paar

5. Historical Accounts of the Drought and Hurricane Season of 1860
Stephanie F. Dodds, Dorian J. Burnette, Cary J. Mock

6. Reconstructing 19th Century Atlantic Basin Hurricanes at Differing Spatial Scales
David A. Glenn, Douglas O. Mayes

7. The Sitka Hurricane of October 1880
Cary J. Mock, Stephanie F. Dodds

8. Daily Synoptic Weather Map Analysis of the New England Cold Wave and Snowstorms of 5 to 11 June 1816
Michael Chenoweth

9. March 1843: The Most Abnormal Month Ever?
John W. Nielsen-Gammon, Brent McRoberts

10. Weather Station History and Introduced Variability in Climate Data
Glen Conner

11. Monitoring the Climate of the Old Northwest: 1820–1895
Edward J. Hopkins, Joseph M. Moran

12. Spatial Metadata for Weather Stations and the Interpretation of Climate Data
Stuart Foster, Rezaul Mahmood

13. A Seasonal Warm/Cold Index for the Southern Yukon Territory: 1842–1852
Heather Tompkins

14. Backward Seasons, Droughts and Other Bioclimatic Indicators of Variability
Lesley-Ann L. Dupigny-Giroux

15. The Challenge of Snow Measurements
Nolan J. Doesken, David A. Robinson

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Meteorology/Climatology, Physical Geography

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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